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  • One of these months I’m going to crash this party. Sounds like way too much fun to be missed!

  • I am so jealous that Rick got to ditch school. Would that I could.
    So jealous of all y’all.

  • Wow, if I knit when I was 7, I think I would have been just like Rick. Sounds like quite a standup guy!

  • lol– cheerful, smiley, killer rick. what a group you have goin’!

  • East Tennesseans welcome? All the way from Johnson City? It’s oh, probably just a 5 hour drive!

  • How awesome — I think Rick’s reason for getting to ditch school is totally legitimate! Knitting circles are very educational.

  • And a happy v-day to you, too. While you’ve got tulips and greenery outside your window, we’ve got heavy blowing snow and a blizzard warning. All I can say is it’s about damn time we got a proper snow.

  • Can I carry Rick around with me in my knitting bag? He could be like a pom pom maker, or a row counter: a necessary accessory for every knitter.

  • These knitting at the library days sound SO fun. I’d love to go, but the whole living nearly 700 miles away and having to work kind of puts a damper on that…
    Rick had better watch out. As soon as the girls realize that he doesn’t actually have cooties, he’ll be a hot commodity.

  • I had a great time!! See you next month…

  • I’m so glad that I got to see little Richard knitting in person. I hear that his two older brothers dabble in knitting too. Maybe they will get a chance to ditch school and join the group too. It’s always great to spend time with a large group of knitters and see what projects everyone is working on. Thanks!

  • So..on the next book tour..you should make a stop in Chattanooga, ya know, catch up with the road-tripping knitters, cause then I could be a road-tripping knitter and come see you! How perfect would that be? Ha,ha…Or you could come to Atlanta, I’m equidistant..I love the tulips, they’re my favorite..Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Oh Ann, you made Rick’s day Monday! He didn’t want to leave. I am sure your ears (and Meg’s too) were ringing when you got home, as he can be quite a talker!! Thanks again!
    P.S. He finished another side before the bus this morning, and so he needs to pick up another color when he gets home…want to come to Clarksville to pick up the next side? HAHA

  • what a coincidence!!! I am reading Collapse right now!!! My husband was very impressed by it and is encouraging me to get through it soon…
    When are you coming to Nagasaki???? Just let me know and I will help you set things up. Come on! it`s time for Mason-Dixon to do ASIA!!!!

  • Hey, Ann! Thanks for all your hospitality. Great post, especially photos! We’ll get this Chattanooga posse back on the road, maybe for the next one.
    Happy Valentines to all knitters, near and far.

  • Hey, Ann! Thanks for all your hospitality. Great post, especially photos! We’ll get this Chattanooga posse back on the road, maybe for the next one.
    Happy Valentines to all knitters, near and far.

  • I LOVE Rick! I had to show my three year old son because he’s so ready to learn to knit. He was excited to see a little boy plying the needles. That’ll be him in four more years.

  • Let me know when Rick’s knitting book comes out and he goes on a book tour (when he can get away from his yarn shop and super secret spy missions or whatever else he does).
    Whatta kid!

  • I want Rick to come to my house and show his knitting to my 5 year old boy, who told me this morning he wasn’t going to try knitting anymore because he couldn’t do it the last time. Which was for about 45 seconds a year ago.

  • This is worth moving for.

  • This sounds worth moving for. Happy Valentine’s Day all!

  • Ann, The Chattanooga contingency had a wonderful time knitting and meeting all of you. We felt so welcomed. I loved seeing all the different projects-if only I could…. Hope to see you all soon. Karen

  • Oh Yeah, aren’t we a good looking group of women? Karen

  • Sounds way too fun, and I love the koigu wrap. I’m with Linda, gonna have to plan a trip to crash this party.
    Happy Valentines Day!!!!!

  • Is that a v-necked Perfect Sweater I see on you?
    You totally captured the intensity of girl friendships, right there. PINK, polish and ponies, then BYYYYEEE!
    With boys its all Shoving, Jumping and Ordering In Loud Voices. Large muscle groups. How did you get your 7 year old to sit still long enough to make the MASSIVE ball o yarn? Mine has to do his homework standing up, bouncing every few questions. There is just so much movement to do!! Behold, the Wiggleoctopus!

  • First it was the Argosy scarf (and now the wrap) and then I bought your book and I have gone just crazy making washcloths. What fun!!! Hubby is making Lobster for Valentine’s dinner and I am drinking champagne and trying not to screw up the dishcloths. The “ballband” dishcloth is just way too much fun!! Happy Valentine’s Day. Love rules! We just celebrated our 40th in June, and I have never contemplated divorce or murder.
    Rosemary in San Jose, Ca. warm and lovely. But…everything is lovely with champagne.

  • Actually, Easter Island is one time zone short of Chattanooga. Because of being in the southern hemisphere, though, they bounce forward when we bounce back, so the time difference changes from one half of the year to the other. It’s the same time in CST and Easter Island for one half of the year, and the other half there’s a two hour difference.

  • Sigh…. from Chattanooga, huh? Three hours? I may have been shamed into joining the March gathering. I think I can make it in 3 hours or maybe even less. It’s only about 2 to the airport for me. Now I gotta think of something worthy on which to be working, knitting in such company and all. Especially since I’m an ex-Chattanoogan, sort of. Hey, are Kathy and Sheri still holding down Genuine Purl?

  • Re: the end of civilization and all that; we eat the non-knitters first, right? Unless they’re spinners.

  • More power to Rick!!!

  • Any chance the Nashville group would meet on a weekend? I know a lot of Atlantan’s who’d make the drive up there to knit. And to meet Rick! He’s a Cutie-Patootie!

  • Little Rickie is going to be nothing but trouble in about seven years time. If he keeps up the knitting, there’ll be even more.

  • Rick sounds like a hoot! My Jennifer learned to needlepoint with all the “old” ladies because she wanted to learn to stitch with rayon thread. She was 10. She went on to announce to the class that stitching with the “shiny thread” was easy! She is now in Art school and knits as well as stitches.

  • What about coming for a knitting day in the Knoxville area?
    I’m a former Chattanooga girl.

  • Whoa, what a sweet little guy! It’s kids like this that give me hope for the future.

  • Just FYI, the Maya are certainly not a dead civilization. Sure, their heyday was 1000 years ago when Europe was in the middle of the Dark Ages, but try telling the 80%+ of present-day Guatemalans who claim Maya ancestry that their civilization is dead.