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  • Oh, I wish I were your goddaughter, too.

  • I love this quilt. Rose is a very lucky goddaughter. She will treasure this gift for years to come.

  • OUTSTANDING! i do love the softness of the color shades…..and your wee custom label on the back is a treasure, too!

  • How precious for little Rose. I’m sure she’ll truly treasure it.

  • How precious for little Rose. I’m sure she’ll truly treasure it.

  • Beautiful.
    And an heirloom as well. Stitched with love.

  • What a beautiful story!! A wonderful godmother you are, indeed!

  • Hello Kay,
    What a beautiful, beautiful gift!!

  • Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful…..the quilt, the singing and the Godmother! Rose is indeed fortunate to have you!

  • This is lovely Kay, I love words on quilts!!!!!!!

  • Gift worthy of godmotherly love!

  • Beautiful and sweet.
    Jeez, now I want to consider quilting.

  • Beautiful….quilt and singing. Lucky, lucky Rose!

  • It’s beautiful Kay… your Goddaughter is very lucky… with you and her quilt!

  • Truly, truly beautiful quilt, made with heart bursting love.

  • This is a beautiful little quilt. I wonder if it would have been enough non-matchy matchy if you had had 2 different jelly rolls to mix and match from?

  • oh no, did you really squee? Nooooooo….
    (despite that, there is so much to love and admire in this post and about this quilt, that I don’t know where to begin. wow.)

  • What a beautiful gift she will treasure for her whole life, Kay.

  • What a sweet and beautiful gift! I know she’ll treasure it forever!

  • What a lovely entry; I enjoyed every word and picture. You had quite the high school (?) choir, especially your sopranos. That’s my favorite biblical portion, too – my husband is Israeli, and we are often asked to read that at weddings, me in English and he in Hebrew.

  • What a beautiful and special gift. You can see the love stitched into it. 🙂

  • The words made the quilt much less “matchy”. It’s beautiful!

  • Kay, thank you for this GREAT post! You continue to be such an inspiration!

  • Gorgeous!!!

  • So beautiful in so many ways.

  • Looks like the words killed the matchiness – at least it’s perfect to my eyes! A lovely gift.

  • Looks like the words killed the matchiness – at least it’s perfect to my eyes! A lovely gift.

  • Kay, You never cease to amaze through your creativity. Fiber uber alles might be the motto. Though you would probably come up with something more lyrical like this gorgeous quilt. love, n

  • Wonderful job – I love your fearless approach to design!

  • I agree — too much matchy-matchy isn’t a good thing. But I need to learn to be as brave as you.
    One thing — in the small amount of quilting I have done (only a few pillow tops and small items), I really enjoyed hand quilting. First, I am afraid of the sewing machine, and even kind of afraid of the cutting and piecing (knitting is so much easier — if you don’t like it, just frog it!). But I LOVED making tiny little stitches by hand. Maybe partly because it reminds me of my grandma and her quilt rack, which was set up in her living room all winter, and where she hand quilted at least a couple dozen quilts for her kids and grandkids.
    I just had this wild thought that maybe I could hand quilt for other people, who enjoy the piecing and sewing part, but then I regained my senses….

  • LOVE the quilt. Great job.

  • One of the most beautiful tributes I have ever seen.

  • “Those other girls are OK, but Rosie is the best!” made me snort, would also have been great!!!

  • Love the quilt, Kay. Love the meaning behind it. Makes me want to get back into my own patchwork (NOT matchy-poo) quilting. I have oodles of fabric, and a daughter at university. I could possibly have it done by the time she gets her PhD!!

  • Lovely, lovely, lovely! Good work all around! Thank you for sharing it.

  • Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. What a special keepsake for Rose.

  • I keep meaning to comment that the combination of that red and all those other colors is MY FAVORITE THING IN THE WHOLE WORLD. SO GORGEOUS. And I don’t care that the middle part is matchy. It’s OK for things to be harmonious sometimes. It’s not even that harmonious. I mean: Thomas Kinkade would find this quilt deeply worrisome.

  • Wonderful! I know a sweet little Rosie (age 6) who needs something special also. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • This is a renaissance blog. Blogaissance.

  • Oh Wow!! What a lucky little girl! It is beautiful!

  • As one who is embarked on her very first quilt through a free Craftsy Block of the Month class, I applaud your work. Two more months of blocks then I learn to make the sandwich and then machine quilt. Can’t wait. Matchy-matchy is bad in my book. Love the red with the other colors. I agree with Ann, the red makes it. Wow, pieced words on quilts. Who knew? I need to research that… thanks for the link.

  • The quilt is beautiful on the back as well as the front! I agree that quilting presents lots more opportunities to give up, give in, slink away, and try to hide (or sell) the evidence.

  • Beautiful! It’s obvious Rose is loved.

  • Oh, my goodness! Another morning of spontaneous tears brought on by the love and beauty at MDK.
    Hand on heart,

  • Woohoo, what a wonderful quilt. LOVE that you put her name and the year on the back – makes it that much more personal. I hate matchy too, wonderful job jazzing it up. Love Chawne too – she’s daring and wonderful. Glad you liked the book.

  • It’s gorgeous! what a labour of love.

  • Comfort me with apples! I’m inspired.