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  • Ack! Why don’t I quilt? Or have a dog? Or live in Manhattan? Damn it.

  • And Olive will love it!

  • 1. Making your dog a quilt is in no way, shape, or form lame. I know this because I have done it. Or maybe I just feel that way for my own mental well-being. 😉
    2. It’s pretty amusing(/pathetic) how excited I got when I saw the pictures of li’l Olive. I gasped. Really. *facepalm*

  • @Meg – HA!! Brilliant.
    (I’m done, I promise.)

  • Lucky (or should I say Top) Dog!!
    Thanks for the laugh and smile!

  • Lucky (or should I say Top) Dog!!
    Thanks for the laugh and smile!

  • Blimey ! Your Yankee fan has grown up lots. You can see a bit of the man he will become.
    Olive is a lucky dog. A handsome admirer as well ! Bet she loves the quilt best.

  • I want Olive! Seriously, where can I find one just like her? I suspect she’s one of a kind, but ohhh soo cute!

  • What cute fabrics! Olive will be quite stylish during her naps.

  • It’s no lamer than my search for the perfect fabric to make a dog blanket that has a bit more stick to the floor (for his place).

  • I think it is wonderful! Of course I may be partial because I’m in the process of making a quilt for my kitty, Sushi. She adores quilts! I only have 2 but she takes turns napping on them. Or maybe she is just trying to evenly distribute her hair around the house?!? Throw in a ball of fine yarn (which she loves to find and steal!) and she is sooo happy!

  • Just a thought on the hand quilting — some dogs like to scratch their bedding to fluff it up a bit before they lie down. If Olive is a scratcher, machine quilting might have more longevity. Unless you need an excuse to make another one, in which case, carry on…

  • I make my dog quilts all the time. They look gorgeous on the floor or the sofa. Its like making quilts for babies….just plain fun and I love the hand quilting!

  • I just discovered the “found objects” archive!! More enjoyable mason-dixon banter!! Thanks!!

  • The cyoot it burns!

  • Olive is more-than-deserving of hand-sewn quilt. Actually, I’m wondering why she doesn’t already have a log cabin blanket of her very own.

  • How did you get your quilting stitches so perfect when you’ve only been a quilter for a short while? I thought it took many, many years to get there (that’s always been my excuse, anyway). You blew my cover! Seriously, I am so impressed by your tiny, even stitches, I just want to know how!

  • I must say I love the fabrics in the litle quilt. That is one lucky dog you have.
    I have just learn to appriciate quilting myself and am now mad about cute fabrics. I have even bought some cloths just for the fabric. The other thing I am crazy about is printing on fabric…the world of textiles has endless possibilities.
    Hugs from the still erupting Iceland

  • That’s a map of London in that there quilt! And Vespas! Oh, you have a lucky dog. And a growing boy! Hooo.

  • Haven’t we all hand-knit afghans for our animals?

  • You don’t need any excuses. You ARE extending the life of your upholstery.

  • yikes! when did that boy child of yours turn into a baby-man child?

  • Can you remind me what kind of dog Olive is? Besides totally spoiled and pampered? Our beloved dog died early last year and we may be ready to get a new furry friend. I’d like to go smaller this time and Olive would fit right in!

  • Darling Olive! Darling Joseph! Never met Leroy so can’t comment on him. Darling quilt! Do I recognise that map of London? Is another bit of it in my potholder? (it’s a bit singed around the edges these days. Just sayin’). Have a lovely weekend. x x x

  • Olive has grown such a beautiful lady-dog goatee! Does she collect water in it when she gets a drink and then drips it everywhere? I had a scruffly puppy that would do that.
    Making quilts for dogs is a must! My little Chica-dog LOVES her blankies.

  • Oh noooooooo…..
    But I can’t say I didn’t see it coming.
    Terriers are lethal that way. Resistance is futile.

  • I have to say, Olive is about the cutest dog, ever.

  • The unbelievable cuteness of the quilt, the dog, and then the boy holding a brace of dogs! Thank you for sharing with us.

  • How cute. This gave me a big smile.

  • Why not? I like the Orla for T dishcloth in the mix.

  • That makes me want to quilt for my dogs!

  • Cute kid, cute dogs. Hard to say which one is the cutest. Your “little” boy is most definitely going through the tween rounding out before shooting up (in height) stage.

  • There is nothing wrong with making Olive a quilt. It shows that you love and care for her and that she has good taste. I friend had a litter of seven puppies and I knitted and felted them all dog toys in the shape of a gingerman to take to their new forever homes.

  • I made aquaintance with the Little Purl of the Orient because I found her blog listed here on your blog. She has the same fabric, vespas stripes etc. in the background in her pictures! Do you guys shop together? I think she lives in Hong Kong. I think I’m spending too much time on the web. Off to knit more.

  • are your fabrics linen hand towels? one can never have enough creative pleasures in this so-called life!

  • oh to be olive wtih an orla kiely (at-least-in-parts) quilt.

  • The fabric-spotting going on in this thread is totally hilarious.

  • Your quilting stitches look great! Lucky Olive!

  • you do not have to quilt to love beautiful cloth
    i like the one that looks like handerchiefs
    the flowers -glorious fabrics has keefee fassett
    by the yard guess i will go and practice
    learning how to look soulful
    works for olive

  • Terriers rock and deserve all the hand-knitting and quilting available. I know, as I am the former Alpha of an Australian terrier (Tillie) who guarded my yarn and hand-knit projects jealously.

  • Dog quilts are just as valid as baby quilts. The hair count may be higher, but the drool levels are similiar. Also, the dog will never outgrow it or say “Aww Maaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhmmmm!” when their friends see it.

  • Ah, love is a many-splendid thing. Uh, right. A hand-stitched quilt for Olive. It’s love, pure and simple.

  • Yay!!!!!
    Kay, your post made me smile 🙂

  • I hax the red scooterz. Much linen-ey goodneez.

  • I haz the red scooterz. Much flaxy goodneez.

  • It must be serious love — using Orly Kiely in the quilt! I completely understand — I made Kona, my german shephard a quilt with Heather Ross’ Far and Away fabric as she is a very whimsical girl!

  • It must be serious love — using Orly Kiely in the quilt! I completely understand — I made Kona, my german shephard a quilt with Heather Ross’ Far and Away fabric as she is a very whimsical girl!

  • Oh Kay, do you remember where the London map fabric came from? My anglophile heart YEARNS. xo

  • Great fabrics. Where did you acquire them?

  • It’s not that we pity you – it’s that we’re jealous of Olive! And could she have a better looking best friend?

  • So many comments come to mind I might not have room to get them all in here. First off, Every Dog deserves a hand-made quilt. Ours has the first quilt I ever made (make up your own reason here). Second, your choice of the fabrics are beautiful, and while Olive may not have the ability to tell you so, the rest of us do! Third, I am thrilled to meet another dog named Leroy. We thought we had the only one in the world.

  • I always said that in my next life I want to come back as one of my own dogs. I guess I could come back as yours too!!!!

  • No quilts for Kramer the wonder grand-pup (my eldest daughter’s dog who has been staying with us for the last 10 days while my daughter is working in South Dakota saving the planet or something- she works for an enviro firms so we sing the Captain Planet theme to her for fun). Kramer is also a terrier mix of undetermined origin (best guess is that he is an Augie- aussie shepherd/corgi mix) and is a bundle of klutzy energy and wild curly back hair. He loves felted toys and has adopted (and destroyed) 2 felted fish and a felted ball that the cat abandoned. This week, I knit him a houndstooth fetch toy, stuffed it with my husband and son’s cast off white t-shirts, felted and dried it and he has almost loved it to death. He had it gutted and the house festooned with t-shirt strips in under 30min and now carries the limp felt tube around the house proudly (“look- see what I killed? I am the mighty hunter”) occasionally chewing off small chunks and decorating the carpet with them. So for now he gets an old flannel sheet and maybe when he’s 2 or 3 we’ll work up to a quilt. Made from WalMart calico.

  • Love your (and Kay’s) humor. Reading your blog is like having strawberry shortcake for the brain.
    Diane L./Bloomington,IN.

  • OOps, let’s try that again. “Love your (and Ann’s humor)” Sorry, too much strawberry-shortcake-reading here–brain cells saturated.:-)

  • Your number one Yankee fan is growing into a handsome young man. And while Leroy is a cutie, Olive is right to play the field — she’s got it good as it is. Love the doggie quilt.

  • I think you are perfectly sane…nothing wrong with a dog quilt! …The next picture we will see, cute little Olive all snuggled in her balankie…she is really cute,reminds me a lot of my daughters two Yorkies. I’d sew or knit for them…but they still eat everything or play shred! I want to see that picture soon…

  • Olive seems to know the quilt is for her! Our cat barely let me settle her new knitted bed on the bedroom chair,before she jumped right on it in a very proprietary fashion. How can they tell???

  • Olive has such good taste. She is a seriously cute dog, who deserves a smashing quilt…maybe my quilt will become a dog bed…hmmmm…

  • Olive has such good taste. She is a seriously cute dog, who deserves a smashing quilt…maybe my quilt will become a dog bed…hmmmm…

  • That is one cute quilt for one cute dog!

  • seems perfectly reasonable to make Olive a quilt! I love the green dotty fabric.. grogeous!

  • Oh, I’ve just started swimming in the quilting pool, it’s a very dangerous pond! I really love that scooter fabric and think Olive is one lucky girl (er, dog.)

  • I SO get the dog love and dog quilt thing — happy hand stitching!

  • I love it so much. If I had a dog, I would make a quilt for him/her. I love me that scooter linen…have a bunch in my stash.