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  • the wristlets are too cute. if they are not your thing, the ARE mine. pass them on to me please!!

  • Egg cosies. Computer mouse covers. Anklets–really tiny leg warmers? I do like the yarn. Did Renee spin/dye it herself?

  • What about beer cozies? Ok, that would just warm it up…hot cocoa cozies?
    They look kinda neat sticking out of the jacket….like those sweaters this season with the fake cuffs and collars!

  • Yes–this was the Renee homespun homedye stuff. Very pretty indeed. Lots of white showing through, which is unusual in the Noro/Manos random-stripey stuff that Renee’s yarn reminds me of. She charges a fortune for it, sad to say, so a complete set of beer cozies is probably out of the question. In further variations on the ‘dickey’ theme, Renee also designs these things that look like bibs with collars. Big rolly collars with no sweaters attached, in other words.

  • Kay–I did mean to ooh properly over Joseph’s stripey sweater. Boys in stripes are cuter than anything: I’d stripe up a boy any day. And his boy hair is totally cute, even if you’d rather be seeing his darling small curls. I had to confess to David’s barber that yes, short hair actually does suit him. Just about killed me.

  • Do you remember how angelic Wilson looked with shoulder-length curls? (Do you remember what false advertising that was?) We have a picture of him standing on the coffee table with a wry, sideways smirk, and those curls, with a sign hanging around his neck that says “POOR IMPULSE CONTROL.”
    Plus, I like boys in argyle. You did get those sweaters, yes?

  • BOTH my kids had those bait ‘n switch curly mops. Carrie woke up one morning circa age 4 to find her wavy masses had gone straight as Cher’s. Joseph (sigh) had actual ringlets, of the golden type. I was going to let them stay forever until the phrase ‘mamma’s boy’ popped into my head sometime around his second birthday (this might have been on one of the grand occasions for which I had him in his Prissy Wear getup, complete with saddle shoes and knee sox–there was really no other word for this look but mamma’s boy), whereupon I had him shorn slightly, to avoid any confusion with Shirley Temple or the infant FDR. I see the photos but honestly don’t have any independent recollection of that sweet curly head. BOO HOO!!!! By the way, have you mailed your annual membership dues to Mothers Railing Against The Passage Of Time? And who DOESN’T have poor impulse control, anyway? xox Kay

  • Mary Neal–Did I get your sweaters? Heckyeah! I’ve been meaning to blog properly on them, and to thank you properly, too. You must have mailed that box the day you left for Tbilisi. I wondered, how in the bejeezus did she have the presence of mind to do that? They are tremendous–which ones did you do, and which did yer ma do? I shall post pix soon. Thank you for sharing the love.

  • And yes, Mary Neal, Wilson was purely angelic with that halo of curls. I hope you have ’em in a box somewhere, along with Clif’s old ponytails.

  • O.K., you’re gonna love this. The red stripy one was designed by Wilson at the yarn store and knitted by Toodie. She probably shouldn’t have shopped at Michael’s. The argyle one was also knitted by Toodie. It was made for James (age 7 at the time) to match the infant-size ensemble in yellow and blue argyle that she made for W. The lopi was made by me, from the 1960s lopi pattern book that was your mother’s. I still have the book somewhere if you want it back. Do you remember her ever knitting something from this book? I don’t remember her as a knitter at all. This book was before lopi got silly, it’s just hardcore Icelandic.