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  • oh joy, oh bliss!! what a cute boy in a beautiful sweater made by his momma. i bow down to you.
    also bow down to kay, for her friendship…and for being such a loving and warm aunt to baby rosie, a special gift if ever there was one.
    do you think the neon stuff will ever be on sale at elann.com or ebay?

  • Good Lord he’s cute. Is that a halo above the pumpkin?

  • Go, girl, go! Fab sweater and adorable boy. Having been exploring school options (already), I’m curious as to his — sounds above the average Nashville option, what with the five strands and all.
    And who is the adorable babe upper left?!

  • What a handsome pair.Boy and sweater.
    All those tears were worth it ;-]

  • Very fine! Special marks for the pumpkin balancing; it’s like he understood the beckyish symmetry of the sweater, and wanted to get his spine in line, too!

  • Ann–Since we’ve used the coinage ‘beckyish’ twice now, does it qualify for the Dictionary of American Regional English? Do we need to add a glossary for those joining us later on?
    Maggi-adorable babe is Rosie; her particulars can be found by scrolling down to the end of the Found Objects and clicking on the dates. (This is a complimentary upgrade for all of MDK’s Business First passengers!)
    xox, Kay

  • Ann – Not only is the sweater gorgeous but so is the kid! Great job on both counts.

  • Ann — Are you really trying to collect every shade of Lightweight DK? (And then one wonders, why?) I do have some odd skeins in my stash I would be happy to send you; they were purchased years ago in a swoop of optimism for some ill-defined Fassett destiny but I faced the fact that they aren’t going anywhere. They would be happier in the hands of a collector, if you are indeed collecting them.

  • Your son is precious and I love that sweater! Why wouldn’t he want to wear it? Heck, I would wear it, and would even balance a wee pumpkin on my head to be given the chance to do so. Your knitting and finishing skills are admirable.

  • OK Evelyn, I must admit I cannot imagine actually collecting every color of Lightweight DK. I cannot imagine what I am actually going to do with the LDK I already have. I feel that a massive mitten/scarf/hat effort needs to take place to cut into it: what else could I do with three skeins of this and two skeins of that, in zillions of bright colors? If anybody has an idea, for heaven’s sake share it so I can lighten the load here. And Evelyn, your generosity is not unlike giving a child his seventeenth Rescue Hero, knowing full well that sixteen were fifteen too many in the first place. Feeding an addict!
    x0x0 A.