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  • Ohhhhhh! Pick me!
    I’ll guess 13 bags.
    Fingers crossed,

  • I say three. But only cause I just threw up that many myself. 🙂

  • I say 4, I just had that many, could be more, but the children are home and will see what is going bye-bye 🙂

  • I’m guessing six bags. I’m even willing to take the chance of you sending me your Hefty bags – they’ll fit right in with my own current housecleaning “decor”!

  • 5 hefty bags. The rest will be in paper bags (lovingly known by my family as Georgia luggage) on its way to the Goodwill.

  • I’m going to guess five bags of junk. Though of course, we don’t know how big the bags are. 😉

  • 10 bags…definitely 10! Mmmmm, I might just have to get myself going and do the same thing. I swear things multiply around here.

  • I’m going to say 7. Of course, I have at least 7 bags of crap around here, and I live alone!

  • I’m guessing 16, because it always turns out to be twice as much as originally thought.

  • I say 7. Seven big ol’bags. It’s about as many as I can do before I burnout.

  • I was going to say 6, but then re-thought your level of crankiness, so I’m going with 9. I receive 9 hefty bags, I reserve the right to send you my hefty bags. (Need any Harry Potter books, tea light candles, yarn or paperbacks?)

  • I’m gonna guess six bags. It just seems like the right number.

  • 17, Why? Because you sound like you’re in a 17 bag mood, and by god you’ll fill ’em all if you have to throw out every last ugly shoe in the house.

  • I, too, shall say 5 bags of hefty, stuffed to the gills.

  • I’m going to have to go with 8.

  • I’d guess 5 — because I threw out 5 myself Thursday. Not counting the 2 boxes of books and one box of clothes that went the thrift shop, of course. Have fun de-junking!

  • Hefty bags- herf! I see your Hefty Bags and raise you a 30 yard dumpster, just like the one sitting in my driveway. We mean business about ridding ourselves of stuff. Anyhow- I guess 38 Hefty Bags- though you did not specify the size of the bags. Big Heftys I guess 38, smaller I guess 75. Yea, call me an optimist. So glad you are home from the mountain.

  • My vote is four. Four Hefty bags o’ junk.
    This is assuming you’re using the 20-something gallon size, and not the regular household 13 gallon bags.
    If you’re using the 13 gallon, I say 9.

  • I’m guessing you’ll throw out 7 Hefty bags of junk. Good luck!

  • I’m going to say 14… But please don’t mail them to me because we have to pay by the bag for our trash so that will be some pretty expensive trash, being shipped all the way to Maine only to be put out on the street.

  • Hefty bags…you mean 30 gal?
    from a whole house…..hmmmm.

  • Before I enter my guess, are there any hints, like how large is your house, how many adults/children live there, how many pets are there, and of course, what hobbies/pursuits do each of the inhabitants have?

  • My lucky number is 13. So 13 bags is my guess. If I win, I have to share with Lucinda. But I don’t mind sharing.

  • I’m going to with 6 because that’s how many I had when I moved. Good luck with the cleaning!

  • Um, I’m a bit older than four, but my cats are four. I’d send a picture of the dust bunnies that live on the staircase, but the camera seems to be buried under a felted bowl somewhere.
    So, my guess is, seven full bags, and two partially filled by your helpers — they don’t share your definition of awfulness.

  • Having just had a clearing-out of the junk in my house by my best friend (God love her!!), I’m guessing 12 bags. That’s about how many Kathy hauled out of my place the other week!

  • I am going to guess 8. We have just recently been doing the same clean house effort at our place. Very soothing to have less clutter.

  • My gut instinct says seven. Seven Hefty bags of stuff. Though given all the categories of things you say are going to be included, I’m probably drastically low-balling.

  • I’ll guess 8.

  • Perhaps 12 bags? Hmmm… 😉

  • Wow, 15 sprang right to my mind…that came to me because your crankiness sounded like it would take 15 bags to get over it…

  • My guess is 6 bags. That’s what I just threw out. ;o)

  • ah…the purge. it is so cathartic. since my spring cleaning morphed into summer hoe-ing out….i’ll go with 13. bon chance!

  • Hmmm……. Using my own scientific formula, I’m going with 8 Hefty bags.

  • I’m guessing 23.

  • 11!

  • I say 6.4 bags. And how very Adrian Monk of you to think of mailing your junk elsewhere 🙂

  • My birthday is October 14th so I guess – 14.

  • 7 hefty bags and a broken laundry basket you cna’t decide to throw away or to send to the salvation army.
    There are always broken laundry baskets around here.

  • I’m going to guess 5 1/2 hefty bags. Because I’m assuming the bags that came home had good stuff in them and will mostly remain. You just have to shovel out the other junk to fit in the good stuff.

  • ooo.
    I was going to say six. Then I thought eight. Then I thought, hm, from travels, so I thought six again. Then I thought, lots of travel, because of the book and all.
    So I’m going with seven. Seven bags o’crap.

  • I’m gonna say 7 hefty bags…maybe 7.5. No, I’ll stick to 7 bags. Sounds lucky!

  • I guess 11. And I am glad to here that I am not the only one he gets in those irritable moods and has to toss things out. Of course, when I try to tidy up when I am in a good mood, I let sentimentality get the best of me and end up keeping a least half of what I should throw out. Good luck!!

  • I`ll say 25, simply because I threw out 24 last week…we`re having major repairs done to the house, and the less junk around to move, the better.
    Only another 145 to go., methinks….

  • Do I actually want to guess right? It could be dangerous!
    I’m going to guess 11…

  • i’ll guess 13

  • I guess five bags – and you have my sympathy!

  • I’ll bet that even your crappy yarn is going to be better than most of the yarn that I have! I was just throwing out stuff; my guess is 20 bags- if you’re really as cranky about it as you say you are. When I get in that mood EVERYTHING POSSIBLE goes. Good luck- have fun!

  • Im gonna guess 8 ..cause thats waht I carted out of this house!!!

  • I’m going to say 9. I could get rid of at least two or three, and I’m a one-person household.

  • I think it will stay in the single digits – seven hefty bags o’ Krap.

  • My birthday is Oct. 14 as well so I’ll say 14 bags and share with Cate if it’s the winning number.

  • I’m gonna go with 4 as well – because that’s all i’m willing to have you send to me- LOL, along with the possible winnings. but i’m guessing they are pretty big hefty bags

  • I’m going with 28 because it is a good number — I don’t want to think about how many I would have – and that is my cooler (if it ever happens) weather project. I’m thinking for me it will be 99 in my clean-up. I have papers from my fathers house, my aunts estate, our stuff from 4 moves and 28 yrs of wedded bliss that I have hidden away. And I’m not even talking about DH’s stuff — Lord that man loves stuff — makes me look like an beginner. Maybe I had better up the number I will need now that I have written that all out. 99 bags or 99 boxes hmmmmmmm…
    But for you 28 bags

  • Absolutely 22. With a mood this bad I feel a MAJOR purge session in progress. And considering we just filled 3 hefty bags from my 4 year old daughter’s room, 22 may still be conservative . . . Good luck and enjoy the purging – it feels so good when you’re done! ;}

  • i say 5 hefty bags of clutter will gone out of your house!! can you come clean my house next? it’d be fun! yeeeeaaah. 😀

  • Well, I know what it took just to do my closet stuff full of clothes. To weed it out, it took 6 3 gallon garbage bags, so my guess for you wold be 12 bags.
    Have fun.

  • Knowing how much crap I can load off a 37′ boat (our ‘house’), I can extrapolate that a house is at least 5 times larger than my boat, then factor in the fact we don’t have kids. But then one must consider the fervor with which you’ll be cleaning – will your bad mood lighten once the living room’s clean or will it persist long enough to hit the attic? Hmmm….
    I’ll go with 10 bags. Hope you had fun!

  • Ann, I would love to have a Hefty bag of yarn, only some crappy. My guess is 7 big bags.

  • My guess is eight, because that’s how many I threw out this weekend. Hooray!

  • 11?? 11 Bags??? I would LOVE the bag of yarn.

  • Nine bags full!

  • I’d say 10. Because if it’s any less than 10, you didn’t really wait until it was out of control before cleaning up.

  • I’m gonna guess 11. If you have as many unused toys and crap that I do, then that’s the number of bags.

  • So you’ve got until Tuesday lunch, and the kids are back in school? Let’s try 27. Heck, I got 10 out of one storage closet in my dad’s basement in a couple of hours last Saturday. It’s never so much a question of how much crap there is (“Ditch all you want, we’ll make more!”) as of how many bags it takes to blunt the mood. Sounds like you’re heading for double digits, easy. And send those bags on up — we’re getting a dumpster Labor Day weekend.

  • I’m going to say ten. You can fit a lot into those hefty bags…and, if you tire out the way I seem to these days, ten may just *feel* like enough.

  • I guess 14. That is how many I pulled out recently from our house when we moved.
    Sad that I counted.

  • I’m going to guess 9 hefty bags. And, my house definitely does not qualify as clean! I’m moving in 10 days and there are piles and boxes EVERYWHERE!!! Yarn in clear boxes of course, so I can spot it first….

  • I’m guessing 23 Hefty bags. I’m in the middle of trying to weed out my house in which I have resided for the past 33 years, and I won’t say how long it has taken so far in the weeding out! There’s something to be said for moving every few years; you’re forced to weed out with each move.

  • No way, I’m not guessin’. I don’t WANT ANY MORE STUFF and I’m in the same bad mood (for the same reason) as you. 🙂

  • 12.5 bags. I can usually do 12 and start into the 13th, and then realize that I am tired and have stopped being ruthless & efficient about what I’m putting in there. (“Ohhhh. I can’t put these fuschia leg warmers in the bag. I remember when I used these in college for aerobics in our apartment. Too many memories. I’ll keep these.”) So my guess is that you’ll do 12 like bob’s yer uncle, and then will start to wind down and keep things you shouldn’t. You’re smart enough to stop yourself at that point and wait for another day. Yep, 12.5.

  • Darnit, there are no 4 year olds in my house to guess. I do have the number 4 in my age though. Does that count? I will guess 14 Hefty bags.

  • I’m gonna guess 8

  • I’m going with 12 bags.

  • If you’re using the 13 gallon size, I’d say 14 Hefty bags of junk…Only 10 if you’re using the 30 gallon ones.

  • I’m guessing 12 bags — and a huge sigh of relief.

  • Hmmm…seven and a half… good luck!

  • I’ll guess 13. Good luck with the cleaning. I need to do that, soon, too.

  • Eleven. Of the big’ol bags. Good luck!

  • hmmmm
    I will guess 11 because it’s my favoite number, and if it makes you fell any better, we do dumpsters more than I care to think about.

  • I guess 5. Hefty bags hold a lot.

  • I’m going to guess 3 because 3 is a magic number.

  • Are we talking white kitchen Hefty or garbage black-green Hefty? White kitchen…23 bags! Good luck!

  • If its anything like my house when I go on a rampage, I’m gonna guess 8.

  • I bet it’s 10 hefty bags. I would have at least 50 if I ever had the energy to clean up my mess. I intend to stay right where I am and let my heirs clean up after me.

  • 12 bags. Yup. 12.

  • Eight bags! Purge, purge, purge!

  • lets see, if we’re talking big momma lawn and leaf bags I’m going to say 7. If we’re talking 13 gallon kitchen bags I’m going to guess 11.
    Oh heck, I have a dumpster. Send your trash on up! (But please, if there is anything in your trash that was recently alive *like deli meat or potato peels* I rescind my offer!)
    Here’s a little song you can chant while you’re sorting through stuff that keeps me motivated:
    It goes a little something like this:
    it’s o-KAY to THROW aWAY!

  • Ten hefty bags of stuff- post vacation, out grown clothes as school approaches, many oportunities to fill bags.

  • I’m going to guess 8. The feng shui of your home is bound to improve!

  • 18 bags…shoes alone could be 3!

  • Gotta guess 6…

  • I guess five! Five Heftys can hold a lot of stuff!

  • I guess 4 if you use the big lawn and leaf Hefty bags but 9 if you use the smaller sized Hefty bags that fit in the kitchen trashcan.
    Er, is this light and yarny stuff or heavy bookish/shoe stuff because an awful lot of paper and yarn can go in the big bags but books and shoes and picture frames cut the load in half. (sigh) Can I guess 14 if it is heavy stuff?

  • I’m gonna go with 27. I had a garage sale last weekend with my SIL and you don’t even wanna know how many came out of our houses. Hefty bags take on a life of their own and seem to multiply exponentially, therefore, 27. (3x3x3)
    (Didn’t sell much, but took tons to the Salvation Army…)

  • I’m going to guess 17 Hefty Bags.

  • I guess six.

  • I guess 11. I know to fill 11 in my house would be a piece of cake and the next 11 wouldn’t be that hard either… but perhaps you do this more often than I.

  • I am guessing 11. Been doing the same thing at this home!

  • Your reward will be ROOM TO BREATHE! I’ll guess 17. Once you start tossing, it becomes so fun and empowering, it’s kind of hard to stop.

  • I guess six and a half bags of junk!

  • I have to go with lucky 26. If there are many toys and mags, they will be HEAVY and not really pack-to-the-top-able. Maybe 1/4 full. And broken toys will be bulky. So 26 is not a measure of junkiness but rather the quality of the junk being junked.
    Git yer Hefty on!

  • I’m guessing 9 of the big old bags. You’ll have 11 and then everyone will reach in and say, NOOOOOO, you can’t get rid of THAT, I LOOOOOOOVE that……good cleaning to you!

  • 16 trash bags and innumberable wire hangers that showed up out of nowhere.

  • I’ve been there — in fact, need to be there now!! I’m guessing 6 and a half

  • 16. I’m using this post for inspiration. Vacation+rilly messy house= at least 16 bags. That’s not factoring laziness.

  • I’m not going to read through all the other guesses, but, going by the level of angst, I’d say 15 bags.

  • Been there, lost steam after a few bags… I did get rid of a grocery store bag of yarn the other day, so I was pretty chuffed about that! But, you seem so het up, I’m betting you’ll get rid of 9 bags.

  • I’m gonna guess 7 1/2.

  • I’ll go with 5, because the hardest part is getting everyone to agree on what’s being thrown out. And after a summer away, every thing is either wonderfully familiar and new again, or so not me any more. Good luck!

  • And to think how bitterly I complained when we had to move house, yet again, 2 years ago…… but it would seem that moving every 2 years has its upside, I have learned today!
    That said, I’m planning on going out of here in a pine box, thankyouverymuch! Guess I’d better order next years dumpster sometime soon, otherwise you guys will already have rented ’em all!
    Okay, I guess 19, because I ran down that list of other peoples guesses really fast and didn’t see a ’19’. Some of those 19 will be ‘reallocated’, not all will be ‘trash’, so it won’t be so bad. Think of all the people who will find your old stuff and be excited – did you see the woman on ‘design star’ the other week who covered a broken vacuum cleaner in grout and called it ‘sculpture’? – truly, NOTHING is trash these days, you’re just ‘sharing the wealth’! Be generous, share share share.
    I’m not four, but this house is, does that count? Yes, I know, its four, I’ve lived here for 2 years – for some reason the people before me built a new house and then moved out of it, people do the weirdest things, like giving away Hefty bags of yarn….
    My daughters will laugh when they hear that – ‘giving away yarn’ – wow. Yarn is sacred in this house, we don’t throw out, give away, loan, share, oh no, it ALL stays, every last bit, until its knitted. THEN we can give it away. Last winter a friend of my 3rd graders came by and said he was making snowman kits for his friends for Christmas and had I any yarn he could use for scarves, and could he please knit them on my knitting machine – oh YES! Boy, did we get rid of a lot of cheap nasty stuff last Christmas! All the gross colours, all the itchy static crunchy creepy yucky icky thin and stringy junk, it all got made into miles and miles of scarf (thank goodness for Bond, I’d have gone nuts hand-knitting that many miles), we mixed it up with shiny metallic carryalongs and and we were destined to have the prettiest, funkiest, most awesome snowmen in the state of Indiana.
    Did it snow in January? Nope!
    Did our kids get to make snowmen with great scarves? Nope!
    Do I care? Nope, all that yarn is gone and now there’s room for more. Well, erm, at least, there WAS room for more, back in January – you have to love eBay, don’t you? I got 9 balls of Rowan cotton braid on there last week for 27 bucks – it would be criminal to have left it there, hanging in the eBay ether, wouldn’t it? I HAD to rescue it, didn’t I?
    Anyway, I’m not in the least bit worried about you mailing all the hefty bags to me, because I know you wouldn’t waste that much money on postage when you could be spending it on yarn.
    BTW, for inspiration, and encouragement, I always set myself a target and a reward – you know, 2 new balls of yarn allowed in the house for every large Hefty that goes out, that sort of thing – how many Hefty’s for a sweater? Or a new blankie? The work will go much faster if you think of it in terms of ‘yarn earned’.
    Good luck, intrepid explorer, if we don’t hear from you by Friday we will send a rescue team…..
    I’m off to knit another washcloth,

  • Sounds like a 12 bag mood. At least that’s how many I got rid of recently during a similar spell……

  • I’m going to say 7 bags. I do “Blitzkrieg Cleaning” myself, so I figure 7’s a pretty realistic guess, though depending upon how much time you give yourself, you may wind up with many, many more.
    Incidentally, this works with gardening as well — get good and sick of your weedy, untidy garden (because who has time to weed when there’s knitting to be done?), then go in and hack down/pull out everything within eyesight; whatever comes back gets to stay another season. Ask me how I know this works. 😉

  • OK, I think seven. Unless you start rumaging in the closets. Then all bets are off.

  • I’m gonna guess 9 bags. Why? Don’t know – just a guess!
    My plan is to use the mornings of the next 2 weeks (while I’m off work) to sort through all my junk, too. I”m sure I’ll have at least 9 bags.

  • 7
    seems like a good number.
    good luck!

  • Three (3). Because Hefty bags hold a lot and I can’t imagine y’all having more than 90 gallons of trash in your house at once.
    Do you realize the person who guessed 28 thinks you have 840 gallons of trash in your house? Should you be sending that person yarn?
    (Just kidding!)

  • Hmmmmm, you seem on a major search and destroy here. For ordinary irritability with my surroundings, I usually can easily fill three bags. I’m going with six here, since full-fledged bitchiness (can I say that here?) will double normal irritability any day. I’m with you in spirit. My house is a dump and I haven’t unpacked since my vacation, I just shoved the bag in the closet. I got home August 11. I’m so ashamed. . . .

  • I’m guessing 19. Good luck!

  • Seventeen.
    Yeah, it’s alot, but I have been in the process and feel your pain. And I have come up with a good 10 bags o’ crap so far without even breaking a sweat. (OK, that’s a lie, I did break a sweat. It’s 109 here and I’m unwilling to pay for enought air conditioning for me not to be a bit sweaty at all times.)
    Good luck. There are two types of people in the world: savers and eradicators. My mother was an eradicator. My husband’s mother is the Patron Saint of Saving Things. I clean when he’s not home ;>

  • I just removed 6 Hefty bags of junk and several additional bags of things for the Salvation Army out of my 3 room apartment last Monday. So I guess 6.

  • I’d say…depending on how irritated you get doing it, umm…about 7. I get angry with my junk and then the hefty bags multiply. And the little Goodwill drop box/house over flows with my “generosity.” Lord, I fear for your Dh and Ds…and the neighborhood. 😀 Good luck with your not-so-spring Spring cleaning.

  • Based on my own need to toss, toss, toss after a summer of house neglect, I’d say… 23 bags.
    Good Luck!

  • 20 bags will make you feel psychologically as well as physically purged! Happy cleaning.

  • I’m guessing 6.5 bags! Seems like every time I get in a royal funk, that’s how many I haul out!

  • I am guessing 8 bags….sound about right

  • Oh dear me. Some people are guessing that you have a lot of stuff to throw out. Which may be true. But I’m betting that your bad mood will soon be over, you’ll get distracted by something, like a child, or some knitting, and you’ll end up throwing out 4 bags of stuff.

  • I guess 8 full bags.
    Good luck and have fun cleaning. Not! =)
    I can remember when I moved 3 years ago and threw away 38 hefty bags of things my x husband left. UGH!

  • 17 by Golly. Seven-freakin-teen! The more you do, the better you’ll feel.

  • I say 8.

  • 11 bags sounds like a good number to me. If mailing were cheaper I could send it to friends who I love dearly of course, but who are just way to clean.

  • Well, I could get rid of atleast 8 myself and I live in a very small house and just dejunked last year when we moved. But I’ll say 8 for you too since it’s my favorite number. If I win, forget the yarn and come to my house to throw out stuff. I’ll give YOU a bag of yarn!

  • Mags, old toys, and shoes – shoot my guess is 17 bags. Hey if your still feeling nutty come on down (up?) to my place. I’m not asking because I don’t want to do the work myself or anything. I’m just looking after your well being – yea, yea, that’s the ticket 🙂

  • 21.

  • My guess is you’re going to have 7 hefty bags of junk to throw out!

  • 13!

  • My guess is 14, just because.

  • 19 bags o’junk!

  • 14 – but only if you’re RILLY in a bad mood and go through the entire house. In the unlikely event that I win the contest, any way we can arrange for that hefty bag o’yarn to be surreptitiously added to my stash with the hubbo noticing?

  • 8 – because it’s a great number of bags full of stuff to get rid of.
    good luck with the tossing, it does full so good to go through things – well, the final result is great to look upon, with your feet up and a hot (or cold) beverage in your hand/s.

  • Id guess 3 hefty bags.
    hefty bags are quite large after all.

  • My original thought was 7, but I saw lots of guesses of 7 in the comments, and then, realizing that I too have bags of stuff sitting around from summer jaunts, decided to up the ante to 9, my favorite number.
    9 (count ’em, 9) Hefty bags.
    Nueve bolsas plasticos de cosas.
    (Nine plastic bags o’ things.)
    Buena suerte!
    (Good luck!)

  • I think 21 bags. You sounds so fed up, it must be a lot.

  • I’m going to guess 12. I love a good purge! Good luck!

  • I think every number has already been guessed, but I’ll throw mine in, too.
    hmmm…nine! (three’s my lucky number, but three isn’t enough in my mind for a BIG purge, so three squared)

  • Ann! Um, well I don’t know how much ya need to de-clutter, but I’m guessing 8 bags. This is NO REFLECTION on you, please understand. I just KNOW how it is w/them chilluns runnin around creating their need for stuff. Got 3 of em myself. Wouldn’t ever have a need to declutter if it weren’t fer them. Course not. Yarn is completely organized and color sorted at all times (snort). Happy pitching.

  • 52!

  • 8 and 3/4!

  • 13. Summer is the best time to toss the trash. I have 5 kids and managed 9 trash and 4 GOODWILL in 2 days while the kids visited their grandparents, so 13 is the lucky number for me.

  • I will guess 8. The bag of yarn would like to come home with me. I know cause it told me.

  • My guess is a good, solid 14….I had more than this the last time I cleaned, but I’m hopeful that you’ll only need 14. Happy cleaning!

  • Ooohhh… 8. And a couple of odds and ends, which you will stuff into one of the other bags because you can’t be bothered giving it a Hefty bag all to itself.

  • I’ll go with an even dozen.

  • I’m half-way afraid to answer this one! I don’t know, but my favorite number is nine. Story tellers use multiples of threes in all kinds of fairy-tales, fables, and myths, and I’ve always liked the idea of multiplying three and three and getting nine for the ultimate in numbers. So I’m guessing nine.

  • I say you will fill 19 bags. Once you get going you can’t stop – but you better hope I’m not right because it will cost you too much to send wool to Australia!

  • 14 bags of junk!
    Things have got so bad here that I’ve invited people over for an ENJO demonstration – yup, someone comes in, does your cleaning, amazes your friends – who then have to try it out on your bathroom, kitchen floor, etc. & the demonstrator hopes you & friends will buy stuff. (It’s pretty good stuff BTW – these cloths clean ANYTHING with just cold water – no chemicals!)

  • I will guess 7.5 bags. I would give a big ol’ bag of yarn to someone who could get rid of 7.5 bags worth of stuff out of my house.

  • I’ll guess seven – that’s how many are in my new apartment right now.

  • I’m going with eleven – I think you will get fed up by then, sit and have a coffee, your current knitting will catch your eye, you will have an inspiration about it, your mood will change and that will be it for the day.

  • Can’t resist a go! I’m freeezin down here in NZ – yarn sure sounds snuggly
    🙂 hmmmmm 7

  • hmmm… I’ll say that first you’ll have ten bags, but then start to have second thoughts and end up with only eight.

  • I have no idea what is “a Hefty bag”, but I’ll say 15. Good luck with cleaning!

  • My guess is 7. There are probably more; but after decided to toss 7 bags of stuff the brain will be on overload and you will need to stop and knit!

  • I guess 9 because that’s at least how many I should throw out. I’m still getting up steam on my own essential bad mood so I can fill those 9 Hefty Bags Without Mercy.

  • I’m guessing 28. Cause I did one room and had
    7 big bags. Of course, a lot of that stuff was
    bulky and wouldn’t squash. but there ya go.

  • With 165 people before me, I don’t stand a chance, do I?
    Anyway, I’m guessing 6.5 bags will be thrown out.

  • 5 – easily 5….

  • I guess…8 bags. Good luck with the cleaning!

  • I say 8 bags. Trust me, I’ve done this many times before (military wife, I’m a pro).

  • I will take a guess at 6 bags. And I hope I win that drawing because I am a good guesser AND because I live in TN and your shipping would be SO much less expensive!! Now go clean and win me some yarn (keep it to 6 bags, please!!)

  • I will guess at 11 (my oldest’s kid’s age) Good luck with not getting burnt out!!!

  • I will guess 7 bags. Next week you will realize you could have pitched 4 more!

  • Hmmm….. when I cleaned out our top floor I got more than I expected, 22 bags. So, since you’re obviously cooler than me with a much more exciting life I’ll say….26 bags.
    Because I have nowhere to adequately house a bag of yarn may mean I’ll win…hmmmmm…. will my kids need clothes really?

  • Har har. I am glad that I am not the only one. I too roam the house with Hefty bags looking for stuff to pick twice a year. If your house is like mine, factor in the boys as I have one girl and I will guess 22 bags in all.

  • I guess 5 hefty bags… in fact that’s a good idea! I’ll go do 5 bags worth myself!

  • After reading all the posts I’m hoping someone takes the Price is Right route and screams “One Dollar!”

  • Ah, the Hefty clean-up… depending on the size of the bag and the weight of the offending mess – I’ll guess 10.
    I qualify to enter because I believe when I get to it, I’ll have at least 20. 🙂

  • I’ll guess 13 bags and hope that you have lots of kids stuff that is non-donatable.

  • Since today is my baby’s 5th birthday I’m going to have to say 5 big bags of junk!

  • I’ll guess 11. I, myself, live n a very small apartment, and wouldn’t even be able to step in the door with 11 bags worth of stuff, but you sound pretty desperate

  • O.K. I thought I would take a smarty-pants-scientific approach to this problem. So, I go to the Hefty website to see how many bags are in a box. What was I thinking? There are Cinch Saks, Kitchen fresh, Ultra-flex (just imagine how many ‘treasures’ can fit in an ultra-flex!), HandySaks, SteelSax, EasyFlaps and The Gripper. So many decisions…. So much for being scientific. I pick 5.

  • I’ll go with 5 bags.

  • I’m going to go with 9. And have you noticed that most people have made sure to pad their guess with an admission that they could have/have pulled more out of their own house? Knitters are so nice.

  • Glory of glories – my 8 year old daughter was in one of those moods last week and carried out one of those bags from her room! I could have weeped with joy. My guess for your house is 6 bags. My “mood” will hit right after the last kidlet gets on the bus for school. Can’t get nuthin’ done with ’em here.

  • i’m going with 7. good luck. i just threw out 3 bags last week. it felt great.

  • Fifteen… have fun! I always feel better after I throw out half the crap in the house!

  • Nine. That’s it, nine. I just cleaned my house & had four. There’s a higher body count at your home, so nine. 🙂

  • I will guess 11, as I have at least that many in my downstairs to chuck, never mind the fiber room!

  • Aw, my Neatnikis too young to guess!
    trek guesses 6½.

  • I’m going to say 7 bags of stuff. I threw out about that much a couple weeks ago of mostly clothing (that went to the Sally Anne). I love getting rid of stuff almost as much as I love bringing it into the house. Enjoy!

  • I’m guessing 3 plus the bag of yarn you are going to send to me 😉

  • Moi needs more stats. Cubic tonnage capacity per bag? Drawtie or flaptie? Dark green or black? Scented? By now you’re probably too deep in the stuff you’re stuffing to help me with my scientific analysis, so I say…6 (two more and you get the number of the Beast). xo, c.

  • I am going to say 6 bags. And good for you. I would love to be getting that many bags out of my house!

  • I’m going with 4. We’re talking Hefty Garbage bags right? It can’t be more than 4.

  • I’m going to guess 8 bags.
    I am waiting until school starts for my young one before I break out my own heafty bags and start cleaning.

  • I’m thinking about my basement and how much crap awaits me there. I’m also thinking about the moving company that moved all the stuff to that basement and how they had to send an extra truck because they grossly underestimated the amount of space that crap would take up. I would hope that you’d only need 5 Hefty bags at most but, in the face of experience, I’m going with 18.

  • 10 bags!!

  • Being a junkstress myself, and knowing how old busted toys can eat up those Hefty bags, Herself and I guess 18 bags.

  • I think an even dozen would do the trick. My house would probably require more, but I’m an optimist.

  • My guess is 4 and 1/2 just for good measure. Good luck Ann.

  • I say 6 bags.

  • I’m saying 17 because, why not? I’m off to do my own decluttering this week and I’m hoping for my own 17.

  • oooh–i guess 7.
    7 big hefty bags of stuff.

  • I say 22 Hefty bags. I recently cleaned my back closet and had PILES of stuff!

  • A butterfly flaps its wings in my apartment, and you arrive at… 17 bags.

  • Oh, man. I too just did this–inspired by a pending visit from mother in law. She’s at the airport on the way home as I type. Didn’t even make it to the house. Ugh! I’ll say you have 7 bags.

  • I think about 5 but will you throw them all out or will you suddenly have a thought that you might have thrown something out that you will need WHENEVER!

  • I’m guessing 18. I just got rid of 2 bags o’ crap, and I only cleaned out the stuff under my bad. Under MY side of the bed only. And it’s a double bed, not even a queen or king! So, if you are hitting the whole house, I’m hoping you can fill 18!!

  • I am guessing 17 bags. Good luck to you and remember its always Margarita Time. even at 9am.

  • ZERO. I say zero. 0. L-M-N-O with a line through the O.
    You’re all talk.
    : )

  • I’m going with 9 … 9 big ole bags worth of stuff!

  • I’m going to guess 9. Because that’s usually how many I end up with….

  • My guess is 11. Yea…I have found one benefit of not having a tidy house – being eligible for this fun!

  • My guess is 26!

  • 11!!! I am guessing eleven bags as it a lot of stuff, but not so much that you are going to have to buy new stuff to fill up rooms since they now look so empty without the eleven bags of old stuff in them anymore.

  • I’m going to guess 9. Good luck cleaning!

  • My guess is 16 bags of junkola. Though, for your sake, I hope it’s a lot less.

  • I am going to guess 5 Hefty bags out of your house!! Good on you, we all need to get rid of stuff more often!!:)

  • I will guess 20. The kids say it should be 30 cuz they’re looking around here.

  • Four hefty bags. They’re pretty big! My threat to my daughter (8) is anything left on the floor will never be seen again!

  • I’m going to say 23 because you sound darn determined! Good luck! You’ll feel better when it’s over.

  • 17. And may the Force be with you!

  • I’ll guess 3 full bags and a not quite full 4th.

  • I’ll go for 11.
    When you are done, can you come and clean my place?

  • I am going with 9. Maybe I should join you and it could be a CAL — clean a long!

  • I’m going to guess 8 bags. Good luck with the cleaning.

  • My guess is 15 bags. Those bags fill up quickly.

  • Been there…done that…I’m going to inspire you with my guess of 27 bags!! You can do it!

  • I hope you have fewer, but I’ve got to go with 11.
    Have fun!!

  • I’m going with 8.

  • I’m guessing 8 Hefty bags.
    And I assure you, my own home is NOT of the tidy variety.

  • I’ll say 21 (not that I need a bag of yarn). I am highly qualified to participate since my house is nowhere near tidy. However, I did purge my son’s room yesterday and we got about 5 bags from the one room alone. (He is a hoarder, but still . . .) One room down, several more to go!

  • I’m going to say 9 & 1/2 bags. I need to do this. Unfortunately, I’m not pissed off enough. Yet.

  • I will guess 8 bags. You have inspired me to do the same at my house. I have been putting it off because I’m busy wedding planning for this Sat. the 26th but who wants to come home to a dirty house after their wedding, right?

  • Hm… I guess 17. I am in the process of picking up and moving my stash, (oh yeah, and the rest of my house) so trust me- I know the value of a Hefty bag at a time like this. I put ten out to the curb this morning, and that was after an afternoon of sorting, cleaning, etc. Good luck!

  • I’m going to guess 9!

  • Forty-Two. I know how badly cluttered a house can get.

  • I say 11 bags o’crapola………..

  • Well, I did 6 this summer and I bet you can do better than that, so I’m guessing you’ll do 12.

  • Hmmm… I’m gonna go with 12.

  • I’ll say 8 – for absolutely no reason I can think of.

  • i have to go with 9. i just filled up one with what was under the train table in the living room. in the living room people!!! seriously – it was scraps of cut up paper courtesy of my children. i feel your pain.

  • Good for you cleaning up! Want to come to my house next?
    Just last week I cleaned up a 7 ft. high pile of magazines from the bathroom. My husband just throws them in that pile when done with them and expects me to clear them out. I’ve been on strike on that job for almost a year.
    Unfortunately I backed into the pile, making a cleanup necessary.
    By the way…..I believe it will take 8 bags
    Joanie R.

  • oh I love it….it must be something in the air, cause I am doing the same thing at my house! We must be getting ready for the season change and time spent indoors!
    I am going to guess 9 bags of stuff!!!

  • I’ll guess 4. But save yourself the postage and don’t mail me your hefty bags!

  • seven

  • I’m going with the nice round number of NINE. On any given day, I can fill three or four, and I’ll say it takes about six or eight to get me fed up and by about nine hefty bags, I’d be as cranky as you! Hope I win the yarn!

  • Get going Ann! Wish you could send some of that cleansing energy this way – we need it!

  • I’ll say 11. And cross my fingers!

  • 15 – I am guessing 15 bags….

  • I’m going to say 7. 7 is a lucky number.

  • 15

  • If you’re going through your ENTIRE house….then 12.

  • I am going to say 7 bags. It is important in design to stay with odd numbers sooooo if it turns out to be 6 or 8 you should probably make it 7.
    Don’t work to hard.

  • I’ll guess 9 bags, assuming that you meant big black Hefty garbage bags. Broken toys can take up a lot of space, and then there’s all the other stuff you mentioned . . .

  • an even ten… nothin’ like a round number of bags o’ junk…

  • I’m not 4, but I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old. Does that count? Having tons of experience myself with busted toys, magazines, ugly shoes, and miscellaneous junk, I’m going to guess 25!

  • I’m going to predict 4 hefty bags because I’ve got about 4 hefty bags of crap on my floor right now.

  • I’m going with 32. I’m not sure why, but that number won’t get ou of my head now. Happy sorting!

  • I’m guessing you’re going to use the hefty Hefty bags of 33 gallons. Can I encourage you to visit http://www.flylady.com? Look up their super-fling-boogie. If you do, I can assure myself the prize by guessing 15.5 bags. They’ll have you throwing out your grandmother if she hasn’t been useful in the last six months!

  • I’ll guess 8 1/2 bags. You just have to breath deeply and take it easy. 1/2 hour intervals. Breathe, rest and PITCH…Breathe, rest and PITCH.
    There,there…all better.

  • Oh, oh, pick me! Pick me! PLEEEAAASSSEEEE! Ok, so I know groveling isn’t attractive, but yarn’s at stake here! I’ll guess 8; I’m an empty-nester with a retired husband and a jack russell terrier and I have AT LEAST that many Hefty bags worth of flotsam and jetsam that need to be hauled out (and just his part of the mess in this house)!!!!

  • I’m guessng 10 bags.

  • I’ll guess 8. 🙂

  • I’m going with 8. At that point you might just (like I did)have had enough cleaning for a bit!And that would be quite a dent anyway!

  • shoot, i never win anything, but I guess nine bags o’ junk!

  • Well since I am going to be doing the same thing today I will guess 14 1/2 bags.

  • you said you must be 4 to enter……….well I’m more than that, but I’ll guess 7 bags of STUFF
    happy cleaning, C

  • my guess is 7. I recently cleaned out our house and had a whole truck load that went out. I already have another hefty bag full! I’m on a roll. and….your reward is a satisfied feeling.

  • You seem in just the right mood to pitch stuff. I’m going to say 10, changing my visual from big lawn and leaf bags to regular kitchen size bags 😉 Whatever you accomplish, it will feel good.

  • 7 bags. Definitely. Excluding the yarn bag, which does not count as junk.

  • I say 8. And that low only because I know you aren’t like me and wait for a couple years to feel that kind of cleaning frenzy.

  • I’ll guess 14.5, as that’s about how many it would be for me if I were to get started – and I may get started tonight with your inspiration!!!

  • 8 bags full!

  • I’m going to go with 7.5. That’s how many I got rid of in my last killer cleaning spree! Good luck!

  • 13 bags. Get rid of that stuff!

  • I’m going to say 10 bags!

  • I am going to guess a mere 3 bags. God help us if we’d have to move anytime soon! I’d probably have a Costco sized box full of bags and have to go back and purchase more. I am definately a messie! If I win, I will not need all of the hefty bags, just the one with the yarn in it! I love your blog and check in every day. Have the book and have done several projects. Its what I do instead of housework. Best wishes on your cleaning endeavor.

  • Well, my lucky number are 2, 4, 7, 11, and 23. (My birthday and my fiance’s birthday and the age that we are this year. lol) I’m guessing 2, and 4 are too low, and 23 is too high. I like 7, but I’m going with 11 bags. 11 just seems right to me. 🙂
    Best of luck with the renovation, er, cleaning.

  • One for each thing that breathes in your house. Cats, dogs and birds included.
    (Please don’t mail me yarn. I’ve got my own problems that should be in hefty bags.)

  • I say seven bags.
    Of course, it’s not like I need anything else in my house. Hrm.

  • Seventeen, because that’s how many we tossed out cleaning my dad’s home after the obligatory garage sale.

  • I guess 11 bags…good luck with the clean up!

  • I guess six bags.

  • my guess is 17 … anyway happy cleaning time 🙂

  • I’m going to wager 11.

  • I’m going to say 48 even though that sounds like a lot. But when I’m in the tossing mood, I become a possessed woman.

  • By this point there are 285 guesses – but I’m going to stick with my first one – 27 bags! Not sure why, just a guess (maybe it’s cause I saw some 27 yo videos of a band I used to go see all the time in the 80s today – Neighborhoods anyone?)

  • i’m going with four. those black hefty bags are pretty ginormous.
    ps. if your black mood sticks around, wanna come do my place?

  • My daughter and I say 9 bags.

  • Based on similiar purges, if done in the right mood, I have been amazed at how quickly the bags fill up.
    My guess: 21!

  • 8! I guess 8!
    Personally, I would have 16. But I do it 5 minutes at a time, between mom-ing and working and knitting and quilting and . . . yeah, 5 minutes at a time.

  • That’s all I need is more yarn! But I will guess that you will have 4 full bags and then 1/2 of a fifth bag!

  • 23 sounds like a good number of bags to remove. That’s what my house could easily handle if I ever got around to it and I was honest about what needed to be removed.

  • I feel your pain, I’ve been clearing out the equivalent of a big shed. It’s full of rusty “things” that might possibly have been useful when they were shiny some 20 years ago, that is if you had a clue what they were used for. I filled my bag, picked it up and it spilled rusty junk all over the floor when it split down the side There were some gems in with the junk, a little oil can like the one in the Wizard of Oz that was just right for fixing the stuck bolt on the gate and then there was the lifetime’s collection of Pot Noodle containers. I really need a skip but I’m going for a bag a week until it’s all sorted through. At least I don’t have to live there.

  • Dear Ann,
    I guess 8. I also subscribe to the Hefty Bag System of Life Organization, I wish you luck!
    with best wishes,

  • I’m going to say 7 and 2/3, and you’ll find things you didn’t think you’d throw away just to top off the bag.

  • Eleven – eleven bags of stuff (trash) you can’t stand anymore! I say that because if the despiration in your post – you are ready to purge! Good luck!

  • Eleven – eleven bags of stuff (trash) you can’t stand anymore! I say that because if the despiration in your post – you are ready to purge! Good luck!

  • Well, since you aren’t trying to cram all of your worldly belongings into a moving van or a car full of kids-dogs-cat-backpacks, I’ll go with 6. (I won’t even tell you how many bags I hauled to the church thrift shop, the Goodwill collection box, the library, the back porch of unsuspecting neighbors, and the dumpster at the apartment building up the road when we moved last summer.) (But it was waaaay more than 6!)

  • I really really really hope it’s not as many bags as there are comments. Oh dear. I’m going to guess 6 hefty bags.
    On Saturday, I let someone in my house and realized I apparently had Something to Prove, Something like, “I can act like a bachelor when HE goes out of town just like he did when I was gone!” Saturday night, I did not clean. Sunday morning, all knitting. But by Sunday afternoon, I was picking stuff up in one room and putting it away in the other. Putting away clean and washing dirty. Even hung up my clothes–but did not scrub the toilet.
    And so far, zero hefty bags of stuff leaving the house. So maybe I’m not worthy of a Hefty bag o’ yarn.

  • Eight, because it’s my second favorite number (and I think 18 is too high).

  • Judging by what I toss out of my house on an annual basis, I am going to say 15 bags of stuff will go.
    When you are done with your house, will you come do mine? I need more room for yarn.

  • without knowing bag size, 19. i pulled three 50-gal bags out of my room with little effort.

  • 13. Good luck!

  • I say 7!

  • ummmm. one. I don’t think it’s nearly as bad as you think it is ….It’s just become legendary, and scary in your eyes ’cause you haven’t addressed it yet. Just like any of those silly patterns we think we’re not capable of, once we do it we find it’s not so bad. So….. I say (1)one.

  • How about a nice, even 12 bags. Once on a roll, you’ll pitch anything that’s even questionable! But please don’t send those my way, I live with two teenage boys, I already have my own 12 plus bags!!

  • I say 12, if husband is around– 4

  • I’m going to say 11.

  • I would guess, but I don’t want to win! I have enough hefty sacks of my own!

  • I’ll guess 27, as I could probably find that much in my closets alone.

  • Um – do you really have 310 comments? That is scary.

  • I’m going to guess 17. We just went through all our junk, and it’s amazing the amount of crap you come up with!

  • 7 bags!

  • i’m gonna guess 11. if not more. but my guess is 11. 🙂
    I feel your pain!! I do my best cleaning in blind rage, get this nastiness outta here mode. good luck!

  • I’m gonna guess 11………..I know I would have 11 if I got busy…….maybe more…..
    I love your book………thank you for the great ideas….needles are calling…..Sandy

  • 8 bags ^_^ good luck!

  • I know what it’s like when I start to pick up around here after 3 kids and one grown man. I say 34 bags.

  • I know what it’s like when I start to pick up around here after 3 kids and one grown man. I say 34 bags.

  • Only because I’m hoping to win the yarn I don’t need (last count of projects with yarn ready and willing, not to mention all the possibilities of the leftovers and “ooh, Paton’s classic merino is on sale…”, is at 54…)
    I’ll hazard at 21 green Hefty bags.

  • I’ll have to go with 17 bags since my birthday is coming up even though it’s a bit high. Here’s hoping (even though I would lose) that you don’t actually have that much crap.

  • I’ll de-lurk & make a wild guesstimate of 13.

  • You have kids, so I’m guessing 12.

  • If you are alone (ie no kids or husband to interfere) then I would say 6. With “help” from the family, then only 3.

  • I’m thinking 3. Hopefully this will make you only use 3. Cause I could really use some stash. I’ve only been knitting since November. And I don’t *gasp* have a LYS.

  • I’m going to guess 5. If you have more than that, you’ll need to get a dumpster, and maybe you ought to check in with the FlyLady, lol. I need to get into one of those moods myself here soon or else find a bigger house. Love Ya!

  • My guess is 15 1/2…
    I’m with you in spirit!

  • I would guess 7 hefty bags full of ‘stuff’ that must go out the door never to return. Denise

  • I bid 21. But only because I’ve done one of those cleanings not too long ago and was *amazed* at the number of bags we pitched! And that was for 2 people and 2 cats!

  • I randomly guess 7.

  • I’ll say 8, the bags never hold as much as you think, and I have at least that much in my house to get rid of. Good luck.

  • Briana says nine.

  • I guess 9 bags

  • My guess: 28 bags. But please don’t send me any Hefty Bags. I have my own outbound Hefty Bag issues. Listen to this great cleaning story. Spousie’s aunt called her sister, my DMIL, and begged her to come help clean. The washer repairman could not get to the washer to repair it because the basement was wall to wall junk. DMIL and another sister flew to Auntie’s house and cleaned for three days. The most interesting thing they found was that Auntie and her girls threw any bags from shopping, old purses, etc. into one room with change still in the bag. “There was a lot of change,” said DMIL afterwards. “How much did you find?” I asked. “About five gallons.” They apparently gave up counting and put the change in pickle jars.

  • Are you sorry you thought up this contest? I think I’m the 335th commenter!
    I’m gonna guess 5 hefty bags of junk (and, just for the record, 2 hefty bags for good-will).
    Love this Blog!

  • Since you are in the cleaning mood, I’m sure you’ll easily fill 16 bags – that’s my guess anyway. Enjoy purging!
    Helen Hayes

  • I’m guessing seven Hefty bags plus of course some small extra bags of miscellaneous – you know, give to this friend, put directly in the trash, etc.

  • I am guessing 17 because it is a cool number. I figure that you will have at least double digits because every time I clean a room I get at least 3 bags of stuff to GO.

  • If it’s a summer’s worth of crap, then I’m going to guess 11.
    You can send me all your crappy yarn regardless.

  • I say, 6. I am guessing that you would show us no more than a 1/3 of your junk, and that would mean that you would have at least 9 bags laying around. And usually, the worst part of the “bags” and junk is packaging, so I would say that 2/3 of that would go out–leaving 6. And my OCD number is 3, making this all very easy for me to compute.

  • 14

  • My guess is lucky number 7. Don’t worry about mailing the hefties to me. I’ll pick them up myself….umm….next Monday? Yeah, for sure, next Monday, I’ll be there. 😛

  • Tidy house? Of course I have a tidy house! All the spiders are carefully placed in each corner and at each window. All the cat hair dust bunnies (it’s inbreeding at work) are under the furniture where they belong. I think there’s some Spic ‘n’ Span under the sink. If not, I know I saw some at the grocery store, once upon a time.
    Nine bags. If you REALLY went through everything, there would be a minimum of 36 bags, but I’m assuming you’re human and will find something, anything, better to do after 9 bags.
    Which reminds me: Once upon a time, my mother foolishly said to me, “Dear, there is always something more worth doing than housework.” Since that time, I have always been a very dutiful daughter.

  • I’ll say 9, my favorite number.

  • Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full…

  • I’m going to guess 8, because you are such a determined person and once one gets into that Throwin’ Stuff Away rhythm I know how hard it is to stop. You go girl!!

  • 27! Yeah! I love that feeling of lightening the load! Good Luck!

  • I’m thinking an even dozen!

  • A friend just gave me a copy of your book for kitty-sitting this summer, I’m really enjoying it.
    I’ll guess eleven.

  • My guess is 12.

  • Something just says 11 to me, I could scare up that much so I figure you couldn’t be much worse.

  • I’m going with 6.

  • LOL! Too many guesses to read all through them any longer so I am going with my original thought which is 16 bags. That is a good number.And Best of luck to you!

  • I think maybe…5 yabh that’s a good number…

  • 14 bags. Don’t forget to donate!

  • I’m going to say 3 bags full. I sure hope you’re not serious on sending me all the Hefty bags; although that would be kind of funny to explain to the hubby!

  • I’ll say 12, too. Sounds possibly high, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  • I guess 15 bags..

  • 9. 9 bags of trash.

  • 11. Go girl!

  • I’m going with 14 and two Target bags because I always seem to find more stuff in the attic than I thought I would. The Target bags are a given . . . not enough for a full Hefty bag, but just enough to annoy you if you don’t get it out of the house.

  • I’ll go with 9. No reason, that’s just the number my fingers reached for on the keyboard. Then again, maybe 19. Oh, I’m only allowed one guess? Definitely 9.
    Go, Ann!

  • I started out to say nine bags. But somehow, I think the crankies will last until more than that. And if I don’t just pick a number soon, you’re gonna be stuck for a long time filling those bags. But the first few always go so terribly fast. So I’m gonna guess 13 bags. Have fun!

  • I am going to say ten bags because god only knows I need to do the same thing.

  • I’ll guess 12.

  • My guess is seven Hefty bags. Oh, now I’m having Hefty bag housecleaning anxiety. I think I’ll go knit until it passes.

  • 17, because that’s how much it would take to clean the crap off my carport, but I’m renovating, so it’s okay right?

  • I’m going to guess 16 – mostly because it’s my favorite number but also because I usually end up with about that many on a really big clean up. Wait…are these jumbo sized trash bags or regular? Oh, nevermind – I’ll stick with 16.

  • twelve bags.

  • Oh my, it sounds a lot like what I should be doing around here – filling hefty bags with stuff that shouldn’t make its home here… If it were me it’s be about 17 bags, so that’s my guess – 17.

  • I’m going to guess 9 bags.

  • three

  • Hmmm.. based on the amount of junka I can get rid of- I’ll say 8 bags o’ junk.

  • 7 and some change. You know, a bit of stuff that wouldn’t quite make it into that last bag, no matter how much you try to stuff your leg in there to compact the rest of it. But, it’s not enough for that eighth bag, and you can’t stand the thought of another bag, so you try to stuff it in the wastebasket under the kitchen sink instead.

    So, yeah. 7.

  • My guess is 12 bags. Some itmes from the summer trips the rest from what was there before you left that was not attended too due to the distractions of planning a vacation.

  • 12 bags because that is what came out of my house.

  • I’m going to put my two cents in and say 14. My 20 year old daughter just cleaned her room and took 7 bags. I know that doesn’t say much for my teaching ability to maintain a clean home but if she used that and you are cleaning up items as you described, you have to be more. Good luck!!

  • 15 good luck cleaning up everything

  • My guess is 9 because I get married on the the 9th of September! This will have to be my new lucky number!

  • I’ll go with 27, but only if you can guarantee that all the bags are closed and tied–I can always fit in much less JUNK than I assume when I start one of these cleaning projects!

  • WOW… I am new to this blog and a contest to start off with. Count me in with a guess of 7.

  • i will guess nine. i wanted to guess 4, but i changed my mind. because i never get away with less than 5. and im guessing you have a much larger quantity of stuff than i. just dont put one of your children in the bag all accidental like. i think the garbage man may get the wrong idea. 😉
    good luck.

  • I’m going for 9. Single digits is a compliment to you and your housekeeping (not letting the “stuff” accumulate past that point) while still expressing the level of end-of-summer surrounded-by-crap angst evident in your post. Good luck!

  • 18 bags. More than that you’ll have no strength left to knit. Be sure to keep that one bag with”just not sure” items somewhere safe. Once you start hauling bags to the trash you’ll have second thoughts about something….Been there, done that. Best of luck!

  • I would have to say….. 12 .. yes 12 bags-o-stuff!

  • I’ll guess 11. Good Luck!

  • 7 bags!

  • My guess is 17. Always a lucky number and it means you got rid of lots of junk.

  • okay, i’ll say 15 1/2 bags.
    crossing my fingers (although i need a hefty bag full of yarn like i need a hole in my head…)

  • I’m going to guess 13 – which is many less than I would have if I had the inspiration to hefty bag my junk: )

  • 9 bags. That’s my guess (and lucky number). We won’t talk about how many bags I’ve been tossing over the past few years, and none with wonderful travel stuff. I attacked mum’s house recently and opened bags of crap that were MOVED there uhm… 12 years ago. And we won’t start on her cooking magazine collection… Guess I better start cleaning myself if there is any chance of a bag of yarns coming my way. 😉

  • I’d guess about 12. It’s amazing how those things fill up around here when spring and fall cleaning come around:D

  • Mmmm . . . I’m starting to feel a little cranky myself . . . let’s go with 6 bags of actual “good for nothing but the garbage” stuff. Plus another 6 if we include stuff going to Good Will. I think that will be my own personal challenge for this week – get rid of 12 bags of stuff!

  • My husband guesses 21. Got in just under the wire. Keeping fingers crossed!!!!

  • Oh geeze…when we do the hefty bag heave, or as we call it…family fun day. We always have at least 20.

  • Que the music:
    “3 bags full, one for my master one for my dame and one for the little boy who lives down the lane”.
    Personally I love that Jennifer guessed 0, it takes lots of guts to say your full of bluff.
    3 more posts and your comments will be at 400 WOW.

  • I’m guessing 8 bags! You will feel so much better once it’s all gone!

  • I shall guess 7. 7 bags of junk!

  • I just wanted to be #400…I’d say 7.

  • I’m guessing 9. seems like a lot, but if you are serious about the “Without Mercy” part, I’m probably shooting low. And I love that I just accidentally typed “party” the first time I tried to type part up there in the last sentance. Cuz without mercy cleaning is totally a party, at least to me.

  • I’ll guess (9) because it was the month I was born in

  • I’m guessing 8. They always fill up faster than I think they will.
    Good luck! (To you and to me 🙂

  • 12 EST? If time zone doesn’t matter throw me in for 8.

  • I’m going to go for the gusto and say 12 as well. But maybe I’m thinking of all the junk in MY house…

  • I guess 11, and with 400+ comments, I am sure that I am not the only one!

  • I’m guessing…. 7. It’s just me and my husband here, and I can easily throw out three myself. You can guarentee that half of it will be old magazines.

  • I’m going to say 30 bags. It’s a lot, but I know you can do it! I just hope this entry will count as before the deadline. It’s still before noon here on the west coast….

  • If you are anything like me,then you don’t stop until you got it all(even stuff you think you might need in about 5 years) , so I say 11.5 bags.

  • 8 bags FULL!

  • So very not fair. If you could see the photos of my house. Kitchen is down to studs. crap everywhere! and I didn’t get to check your blog until now…sigh.but I’m going to guess anyway……. if you are like me………21 bags 🙂

  • 10 bags. I could fill 10 bags full of junk easily!

  • My bet is 9 1/2 bags. Make sure to drop them off at the ill will store and run like hell so you don’t come home with more than you took out. Always a danger.

  • oh honey…I am guessing 7..lucky number 7 =) have fun

  • Dang I hope I’m not too late for my guess! I’m guessing 8 1/2 bags and I’m under the assumption you’re like me and make sure that you like to test their “tough enough to overstuff” advertising!

  • I’m going to guess 7, just because I like that number. Good Luck with the cleaning at your end; so far I’m resisting the urge!

  • From my house right now I could toss another 6 bags but I only did 3 in the last two days so I’ll give you 8 asumeing you’ll do the whole job!

  • heck, is it still noon somewhere?!
    my guess is 27.82 bags
    best of luck!

  • I just finished tidying up my kids two rooms. It was 13 Trader Joe bags. My guess is 12 Hefties. Good luck and remember to sit back and feel righteous when you are done. Andrea

  • sixteen bags. just because that’s how old i am.

  • I’ll guess 7 bags, and I’d love to see the postage and the look on the faces of the people working at the post, if 7 hefty bags of miscellaneous stuff showed up.

  • Hmmm, hefty bags hold alot. Depends on how much of a stuffer you are…I am going to day 6.5 ish. Six full, one not so full. CAn’t wait to see my yarn!

  • I guess 6 bags full!

  • Hmmmm….7? That’s about what I could get out of my house!

  • I’ll guess 5 bags of junk.