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  • Good thing Olive is not in Omaha right now. You would have to have added four legs to the sweater….or is that 2 arms and 2 legs ???

  • I think that John Lennon would be proud to have his song used to talk about dog sweaters that are to small!

  • Olive is such a cutie!
    I love that knitting is (often) so easy to fix.

  • Any dog that gets to wear Noro Silk Garden is lucky whether the sweater is full length or midriff-baring! I love the backdrop of the Imagine mosaic. Even in a humorous post it calls up the better angels of our nature (one hopes). Best to both of you!

  • Necessity is the mother of invention! Great idea!!!

  • Olive looks like she’s growing fast! How big will she end up? Lovely noro sweater, hope she doesn’t outgrow it before the winter’s over…

  • Great fix! I must try this for Jefferies. It’s TOO COLD OUT THERE!!!
    The “Big Lady Who Yells” — how awful an appellation. We must fix this.

  • You are such a good dog owner/mommy to Olive! Such a lucky pup. The sweater looks great, and I love the pictures. Happy new year. Stay warm!

  • That is a cute doggie!

  • Whew. I’m so glad Olive’s sweater story has a happy (and warm) ending.

  • I wasn’t going to say anything, but Dude. You are one of Those People now.
    Although, that doggie is v. cute.

  • I like to think of myself as the alpha dog in our family, but Betty calls me “old yeller.” I’m not knitting her a sweater until I finish Owen’s and start John’s… they being the other two humans in residence.

  • Glad to see that Olive is well covered now! She is still as cute as can be!

  • Very clever addition for the Growing Pup! She is so adorable. . . and, is it possible?, beginning to grow into those ears!

  • Not only is Olive very “stylin'” in her longer sweater, it appears that she has more than one leash to chose from in her wardrobe also!
    Mary G. in Texas

  • That’s definitely a ‘rad’ sweater! Olive is a lucky girlie, but what a doll she is! It would be hard not to knit for her. She wears it well! My Ruby has to make do with a Land’s End jacket. 🙂 Someday I’ll make her a sweater too. The labpugglechi sweater is my fave for low slung dogs who collect snowcicles on their bellies.

  • It’s kind of like a train on her sweater. Appropriate since she probably rules your house.

  • Just remember “Big lady who yells” is also usually “Big lady who feeds” “Big Lady who walks” and “Big lady who buys treats” so I’m sure she loves you tons!!

  • Olive looks like a miniature German Shepherd. And she is becoming quite the fashion model, too!

  • Great solution! Olive is a cutie – is she like a miniature German Shepherd or something?

  • olive is a la mode with eclat

  • MOST clever: post AND sweater adaptation (or have I just “imagined” it?)
    P.S. I Luv, luv, luvdddd the line about “The Big Lady”–that’s how we must look to a little pup…

  • Who’s been slipping Olive the pizza bones?
    That’s the big question.

  • Ooh, the Imagine memorial in Central Park is one of my favorites. And I’m not even a big Beatles/Lennon fan.
    Olive is cute. as. all get out.
    Even with the shortyshort sweater.

  • Olive must be the best dressed doggie in NYC.

  • Thanks for getting a Lennon medley stuck in my head today – makes a very nice change!
    Speaking of which, Olive is changing so fast! Did she look different to you after your holiday? Even a couple of days away makes change/growth suddenly obvious, I think. Anyway, Olive looks great, and the sweater is just the icing in the cake 🙂

  • Thank you both for sharing your selves – dogs – quirky humor- families-ups -downs – and knitting.
    I was pleasantly surprised to see a new entry tonight and found myself smiling once again after reading it.
    Truthfully a picture of Olive alone would probably have brought about the same response.
    Best wishes for the new year.

  • The Big Lady *yells* at that sweet little [extremely well sweatered] innocent doggy????

  • Too funny! Thanks for the laughs on this cold December night. And for the heartwarming vision of Olive on the Imagine mosaic. Sigh!

  • That is a great improvement on that song (one of my most hated of all time), well done! Isn’t Olive lovely? Did she wee with excitement when you collected her from her Christmas holiday? x x x

  • oh .. too cute .. Olive looks toasty in her new jumper…. but did you bother to match the dyelot?

  • You always make me LOL…

  • On behalf of the critters who run my household, we would like to thank the Other Big Lady Who Yells (they have one of their own, thanks) for saving Olive from ridicule at the vet’s office.
    Bad enough having to go to the whitecoats without having them point and giggle…..anyway, that’s what Duncan, Marigold, and Fluffy Sheba concluded after they read your post. Well, I read it to them, they just look at the pictures…and now they’re eyeing my stash in case I fancy knitting a little something for them, too.

  • Oh dear, she’s gone the way of my father who sings to his dog.
    (won’t say I didn’t see it coming…..)

  • “Big Lady Who Yells”… you slay me.
    Olive is quite the model in her Project Runway-ready creation… she’s really making it work!

  • Miss Olive- you are such a trend setter. Even Mr Jeffries is getting in the tunic sweater act. My own Miss Billie turns her muzzle up at sweaters and chews them up so I won’t be knitting one for her (lucky for me as she is a 40+ lb long torsoed lab mix) but I salute your fashion-forward look and tip my hat to your in-house designer.
    xoxo, Tish
    PS Kay- my 9yo Mackenzie has already added the “oh, cool!” stickers from the most excellent travelling movie box (should be in Alabama by now)to her sticker binder. (Yes, she has that many!)

  • What a great fix for a perfect little puppy sweater. Love it. Love your lyrics. 🙂

  • This made my day. And I have to say Ann and Kay that your blog is hands down my favorite…usually funny, always real, never ponderous, and filled with fabulous knitting. Thanks for a year of great reading.

  • Olive is so cute and I’m very jealous of her Noro sweater!

  • Kay, your song parodies rock!

  • “Big Lady Who Yells” is just too funny. I call myself “Food Lady.”