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  • I am a teacher and a mom…..and yes these items are precious..Happy Mother’s Day and anniversary…I celebrate 22 years of marriage next month….
    Love to all!!!!

  • **sniffle**. i hear ya. they completely break my heart. loved my day yesterday, hope all of the mums spent some wonderful time with their families.

  • “Mawage, that bwessed awangment, that dweam wifin a dweam… ” Who knew there would be washcloths, too? Happy anniversary, Ann.

  • Congratulations on your 18 year of marriage & don’t forget to use your new dishcloths!

  • Congratulations on your 18 years of marriage & don’t forget to use your new dishcloths!

  • Those are possibly the most beautiful washcloths I’ve ever seen.

  • So sweet!
    Happy Anniversary!

  • Happy Aniversary! Love the dishcloths
    Hope you have a wonderful day.

  • How sweet! Love those dishcloths. Happy Anniversary, too!

  • Happy Anniversary, Ann.

  • How great that you are blissed out on your 18th anniversary — and that during those years, you’ve become a person who can be wowed by asymmetrically knitted dishcloths. It’s a huge evolution in one’s life, isn’t it?

  • And those warshcloths look even better next to the “I love you” framy popsicle-stick card.
    Aw, ideed.
    Congrats on wedded bliss.

  • Awesome! There’s a wonderful organic quality to that dishcloth….
    I’m the proud momma of a poet who gifted me with couplets for mother’s day. I was thrilled.

  • A decision made a few decades back that led to warshclothes was definitely propitious and prescient!
    Kelly — I always wondered how you would spell that. All I can add is, “Have you the wing?”

  • How sweet! I am a Mom, a teacher, and yesterday was our 17th wedding anniversary!

  • Happy Anniversary!! The Mother’s Day gifts are perfection.

  • awwww! So sweet! Frame that napkin. Freeze him NOW! Teenagers are great but the guys just don’t knit washcloths or anything in that category anymore. (I got a good mix CD tho).
    And happy anniversary to youse, too!

  • Happy Mother’s Day! and Anniversary!
    And what beautiful washcloths…

  • your new dishcloth looks especially scrubby. :o)

  • HOW SWEET!!! :o) I can only hope that when i have kids someday that they will do the same–give me a handknit and a original rap. gotta love them for that!
    hope you guys had a fantabulous mother’s day!
    hugs to you both, elaine.

  • Happy Anniversary! And congratulations on raising a son who can – and will! – knit. What a special Mother’s Day for you! While I am not a mother myself, I can attest to the fact that those handmade-special-somethings never seem to get old. I’m 31 and my mother still graciously accepts the hand-knit-by-me gifts.

  • My youngest gifted me with a baby food jar of grapefruit scented bath salts. I am a bit sad to see the last of the elementary school years. Those gifts are very precious. Almost as precious as the child giving the gift. (Although, the giver mowed Grandma’s lawn, measured in acreage, so the bath salts smelled MUCH better!)

  • I wouldn’t know whether to frame those washcloths or use the heck out of ’em … what perfect gifts!

  • No more hand made gifts for me, but I did receive an email celebrating Mothers Day Monday…a new holiday celebrated every Leap Year, at least according to the 25 yr old son who couldn’t call yesterday from Senegal so sent the aforesaid message today. gotta love the creativity!

  • Martha in Mobile: secret movie-quote weapon:

  • Goodness, small children make me feel like quite an inadequate daughter on Mother’s Day . . . I mean, I made biscuits, and I cleaned my room, which is what she *asked* for . . .

  • Happy anniversary to you and me! Today is our 24th anniversary, and I can hardly believe it’s been that long. But I’m grateful for this good guy and happy to have him around! I vote for another 24. I still have some of those sweet mother’s day gifts and will treasure them always. I know what you’re saying.

  • Yo. I’m down widdat day in pajamas gig. (Is gig the right word?)

  • Absolutely love the washcloths! If you are like me, you will probably keep this forever. Congrats on a fabulous Mother’s Day.

  • Absolutely love the washcloths! If you are like me, you will probably keep this forever. Congrats on a fabulous Mother’s Day.

  • Oh, that is just beautiful. My little 2yo likes to play with yarn and needles (not at the same time), so I have hope for him. I’m glad you had such a nice couple of celebratory days!

  • That… is … AWESOME!!!

  • Awesome, precious gifts to be sure! I’m lov’n the rap!

  • Ann, you’re a lucky girl!
    God bless.

  • BEST present ever!!!!!!

  • You are truly blissed up for sure, as I am. My 16 and 21 year old daughters still hand make my cards that could not be more precious. I felt like the luckiest woman on the planet this weekend and am glad to hear there were so many others to join in the fun.
    Absolutely love the washcloths made with such tender love. I am still using the very first coaster my youngest daughter ever made. Too precious.

  • I declare, does the Shayne family talent know no bounds?
    A very happy anniversary and many more.

  • Ahhh, how sweet…
    As a teacher, I have a request…if you can.. please think about sending a short note (a sticky will do) or even say it in person… if you happen upon your child’s teacher in the next couple of weeks… that you loved the gift that your child made in her class– that you appreciate the time and effort that the teacher put into the gifts for the children.
    *I have always had my students make sweet gifts for Mother’s Day. A real cookbook, a little larger than the size of a sheet of Xerox paper, bound with that ‘loopy binding stuff that is found on smaller purchased cookbooks, family favorite recipes typewritten (with an index and categories of food- I might add) and xeroxed by me, assembled by me, art paper purchased (by me) and laminated, each child’s art work on the front and back of the cookbook, full of family favorite recipes… ‘brought’ to school several weeks earlier… under the pretense that we needed them for the ‘food units’ that we were studying in health…
    All of the specialists that have anything to do with any of my students are also invited to include recipes— which we also illustrate.
    AND.. I include a sweet dedication to the ‘moms’ in the front and include a class-list so that years from now… they can remember their time in 2nd or 3rd grade, and each recipe lovingly illustrated by the child that brought the recipe and then hand colored in class for a couple of weeks ‘prior’ to Mother’s Day when their classwork was finished…
    They are so treasued- that I keep an edition for each year that I have had my class make one (when I’m not an art teacher and a regular classroom teacher instead)… and my own friends ‘demand’ their own copy when they see them.
    How many acknowledgements (OF ANY KIND) have I received in the past 12 years? None
    I don’t do them to be acknowledged- but, dang it- it takes a long time and a lot of effort to make them. I also decided that I had made my last edition last year- we’ll go back to making nice Mother’s Day cards or a refrigerator magnet.
    You are blessed to have such a wonderful child and a thoughtful teacher teaching your child too.
    Thank you for sharing the photos.

  • Forgot to mention…
    I also have the kids fill out a questionaire in the front telling about their favorite foods that their moms make them and they also get to finish this sentence:
    (whatever they call their mom) _____, I love when you make me ________ but, please never cook me ______________ again… because_____________. *Some of their answers were so funny!
    They write all sorts of sweet memories and a message to their moms too.
    A former superintendent also wants his own copy sent to him each year.
    I didn’t mean to sound like I was complaining- I was writing in a hurry and I might not have expressed my thoughts the way that they are in my heart.
    I’m not complaining– but, it is sad to not have any acknowledgement of the cookbooks for 12 years??

  • Happy Anniversary, we’re going to hit 9 years this year and I still am amazed at that. Love the gifts, enjoy them.

  • Ann,
    I don’t comment often, but I have to tell you about my mothers day . . my son is too young to knit – yet. BUT – I spent the day teaching my mom how to knit. And she knit a washcloth with YO edging. AND – it was her 40th wedding anniversary, I hope my dad likes the washcloth. Happy anniversary to you!

  • those are THE most BEAUTIFUL cloths i have EVER seen. how lucky ARE you? wow!