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  • Cool pic!!!

  • Aaah, the lovely, Viking Chess set! My son kept playing with that one (actually a copy, he he) all summer.
    Here for instance: http://heleneh.sprayblogg.no/images/sjakk_1155123467.jpg

  • Ah. I hope there was no barfing involved.

  • Freaky people.

  • Welcome Home!

  • Were you in Belgium on Tuesday? Welcome home.

  • Wow! You only get the “mommommom” thing when you are traveling? I’m impressed! I get it all the time, and I only have one that is of an age where they still think that works!

  • Welcome home! Shortly, you should start hearing, Ann! Ann! Ann!

  • Welcome home! can’t wait to hear about the trip.

  • Welcome home. Did you buy any yarn? 😉

  • Is that the Isle of Lewis chess set? Hubby brought a set home from London last fall. Then we had to invest in the largest chess board known to man, which I somehow got stuck hauling home on the plane. It miraculously survived being checked as luggage (that pesky one carryon rule from leaving the UK).

  • Welcome home! I just moved out to Nashville and I love it!

  • I just love those horrified faces! That king and queen look so upset with whomever just moved them.

  • world traveler….welcome home!

  • Ahhhh London. I SO want to go back. Just think of all the famous minds that read under that dome (now included in the found objects). My reader’s ticket, unfortunately and fortunately, was for the new location.

  • Ah, that’s what I miss about London – museums that let you take pictures! Well, and a lot of other things.

  • This chess set almost beats one I bought in Cuzco, Peru. It is the Incas vs the Conquistadors. I kid you not. Someone has a sense of humor!

  • Those are chess pieces?! They’re a hoot – they look like harried parents everywhere (“AGAIN with the shrieking! Did I give birth to howler monkeys?!” “If it gets really bad, honey, remember: we’re both armed and we’re bigger than they are …”).

  • My first thought was that they are parents seeing what their teenager is trying to wear to school that day…

  • Ah, when I got tired of hearing Mom and MomMomMom, I told my brood I was changing my name to Fred (and moving to deepest, darkest Manitoba.)

  • I have that shocked king and queen, but mine are bookends. There’s just the two of them, no knights, no rooks, no pawns, no bishops.

  • The Chess men from Lewis !
    I love them! i visited Lewis (Scotland) last year, and saw the location of their “rediscovery”.
    I later saw some of the chess pieces at the Museum in Edinburgh. They are all so beautiful and detailed. I am so happy that you got to see them as well.

  • Great sie