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  • Ann, This is Summer Knitting. You’re entitled to shut off your brain and just sail away on an ocean of Koigu. Keava will be there when you get back, standing on the shore waving a hanky, looking ever so complex and interesting.
    In the name of Kaffe, Brandon and Kim, I release you from all calculation and difficulty.
    xox Kay who is just finishing up her 32nd Psychedelic Square for the [Expletive Deleted] Psychedelic Squares Afghan That Will Turn A Mild-Mannered Woman Homicidal. Only 88 more to go!!!!!!!!

  • Ann, shawls always feel like they never end. The results are so stunning though that you forget all about the toil involved. And believe it is toil! Thomas (who will have to knit 115 lace points at 10 rows each around a shetland tea shawl soon.)

  • It’s too hot to stress about the exciting knits in the neglected pile by the sofa [that’s where mine live !].Just go with the flow.Knit a bit of Koigu.Sit a bit and admire the garden.Have a nice cold drink.Stagger about in the heat if absolutely necessary,but collapse and knit when essential chores are done.
    Knitting zen.Or something !

  • Oh Ann —
    I’m coming out of lurker land to ask if you really want to be pushed to complete some UFOs — or if you just want to wallow in a Koigu haze.
    I have a huge shawl in KPPPM that I’ve just started — 551 cast on stitches — and I have a mistake in row 2 — ARRGGHH — nothing like that to make me decide that maybe finishing up some of my UFOs is a little more to my liking.
    Whatever you decide — just enjoy it!

  • Heehee. What is it about those tiny needles and skinny yarn? They boss us around like nobody’s business.
    Do you realize that I am actually trying to engineer a deal to close in Nashville? (Well, close by, anyway.) Don’t feel pressured, it’s not just to visit the shawl. (You would have to help me justify a Nashville detour by assisting in landing a local hockey team pennant for my son — what are they, the Raptors? Predators? something like that, I could ask him but he’s asleep.) If it weren’t happily more convenient for the client, I’m sure that would be considered unethical behavior, but I’ll let you know if I succeed!

  • Ann
    at least you’re able to make progress on something! I have about 12 rows left to finish the back of Shaded Diamonds – what I would once have thought of as a pleasant hour’s knitting. Not now the Boobie Monster has arrived.
    I now manage a row or two a day – maybe – and that’s by ignoring the dust & other housework that ought to be done.
    Kai is one very cute little fella though (naturally every Mum thinks her baby is adorable), so his near constant rooting & feeding can be forgiven – I’ve just got to figure out a way of knitting intarsia whilst breastfeeding.
    I have figured out how to eat dinner while feeding Kai, so that’s a start, but knitting’s not so easy, let alone intarsia.
    Any advice gratefully received!

  • Thomas–You and your lace! Puts me to shame every time. Can’t wait to see what you’re up to, all 115 lace points and all.
    Thanks, Emma. Pass the cucumber sandwiches, please.
    And Laura, of course you have hit on the existential question that dogs me: what is my purpose in life? Was I put here to wallow in a haze of Koigu and garter stitch? Um, probly.
    Evelyn–You. Mean. YoumightbeinNashville? Rilly? I might actually get a visit from somebody here in the provinces? That’ll show Kay–she’s got a regular tour business going up there. Down here, we’ll have four yarn stores before long, not to mention a pile of Gee’s Bend quilts to examine at a local gallery. I mean, we have stuff to do. Let me know.
    And finally (enough with me), Jo! The mistress of the Boobie Monster! So glad you surfaced! My recollection of nursing and knitting is . . . oh wait . . . I don’t remember any of it except rocking in a chair, staring blankly into the middle distance . . . kind of like I’m doing right now . . . If you’re getting a row of knitting done a day, count that as a miracle. I would put some fabulous favorite thing you’ve knitted in a place where you can gaze upon it as you stare blankly into the middle distance. Glad to hear that Kai is thriving!

  • Tee hee. I now have an image in my head of you dragging around your shawl like Linus. It’s making me giggle at work!
    I say, revel in the Koigu!