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  • Ooooh, Ooooh, the Jack White sweater should include little buttons on the cuffs, cuz those are always ‘the hardest button to button’! I know, big groan, but I couldn’t resist.

  • Dude. Did you know that Dewey Decimal was a lothario that seduced librarians across the country so they would institute his cataloging system. God I loved library school. 😉
    Missed you. Loved you. Long Island’s not the same without you. (But shhhhh. Don’t tell my Ann.)

  • A Johnny Depp sweater sounds every bit as stupendous as a Jack White sweater. Very worthy projects!
    And I am fascinating on the card! Now how did you make a jpeg out of that? It’s making .pngs for me, and I can’t open them. I can think of many, many uses for such a slick little tool. Like, redoing it for my final project this semester 🙂
    If you love card catalogs, you might love books and collections, and if so, I recommend to you one of my recent delights: Penguin by Design, a wonderful history of Penguin covers since 1935. It’s a little portable collection. So satisfying!

  • I did indeed love the card catalog system, Lothario origins or not. Now when I go to the local university library, I look up the info online of course, and there are old card catalog cards that I can use to note down my information. It is like a tarot drawing in a way, seeing what will pop up when I draw a card, but also sad – once I use it, I’ll throw it away, and that will really be the end of the old system.

  • I was momentarily confused there…

  • Stripey White Baby duds might just be in order:

  • Kay, those orange biographies?? They’re back! But now they’re red, white, and blue and paperback. Weren’t they great? I must have read all of them.

  • I always see those awesome all wood card catalog chest of drawers at antique shows and shops and I love them, but can never think of anything I would store in them. At $75 a single drawer, you better make yourself useful round my house.

  • I would love to see a Johnny Depp sweater!
    Your card catalog illustration is too funny! I am definitely going to have to figure a way to use it.

  • I’ll have to try that card generator thing myself…thanks for the tip.

  • OMG! My hubby and I have begun (and will soon restart) our online catalog (using Koha, if anyone cares). And we want to — well, I want to — print cards to file in our 80+ drawer card catalog! We are a couple of geeky librarians, I know. But my current favorite Dewey area is the 746s — the knitting books!

  • Hello knitting experts-
    Quick question for you. I have scored some sweet fuzzy angora yarn. I made a cute keyhole scarf out of it. I wonder though, do you have to do anything special when blocking angora? Its fuzzy, does water hurt fuzzy?
    Its stockinette so its curling and i want to fix it.
    Thanks a million (as always!)
    And hey – when’s the new book coming out? Huh, huh, huh?

  • Go with the alternate version!! Johnny Depp anything sounds good to me!!

  • Ahh..the joys of the Dewey Decimal system..I’ve never actually used a card catalog, but I’m sure I would have liked it..I do, however, volunteer at a primary school library, so I’m getting to know ole dewey decimal..

  • Ahhh card indexes…… I catalogued all my books as a child and still get a little flutter when I open a book and see the little number in the corner (not Dewey sadly, I was only 10 at the time!)
    I’d go for the Johnny Depp version 🙂

  • I LOVE the card catalog but have you seen Miss Dewey-http://www.missdewey.com/ ? She’s a hoot!

  • I miss the card catalogue also. What joy to run your fingers along the tops of the cards, and to see what was before and after your chosen book It smelled nice, too. Such a loss.

  • can get pretty worked up about classification systems up here. i embraced the LC subject headings when i had a teaching/editing/testing gig with a library software company and was probably the only one in my intro. to Library Science class at Loyola who gave a hoot. big supporter of getting to know the places you go to get information, and how to ask for help. Libraries have a lot of power for me. I get shivers in reading rooms. I sometimes really, really miss university.

  • Hmmmm. Not only missing those cards, but the wooden card cabinets as well. And the old libraries with stone floors that were cool in the summer without air conditioning! Man, I’m feeling old.

  • I LOVE the orange biographies!!

  • 746 section, all the way, baby (I have a soft spot for the 811 area too). Flashing my librarian creds right here. Gotta get cred somewhere, if not on the street.

  • I want a card catalog and I want it now (channeling Veruka Salt.) Think of all the trinkets you could store, spices obviously, but found objects like seashells, and shiny rocks, and unmatched balls of yarn and roving. You could even play a game of concentration with the drawers, put a variety of matched yarn balls in different drawers, open them to let the player see, and then see how well they remember where the matched balls were.
    Oh, and I vote for Johnny Depp; he makes my nether regions go all in-a-good-way weird.

  • Jenny –
    Think of all the yarn you could store in the drawers! And the needles. You could roll up the balls and put them in the drawers. Or you could store socks in them. Or various swatches of knitting. Think how much neater that would make everything!

  • The orange biographies. I can still recall that scent. I loved those books so much, and I really did want to be Babe Didrickson after reading that book.

  • The very small K-8 school where I am the volunteer librarian still has a functioning card catalog. The kids love it–I can’t imagine them having the same fascination with computerized catalogs. Our oldest cards look very much like the one you’re showing.
    I have always loved card catalogs, but years ago my affection flagged for a moment when I experienced a very close encounter with the freshly waxed floor of the vast card catalog room in the University of Michigan Graduate Library. The holy hush in the room was so overwhelming that I could only see, not hear, the other grad students trying to suppress their laughter.

  • That Catalog Card Generator is awesome! I’m making an invite out of it, it’s just too cool. Thanks for the link.

  • Ah yes, card catalogs. I loved the smell too. I give a shout out to all you librarians out there. The fine ladies at Fox Chase Cancer Center are helpful, knowledgeable and probably some of the smartest people here, next to the pharmacists and the oncologists of course. I miss the old way but the ability to do an online search of medical literature is pretty neat too.

  • Heads up, NYC-based knitters! Maybe this whole circle already has these details, but on the off chance it hasn’t flitered your way yet: check out YarnHarlot’s daring daylight plan to make obvious to the world just how many seriously, wonderfully committed knitters there ARE out there at http://www.yarnharlot.ca/blog/archives/2007/02/16/represent.html.
    I won’t be able to make it, but some of you must be just around the corner…what fun!! (Somebody better warn the local yarn shops ahead of time…)
    Christine in (seriously frozen) Central Canada

  • I NEEEED a Jack White sweater…. please make a pattern for one.

  • Elizabeth D: Can you give us a link for the new version of the orange biographies? I bet I read every one our elementary school library had, and I would love for my children to read them. Thanks!

  • Oh, I loved those orange biographies, too! As a librarian, I have an affection catalog cards and drawers, but really, truly would never want to go back to all of the manual filing they entailed. Also — people would pull cards out all the time, either to show the librarian or just so they’d remember to get the book, and that really messed things up!

  • My library still uses the Dewey Decimal system. My favourite section is 746.4 — that’s where the knitting books are!

  • 700’s ARTS all the way! or 800’s Lit! (can you tell I was a theatre/english major!). We still yse it at the school I teach at- I love teaching my theatre kids what how to use it!

  • Jack White = YUM YUM
    oh, yeah

  • Ditto on the request for the newly released orange biographies. I thought I was the only one who remembered them; no one of my personal acquaintance knows what I am talking about when I mention them. Clearly I travel in the wrong circles.
    Please give us more info when you get it. I would read all of them all over again…