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  • Oh, a Cake Walk! One simply MUST have a Cake Walk at a sew-up Bee! I’m thinking a Red Velvet Cake would be JUST the ticket!
    Thanks for the link (sniffle).

  • Hi Kay- You never answered but if the Florida sew-up fest is in the South Florida area, could you put me in touch with the *Captain*….yeah baby, Authentic Mojito knitting water!!!

  • Mojitos go with Red Velvet Cake, n’est ce pas? 😛

  • Okay you got me, cake walk ??? What the bloomin’ eck ?? Almost anything involving cake is guaranteed to be of interest to me but combining it with walking ?! Are you sick ? And won’t you get crumbs on the Afghans ?

  • Kay–Those pictures are amazing. I wonder, What are those women thinking?
    The cakewalk at David’s school involves a big circle of numbers on the ground, a numbered wheel of fortune to spin, and a bunch of cakes and kids. Wheel spins, music starts, children march around the circle of numbers. Wheel stops, kid on the matching number gets a cake. Wheeee!

  • The only Scottish cake story I have Kay concerns the first time I was at my in-laws (when they were still outlaws) to celebrate someone’s birthday. At the appointed moment the lights were dimmed, Jane appeared in the doorway with flickering candles atop ….. a cloutie dumpling ?!?
    Apparently it’s a traditional west of Scotland thing (hey, I’m an east coast girl, we had PROPER birthday cakes !)to have dumpling instead of cake. Wouldn’t be so bad but cloutie dumpling, tho’ it tastes good, looks pretty much like, oh say, an elephant t**d …. on a plate.
    It’s very versatile tho’, if you don’t eat it all at the party you can fry it the next morning with your full Scottish breakfast. That’s another west of Scotland tradition – death by fried food.

  • i only recently learned about the cake walk tradition after following the series of “is my blog burning?” cooking and baking developments. ’tis another wonderful thing indeed… almost as wonderful as this blog…
    offer is still open to do an afghan sew-up in Montreal, btw – this month the tricot-the is becoming a craft and kitchen workshop for kids, but the knitting circle will be back!

  • This is not good. We’re driving cross-country in September and going to Italy then, too. One square for every state (and country) crossed. Say it isn’t so… When is the last date before the bees? I need no prizes, only the thrill of knowing that I get to light up the map of charity knitting!

  • just curious: where does this wealth of yarny gifts come from?

  • Julia–Are you driving to Italy? Could you stop by Iceland and Greenland on the way?
    I am just guessing, but based on the efficiency of How Things Tend to Happen, there’s surely going to be need for squares well into September. So have at it–light up the Map of Squares.
    Kelli Ann–The Ford Foundation has underwritten all the yarny gifts. Ah, just jokin’. It’s the Kay Foundation. She’s a woman on a mission to spread love and yarn all across the land.

  • LOL at Kay Foundation; don’t I wish! But let’s not forget Contributions from Viewers Like You, by which I mean, of course, our faithful friend Polly. Polly has heroically shopped and shlepped bargain yarns from the Liberty sales to New York for us. No parcel is so massive that Polly cannot wedge it into her husband’s luggage and make him haul into Manhattan in two shopping bags on the E train. I sometimes wonder what the poor man has had to leave behind, in terms of clothing or personal care items, in order to mule yarn for us. Sorry, I’m getting weepy. She’s just too good, our Polly……

  • Whew! There will be no driving to Iceland, but I think I can manage AZ, UT, CO, KS, IA, and maybe even WV. All are unlit and en route to DC….