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  • Lovin’ the ROAD TRIP! I can here you guys belting out the tunes. Bring me back some Limeade, k? Drive safe!

  • me too , i’m loving it and wished that I was there too. You all look like you’re having so much fun!

  • That is so cool that you were in my hometown Birmingham! I didn’t find out you were here until the Thursday when I went to Knit Nouveau and Mercedes told me that you guys were there the day before. Hate I missed you!

  • Ya’ll are making me homesick. I grew up in north Alabama (Jasper, specifically and I’m confident they don’t have a yarn shop) and my mom lives in Kingston Springs, TN just a smidge outside of Nashville. I hope ya’ll are having the time of your lives!!

  • Although my mother didn’t knit whilst in labour (well, she was only in labour for an hour and a half), the only thing she took to hosiptal with her was some small needles and white cotton yarn. And within an hour of my birth, I had a bonnet (which had not been cast on before my birth), because I was so surprisingly small (4lb 10oz, and not premature) that nothing she had for me fitted yet!

  • Mmmm, limeade!

  • Y’all just gave me a powerful hankerin’ for a big bowl ‘a grits and red-eye gravy. And when y’all come to Denver, if you have time for a side trip to Colorado Springs I’ll take you to the Air Force Academy and you can knit under one of the “airplanes on a stick” (as my kids call them).

  • sounds like great fun was had by all.

  • Woo-Hoo! I’m on a famous blog!
    Seriously, thanks for coming to our neck of the woods. We had a great time, it was a lot of fun.

  • While waiting for your road tour to find its way to California, I had the good surprise of running into the original Nina shawl — and its designer, Phyllis — today in Oakland! I should have known that loitering in the ladies’room of the Convention center during a knitting convention would pay off. So, does that qualify me as a stalker once removed? a long-distance stalker? something?

  • delurking to say:
    Hey! That’s my mom! Hi Mom! (Kathryn who rides the bus with Jane)
    Wish I could have met you in Helena. Looks like the whole trip is a blast, and there’s nothing like good healthy road food.

  • Ah, the Vulcan! Thanks for the memories of my time in Birmingham–those butt cheeks always made me smile!

  • So if y’all can make it to Omaha and KS, could you just slide on down to Tejas? We promise to force you to eat your weight in Mexican food and drink lots of Tequila! Oh, and there’s yarn here too!

  • ok, porkrinds for breakfast, not so much. otherwise, looks like a great time. i’m loving the hand grenade.

  • This looks like one helluva fun road trip 🙂

  • I can’t believe I missed you two in DC!! (I was in Seattle) please come back! Hope to bump into you somwhere soon you your whirlwind tour… Are you headed to TNNA in Indianapolis???

  • Hey y’all – I was given what I thought was a reliable report that you were coming to Atlanta, but I don’t see it on the schedule. What’s the deal?? Hoping the report is really true and your list is in error.

  • Am so embarassed, I didn’t sdee the Colbert Report reference. **Le Sigh** The book came today -I think the postman got sick of being frisked and gave me her copy. Ha! I have it and can start my own mitered madness! Orange square here I come!

  • Ann looks so inspired by Vince Lombardi.
    And hey, I’m sitting here getting my MDK fix and drinking my morning coffee, and I say to my hub, “hey, there’s a Saturn 5 at the side of the road in Alabama!” He immediately says, “oh, yeah, they used to make them there” and checks, and tells me it’s really a Saturn 1. But still, I’m going to have to go there, just to knit standing under a great big rocket! I have to go check out that wall of Koigu, too! Lucky ducks, you two!

  • Ann and Kay,
    It was so great to meet you both in Huntsville the other night! It was also fun to see my mug on your site! Too fun!
    I really enjoyed the other night.. too much fun! My head is spinning with possibilities of things to make out of the book! Gotta love that! I am diligently working on The Socks That Do Not End, so that I can begin a new project!
    You two inspire me!
    Thanks for everything! Oh.. and ROLL TIDE!

  • oh! i thought i had won the longest distance award… from Barcelona to NY, remember?? 😉

  • I am hoping to find a schedule of your road trip. I would love to come and see you! I have your book, but need to find a schedule! Where might I find one.

  • You lovely ladies sure do make me smile!
    Your food choices are cracking me up!
    All good things, wished for you!

  • The South must be full of beutiful flowers this time of year. Knitting under the Saturn rocket could be called Extreme Knitting! You were brave. Be safe, have fun, come on back.

  • Oh, that Koigu coat! It must have been a real labor of love, but it is SOSOSO gorgeous.
    Hope you all are planning a trip to Boston…

  • Great post, its almost like riding along, I can hear the Jackson Browne. My opinion, that TV person in Alabama looked downright frumpy between the Mason Dixon On Wheels Duo. I predict the great mitred afghanning of America this summer.

  • I’ve been considering the baby kimono for a grandniece. The one shown is gorgeous, and just might tip the balance in favor of more yarn and another knitting project.
    And do you folks even expect to cross Mississippi? The Rockies?

  • Ok, I know it’s historical and important and all. But that statue up top there? His butt is really weird.

  • Are ‘porkrinds’ what we Brits call ‘pork scratchings’ or ‘crackling’? (Basically v crispy salted skin off the joint?). If so, OK with a pint or glass of wine in the pub, but breakfast, nooooooooo! (Neil thinks they’re a porky flavoured reconstituted potato / corn snack). And just who is the statue with the weird bum? I need to know. Well I don’t, but I do need to know re: the pig based foodstuff. In the cause of advanced UK / US relations, obviously.

  • Not that I’ve ever considered thinking about trying a pork rind (barbecue, sour cream ‘n onion, or plain), but knowing that they can also be called pork “scratchings” would cure me of the hypothetical inclination if I had it, which I don’t. Thanks, Belinda!

  • Sour cream ‘n onion pork rinds???? They can’t be what I’m thinking of. That would just be wrong, so very wrong. And Cristina, stick to your principles, you have to be quite drunk and even then the remembrance of the bag of scratchings leaves you feeling a little cheapened in the morning!

  • Hi Ann and Kay!
    I thought I should de-lurker myself and send you this cute article:
    (copy and paste, yo)
    Hoping you’ll drive safely and make your way to Utah…

  • i was at yarn expressions inor huntsville i live in fayetteville tn go big orange orange is better than red any day loved your knitting and your seminar saving my pennies for your book i did not know meg could grin that big i was one the first to get to the shop that night yall are really great if you eat porkrinds for breakfast you have to drink jack daniels with them ur toh by the way did you take kay to lynchburg tour the town she can not go back to new york without a good drink

  • Hey – I know y’all are busy busy busy on your tour and such. I just wanted to let you know that I started an off-center log cabin inspired by your book which I received on Friday. If you’d like to check it out, I’ve put a blurb up on my blog http://abiknits.blogspot.com
    Thanks so much for your wonderful book! You’ve inspired me! And I was so tired of not feeling inspired – you have no idea! So thanks!

  • Great entry! Fair and balanced! Pitchers of me! Must be great.
    I’m slightly overwhelmed right now, but hope to blog about it soon. Maybe I’ll have some shots you don’t. Like of moon pies. And Kay and Ann ackshully talking and stuff.

  • I just wanted to let you ladies know that after swearing I’d never make another blanket, you have inspiried me to make a log cabin blanket. And I even started it the day I finished the blanket that made me take the now broken oath.

  • LOVED meeting you Friday night at Threaded Bliss. I’m really enjoying the book.

  • Such fun! It looks like you ladies are having a blast.

  • Message from the UK. Just had to say I received your book this morning – love it!
    Hope the trip continues to go well.

  • I’m worried that with the diet you two are eating you won’t have the strength necessary for this tour and I may never see Chicago added to the tour list and I may not get to enjoy the “Kay and Ann experience”.
    You know…baby carrots and sugar snap peas are car friendly and Onion Rings don’t count as a vegetable 🙂