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  • Gorgeous. Inspirational.

  • Thanks for writing about this. You have inspired me to track him down; I will see him in NH in August.

  • Absolutely beautiful!Thanks for sharing!

  • Incredible!! Wonder if he’ll be coming up to Canada…..

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  • Awesome!! Thanks for sharing.

  • Totally with you in workshop envy. wow.

  • I have incredible workshop envy, too. I just don’t see any time I can do any of these, or even ones closer to me. Maybe next year?

  • He was in the Chicagoland area recently. Wish I had known about it earlier. Anyway, some of the students bought his indigo dye balls to do their own dyeing. I’m sure they bought other stuff too!!

  • I took a class with Gasali last year…he is just the best teacher as well as an amazing artist!