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  • I love the little hand embroidered curly Qs.

  • Karma and cattywompus in the same sentence. Kay, you know from funny.

  • I am very sorry you are not going to win this blanket because I JUST BOUGHT MY TICKETS WHICH WERE SPRINKLED WITH SPARKLY LUCKY DUST.

  • Wholly guacamole, I think that group is about to acquire a boatload of raffle entries!

  • Oh, and Ann? I’ll see your Lucky Dust and raise you 10 Magic Beans 😉

  • Having worked on my share, and then some, of Massachusetts Waldorf raffles (two knitted farmyards, a castle, two handmade quilts, etc) I hope that you advertising this sells a lot of tickets!!!

  • Well, I just bought my tickets…but not to worry…I never win! LOL

  • I don’t want to win this unless it was seamed with cream cheese.

  • I love the photography as much as the blanket! What a fine idea. I always wished I could have sent my girls to a Waldorf School — think of the delicious Waldorf Salad they must serve in the cafeteria…

  • Will winning this constitute an act of blanket hoarding? I want to know before I put in for the raffle!

  • Knitters ROCK at fundraising. Thank you Kay for being a terrific catalyst for causes near and far. Great quilt by Waldorf parents!

  • Clearly it should stay in the Philly area…with me!

  • That’s some fine knittin’ and quiltin’…I wish the best of luck to those who enter and the best of money to the Waldorfians!

  • OMG I WANT IT. I live in FL and can’t even use it. I STILL WANT IT.

  • My hand hurts (real good) from filling out tickets today. Thanks!
    My class serves bagel (Rolings Bakery in Glenside ROCKS) and cream cheese snack on Tuesdays to raise money for our 8th grade trip, so special orders don’t upset us, Jani.

  • Cattywompus is a wonderful word, and that is a fabulous quilt.

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  • Wow. This is beautiful! Which makes me wonder , too, do you have a pattern for the types of squares they did?