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  • Looking Good, Kay, looking good!

  • I am “jonesing” for that wonderful polka dot chair! And if the blanket could be thrown into the deal I would certainly be one happy girl!

  • Is that boy staying up nights reading Henry James under the covers by flashlight? Internal life. Exactly.

  • Wow, the blanket’s looking awesome! And the edging – so neat, so tidy, so making the rest of the blanket internal.

  • Yes, you cannot just listen to talk about the world of Zelda. It is something you must experience for yourself.

  • I’m not sure if I should be happy or disappointed…my knitting has seen more of the world than I – sigh.
    Both blankets are looking beautiful!

  • You all have inspired me to “do” one of these blankets. I’m only up to about 60 squares–I can hardly wait for the seaming and i-cording. But yours looks fab, as does Michaela’s. I was just toying with the idea of triangles for the border–and there they were.

  • Soo..I could stare at that clock all day I think..

  • I swear when I read that post title I thought it said Infernal Blanket…

  • I think a good internal life is probably the key to a happy and long eternal life.
    The blanket is beautiful.

  • Free toy and inspiration with every read! Loving the blanket. In light of today’s post, I believe you’ll give a whole new meaning to internal love.

  • cool clock!
    wish it was bigger…my aging eyes are having more trouble these days with postage-stamp size graphics. Doesn’t keep me from the size 2 needles, though!
    that i-cord? definitely ready for its close-up! Wow!

  • i opened the ny and portland clocks in adjacent winows, to see if the graphics would be in sync and just the hour different. (no, in case anyone else is wondering.) The results remind me of llama llama duck, without the lyrics 🙂

  • mmmm, it’s that chair again! Is Joseph STILL on Zelda? That’s had some quality (internal) life in it, hasn’t it? Love the blanket! x x

  • OMG! I can’t wait to see the result! And I’m so sorry I couldn’t participate in it. I wanted to, but my _internal_ life got in the way. 😀

  • I thought I read Infernal Blanket too!
    Looks like a few of my squares managed to make it across the pond after all! 😀
    Both blankets look great, BTW. 🙂

  • Great blankie. I love i-cord edgings and find that they are at least less monotonous than i-cord itself!
    Still haven’t gotten back to that lace. Total brain freeze.
    BTW, I saw an interview with you two the other day and realized your voice is completely different in real life than it is in my head. It was funny, because I met Ann so long ago that she’s always been as is, and for some reason I assumed you would be too! It was nice to see the interview – your personality was definitely just as imagined – fabulous, darling.
    xox, J

  • Love.The.Chair. (And the i-cord.) But it looks like there’s a new working title for Book 2 on the Amazon pre-order page – no more Julia Child tribute? Can the story be told?

  • lovely blanket
    this machine has been sick
    for the past few days and you
    have really been busy
    i guess book titles and covers can change
    as time goes on or be something else
    in other contries wait and see i guess

  • gee, i thought you were going to say “joseph was talking to me the other day…and he asked for his amazing technicolor dreamcoat back!”

  • she did prairie points on that thing
    I just love when knitting and quilting collide
    Carolyn in NC, USA

  • OOOHHH!!! Its a clock!!! Sorry, took me a while. Oh and the blanket is fab!!!

  • such a sage observation by the most mature joseph!

  • Just lovely :0) Is it very wrong of me to hope I win both yours and Michaela’s blankets ???
    My internal blanket life just got externalised and I can now say I am officially OVER the lure of the mitre. For the moment. Never say never. There’s always tomorrow ……..
    Heather x

  • Can someone tell me how to get that clock?! It’s so much fun! Will it just know where I am?
    Love the blanket… and that chair! Oh my…

  • karen. click on said clock. when the menu arrow appears on the left, click it and then click on blog parts. tell that clock where you are, er…. near.

  • Oh I love Uniqlo. I waited and waited and waited for their store to open last year. How else can a poor teacher entirely robe herself in cashmere for under 100 dollars (sweater, hat, AND scarf–probably sadly knit on machine by 4 year olds in Myanmar)

  • I love the I-cord edge! It *almost* makes me want to knit up a few kazillion squares for a blanket.