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  • Sock yarn garter stitch that covers your butt!? I’ll be 92 by the time I finish that thing! Although it is beautiful, I’d like the same thing on a 6 mm needle, please.

    • because I am lazy.

      • He he he…

      • Love this Clam, but I am right there with you about the endless knitting! I have a short attention span…

    • I was thinking the same thing! It is lovely, though.

  • Thanks for posting the link to Sight Is Life. I rushed right over to get the ebook. That MKAL shawl should be fabulous!

  • What a timely post regarding the Sight Is Life initiative as I just finished reading the the National Geographic article on blindness. I’ve purchased the ebook and am happy to support such a cause. I often think of all my senses sight is the one I’d least like to lose.

  • Would you please blog the link to the charity e-book when it comes out? Thanks!

  • These are all very nice, but…what are you wearing to Rhinebeck?

  • So much good stuff! Love the tunic, Sight is Life, and I look forward to next year’s Shakerag report. Hoping you choose Amy Sanders’ Clay workshop!

    And what are you wearing to Rhineeck?

    • or…to Rhinebeck.

  • It must be karma. I just finished Whippet, a summer weight cardigan pattern knit from top down, by Ankestick . This is the first time I’ve used one of her patterns. I enjoyed knitting it and especially loved not having to join the sleeves and the body. So I’ m very tempted to do Clam.

  • I love the tunic and I’d put money on that being reverse stockinette stripes – which I love – and which makes it even easier to knit, because it’s just stockinette in the round that you turn inside out when you’re done!

  • Oh my word, that tunic stopped me in my tracks. I will be casting on for that IMMEDIATELY. Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention. All other projects will be summarily shoved under the bed and ignored.

  • Here’s a probably dumb question. How do I get rid of the pop-up box inviting me to subscribe to the newsletter? I’ve done it several times but no luck.

  • I can’t really carry off tunics or trench coats for some inexplicable reason, and am forcibly reminded of ET whenever I try on either and glance in a mirror. I’m not vertically challenged, being a hair above average height, so don’t know why it’s a problem for me. It remains an annoying mystery.

    I’ve arrived late to this party, so I’m currently awaiting the arrival of a cache of the Icelandic wool to make last year’s Stopover sweater, which I had recently discovered here. (Thanks!!!) Lovely, light, quick sweater–gotta love that! Can hardly wait to get started on it! I’m deeply envious of all who made it together last year. I suspect it will become a cherished favorite, much like has been the case with Heidi Kirrmaier’s Simple Summer Tweed Top Down V-Neck (Ravelry), which includes a crew neck option, and works up perfectly as a summer or winter sweater, depending on fiber choice. Both necklines work up just perfectly, too, and it’s an easy knit, also.

  • I honestly see no purpose in any top that does NOT cover my butt. And wow, that one is niiiice! I love it as shown but am also imagining a soft grey and slate blue combo…
    Thanks for the heads-up on Sight is Life. Powerful stuff!

  • pssst, it’s not garter stitch it’s stockinette and then turned inside out before adding the pockets…so it’s reverse stockinette…fun and what a great sweater…may have to enlarge it for my big fat larg*esse but oh well, looks great to me….

  • I laughed when I read this post because on Friday I was walking near Audubon Lake on the Parallel Trail on the University of the South domain, and I ran into Clare Reishman. I was on foot, and she was on horseback. She gets around!