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  • Aw man! I miss all the good stuff.

  • Ditto Carol’s comment.

  • Can I just say that I have a visual image:
    Deep booming voice over: “Welcome to Mutual of Omaha’s Log Cabin Eeeeeeven-ing – With Kay Gardiner”, standing next to heavily antlered elk (those things were elks right?)wearing Log Cabin blanket over back.
    These things just pop into my head.

  • I guess it’s too late to start saving money for a trip to Nebraska now. Oh how I would love to come.

  • All this talk of teaching and book touring is just a painful reminder to some of us that you have never made it to the West Coast. What do we have to do out here to lure you Mason-Dixon girls?

  • My first comment to this wonderful blog: Can I just say that I am one of the lucky ones who will be attending this workshop?! And that I informed el hubbo that we HAVE to be back from celebrating Christmas in Minneapolis because I CANNOT miss this class? And that I’m coming from Lincoln ALL THE WAY to Omaha to be a part of this group?

  • Can’t you pleeeeease roam the yarn shops of Berkeley, California? It’s denim-knit weather 11 months of the year here, you know.

  • About this Becky thing – I once mentioned to my Iowa born husband that all of the Becky’s that I knew in NY were from Jewish families but that this didn’t seem to be true in Nebraska. He said – “I don’t think Mark Twain’s Becky was Jewish.” Who knew!
    See you in Omaha – wouldn’t miss it for the world and tell those West Coast people to keep whining it is very hard to get knitting nobility to come to the “fly over” country.

  • thank heavens you are sharing the log cabin LOVE!….why, even half a log cabin is ideal.

  • You will do so great, Kay – shame Nebraska is so far from Scotland or I’d be there in a minute! How many “here’s one I made earlier” are you going to take?

  • Wild Kingdom! Yes! But will Ann be there to do Marlin Perkins’ voice overs? (“While I watch here from the safety of this blind, Jim (Kay)will wrestle the anaconda (yarn) into submission.”) Were you following Stephanie Yarn Harlot’s Saga of the Sock Step Outs? Surely real life will be easier than TV.
    You’ll be great — 100% Midwestern Helpfulness, personified.

  • Please note: There is a Knitting Expo in Santa Clara, CA in February. I thought MAYBE I might see the MD ladies there…..Maybe that’s more of a request than a thought!!!!

  • Kay, I am your Chicagoland counterpart, ‘butting’ in on other’s knit-related conversations like a benevolent-yet-slightly-deranged fiber fairy. But YOU! You ‘butting’ in on conversations is a dream come true. Wish I could be in Omaha. Have fun!

  • Wow, how about one of those in the NY metro area??????

  • Thought you’d like to know – you are not the only expert in cold war international relations out here! What useful information, eh!

  • Never had the slightest desire to see Omaha, Neb. – til now. Huh. Is the Omaha chamber of commerce aware of the power of Mason-Dixon Knitting?

  • Kay, we are soul sisters. I happen to be the woman anywhere at anytime that will give my opinion and “helpful” advice on any number of things. I sometimes amaze myself as to how much I know about things I never realized I knew. What’s even more amazing is that people listen! Who knew? Maybe I should write a book, too… but how would I narrow it down to one topic?
    Wish I lived closer to Omaha… would love to see you again! Have a wonderful holiday break with your family!

  • Oh-Oh-Oh-Omaha… doo doo doo doo doo
    Just singing myself a little ditty that I’m sure will be fleshed out the next time I’m log cabinning. To the tune of “Hooray for Hollywood.” Have fun!

  • I love the Knitting Teacher-At-Large! I suffer the syndrome myself.
    Do you have people look at you in a strange way, too?
    But now you have street cred.

  • I am working on a log cabin made out of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece for a new baby in the family. Is there a special or standard method of picking up on garter stitch? I have the Vogue Knitting 1st edition knitting book, Big Book of Knitting, and the Principles of Knitting Book. None of those books have any specific directions about picking up with garter stitch. Should I pick up on the bump or the space between the bumps?
    Thanks for any help.

  • You’re going to be in OMAHA, a mere 80 miles from my home in SE Nebraska!!!! But, but, I’m going to be in Illinois on the 29th. Big sigh.

  • The workshop is on Thursday, December 28th, and I’ll be there! I just bought your book last night (why, oh why, did I wait so long???) and I’m dying to get into this three-day weekend so I can dig into the projects. Wait, one of those days is Christmas? Well, I think I can still knit under the table during dinner. 🙂