Introducing: Alice CVM Silk!

By Kay Gardiner
January 12, 2018

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  • Dancing! This is GLORIOUS yarn.

  • Beautiful. And great story. Your Carbeth is going to be gorgeous. I’m rooting for someone to make a Big Sister!

  • Well, if it’s Carbeth, it should be finished very soon! That is one quick (and very satisfying) knit.

    • Just started the first sleeve!

      • Madame … c’est le CARBETH en double fil de CVM Silk … alors là … ça sera la crème de la crème de la crème … do I get to see you wearing it on Friday?!!! Hope so!!! Kiss sweet Olive who is now two timing me with Ann … haha!!!

        • Just saw you pulled it off with a single strand on the swatch … fabulosity … you go girl!

      • Are you doubling the yarn, or is the “heavy worsted” heavy enough?

        • A single strand is getting beautiful gauge for Carbeth. It’s a super plump worsted—but not bulky.

  • Someone needs to do something with the gradients! Great story. I’m sure it’s a lovey yarn to knit and wear.

  • As luck would have it my birthday is right around the corner!

  • Of course, I love CVM. I had CVM/romeldales for about 18 years and finally sold them all. I have loads of their fiber still in my garage and studio and have been looking at it wondering what to have it spun into.
    CVMs are a color of romeldale. They have black legs and the creamy colored badger face that was mentioned. There is another color variation of CVM and that is moorit. With the moorit CVMs, the legs are brown and the body is creamy colored, sometimes with moorit spots. I always called these fleeces (when selling them) as vanilla, like when you add vanilla to a cake batter. I think that you can see this in the lighter yarn.
    Finally, when Glen Eidman retired, he had about 80+ of these sheep and sold them at auction to California buyers, ONLY. However, when I acquired my first registered CVM sheep, I had to go to Washington and Oregon for them. They are still mostly in those more northly western states. I am in California where it all started. You can see lots CVMs at the Black Sheep Gathering and Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival. These are both in Oregon. Loved the addition of silk to the fiber. I have usually added some alpaca to mine.
    LOVED those sheep and their new owners in Ferndale, California, love them equally.

    • These sheep are so special. I like the way you put it: CVM are a color of Romeldale.

      • Postscript to this story is that I ‘shared’ this story on Facebook. It was then shared to ”
        The American Romeldale/CVM Association, Inc.”. Is it going viral? 2 people responded by saying that they have mixed it with angora rabbit hair and are selling it that way. Great story.

        • So cool, Marta! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us–I still have much to learn about the sheepy creatures who are so central to the beautiful yarns they give us.

  • Kay, you are writing a LOT of posts these days. And knitting! Do you ever sleep?

    And that Alice O’Reilly… she can WRITE! More from her, please.

    • I’m getting a ton of sleep so this is really working for me. ☃️

  • In all my years of knitting, this is a first: I bought yarn while still in my pajamas.

    • It’s a slippery slope, Barbara. Ask me how I know….

    • I bought yarn from my phone, in the car, on my lunch break. And I haven’t bought yarn since May 2016.

      • Sounds like something I would do! Too funny.

  • OMG. I gasped when I saw this. Unreal seriously.

  • I got to see this (and squeeze) it in real life yesterday. It’s heaven!