Field Guide No. 9: four fresh projects paired with four yarns that are perfect for cables, and for sweater weather.

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  • Love the cabled beret!

  • Please tell me I’m not the only person who starts singing Raspberry Beret whenever I see a beret. Kay, cannot wait to see you model it. I am nervous about wearing a beret but the cables beckon me.

    • Wow, now I have Raspberry Beret in my head!

      • And think of Prince

  • As someone who recently finished knitting Norah Gaughan’s amazing Geiger cardigan, I can only nod my head in agreement at her genius with cables!

    • I feel like you need to add “bow down, bishes, bow down” whenever you mention that you knit Geiger.

  • Just a beautiful beret, love it….need to make it mine. Thank you.PS, I too do not look good in hats, but maybe this one I will

  • I want to be Norah Gaughan when I grow up.

    • I feel you on that. She was my first inspiration in my return foray into knitting years ago.

  • Yep. She’s a genius. P

  • I’m with you on the Calligraphy Cardigan — LOVE it! But hoping to make it with long sleeves, too. I’ll be watching to see how you do it.

  • I don’t knit but want to buy.

  • I knit a cowl from one of the cables in her source book and I love it!

  • I am not a beret person. I also never shop at work. Nevertheless, I somehow just ordered a skein of Windham in Merlot. (I already have the pattern in the Field Guide.) I also somehow ordered one of those adorable tape measures for a friend. And maybe one for me…..Kay, you are yet again an enabler!

    • [cheesy smile emoji] Hope you love your Merlot Beret!

  • A sizeable beret IS flattering on everyone, especially those of us (ahem) who have jawlines that are beginning to soften, or who, like me, never had a very firm jawline to begin with! They bring attention up toward the eyes, where it belongs. Added plus: considerably less hair-squishing, and thus reduced hat head.

    • I always attribute it to my roundish face and roundish glasses. Meanwhile my dad had one of the great hat heads of all times. From flat caps to Stetsons, he always looked amazing in a hat. This little round apple fell very far from the high-cheekboned tree. But I think the altitude of the beret shape is what makes it work better for me.

      • You speak of hat heads; my sister Stacey can wear nearly every hat around. Me, not so much, but berets I can wear. So this beret is definitely on my list to make, along with the Appleseed Mitts.

  • Norah is the undisputed Queen of Cables. I love the Engineering of that hat. So organic is construction

  • Making one for our London trip. Probably make some giftie ones as well. Don’t you know I knit many rows of wrong chart before I realized and had to begin again. But not to worry, I like knitting.