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  • Please pass along my very best wishes to your mother. Doesn’t she get dibs on that gorgeous Argosy Wrap by virtue of having to endure hospital food and procedures?

  • That’s a lot of knitting time!! I think you can do it!!! Good to hear MMM is doing well again.

  • Get-well wishes to MMM. But congrats on so much quality knitting time!

  • Glad to hear it chica – been thinking of you guys. Sorry to bore you today with the Tax Talk (which might just be the Westchester Cousin to Bronx Beat. Think of it that way….)

  • hope mom is ok
    where is there a country station in NYC? I’ve been looking forever

  • Argosy looks great. Glad your mom is recovering well from her difficulties.

  • Glad Mom is ok! The wrap is gorgeous. 🙂

  • I’m right there with your mom and the lipstick thing. I can’t function without it. Hmmm, I wonder what shade is appropriate for a patient. I may need to know this someday.
    Loving your Argosy Wrap! Those curly points WILL block down.

  • The argosy wrap is beautiful. I printed out argosy when it first appeared, but have yet to even decide which yarn to use. You, on the other hand, have taken it and run with it (I hesitate to make an “ends of the earth” joke but the mythology suggests it) in multiple versions. I am in awe. Best wishes to your mother for a quick, moisturized recovery.

  • Glad MMM is doing better. My Mom was doing her makeup in the hospital too! The hospital is a great place for knitting, what with all the sitting around waiting to find out what’s going on. Stress reduction is really needed.
    Are you going to block out the curl?

  • Kay,
    Glad your mom sailed through in true MMM fashion. I live in Morton Meadows (Omaha) so I can see the Heart Center on the hill out my sewing/knitting room window.
    Please let her know I am sending prayers for her speedy recovery as I look out that window right now!
    Consider Yourself Hugged!

  • I hope your mom is feeling better.
    Lovely wrap.
    In December I did hospital knitting and I think the stress made me knit faster. Better than endless pacing.

  • That really is a beautiful color of Noro. I think you should call it “Argo-tis” – the perfect mash-up of Argosy and Clapotis!

  • Germaine Monteil Royal Secret! That was my mother’s favorite as well. I haven’t thought of that in years.

  • Glad to hear your mom is OK, we just went through that with the MIL, no fun til it’s done. The shawl is fabulous! So is that mitered square-wow. Love the bumper sticker to:)

  • You brought back fond memories when you said your mom wears Royal Secret. My mother wore that too. Thanks for triggering a great memory.

  • Glad to hear MMM is doing well, and sending wishes for that to continue.

  • My apartment has that exact same chair. Like, I’m seriously sitting in it right now, same pattern and style and everything. Apparently Universities buy their apartment furniture at the same place.

  • How great you were able to be by her side. Glad to hear mom is doing well.

  • Glad to hear your mother is back to full pucker power with full red enamel. Have a safe trip and knit on!

  • Get well soon, M3! And the more I see that wrap, the more depressing the thought that the colorway is discontinued. It really is lovely.

  • The coffee comment made me laugh out loud…struck a real chord here! The shawl is looking great. Perfect travel project, non? That color’s a winner. (And discontinued?)
    Best wishes to MMM for a speedy recovery. I’m sure your being there made a big difference.

  • I’m glad your mother is recovering well, Kay. And the shawl isn’t doing badly either.

  • Glad to hear that your mother is doing well. I love the scarf, the music, and the tales of Omaha. I am headed there myself soon for a mini-vacation. I’ll have to make sure to listen to the “local music.”

  • I’m sorry you had to listen to Shania even if she sings about cheating most cheerfully. In my book, she ranks right up there with Martha in the “warm and friendly” department. The episode of Martha’s show where Shania was a guest? Possibly the coldest 15 minutes south of the 38th parallel. A bitch-off if I’ve ever seen it.
    I sincerely hope your ma is fixed up right soon, though. She sounds like she’s on the mend, so the universe must be encouraging the finishing of the Argosy giving you this prime knitting opportunity handed to you on a silver platter and all.
    P.S. My ma is going to Omaha for the Warren Buffet thingy this year. We’ll have to swap stories about it. Although I’m not going to inflict her on you. She’s got her own rag tag posse, and we’ll just leave well enough alone.

  • In the words of EZ: “Knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crisis.” Oh, yes. Bedside knitting, done my share. So glad all is on the mend.
    Love the way the stripes run counter to the Argosy squares; SO cool! I think it wouldn’t have been as neat an effect if it were all in pattern or if the stripes ran the same way — the plain & simple center was an inspired choice with that yarn.

  • Glad MM Mom is doing better! It always kills me when you post about Omaha because my husband is from Des Moines and they do the weak coffee thing there as well. I think the motto is make it half strength (looks like tea) but drink three times as much. Last year, I introduced them to half-caf.

  • I am so glad to hear that your Mom is all lipsticked up and on the mend. We will keep both of you in our prayers!
    A cold shutter ran up my spine when I read “I’m getting kind of cocky” in regard to the airplane knitting. Please PLEASE tell me that you are taking along a self-addressed stamped envelope with the correct amount of postage for your needles. I don’t know that I can bear another security-checkpoint-militant-stole-my-needles story.

  • all the best to your mum, kay. and i’m glad you could be there for her!

  • Best to mom. When the PMH was in the hospital for 2 weeks a year or so back, the knitting kept me from thinking of the ugly alternatives. I think the relaxation vibes helped in the recovery.
    Argosy the wrap is awesome, so jealous.

  • Glad your mum is ok, Kay – it’s mother’s day in the uk on sunday so it’s particularly apt she will be well enough to enjoy it … although she probably doesn’t know anything about it.
    Love the Shania thing – to cheerful for words!

  • I’m glad MMM is well – that stuff is scary.
    I think I have to make the Argosy Wrap. I made the stupid clapotis just because. This I would make BECAUSE.

  • Yes for bedside knitting! I got nearly a whole pair of socks done a few weeks ago (Harlot’s Tiptoe socks) while attending to my daughter, who was having surgery. I raided her stash of leftovers and came up with a wild color scheme! (It’s great to have a daughter who knits.)
    Knit on, girl!

  • Kay,
    I’m glad your mom is doing okay and busted the lipstick out–Best wishes, Kay’s Mom, for a speedy recovery!

  • glad to hear your mother is better! enjoy the knitting meanwhile!

  • I hope everything’s fine with MMM. I love that color, it reminds of the countryside out by my place in mid-August. Great work.

  • Germaine Monteil … a blast from the past so to speak. It was my first introduction to non-Woolworth purchased cosmetics. My great-aunt indulged me to my mother’s horror when we went to see her in Canada.
    hope MMM is feeling better and have a nice trip back!

  • Kay- You are to be thanked for the Argosy Wrap which has cut in front of the 8 projects on my needles (and the infinite number of projects waiting in the wings) that I started last night. LOVING IT!!! Happy thoughts to you and your Mom.

  • I’m glad your Mom is back in rhythm. The wrap looks great – you’re inspiring me to knit one myself.
    I have never heard the Shania song.

  • So glad MMM is no longer ailin’. My Mom also wore Royal Secret. When she passed, I found a nearly empty bottle in her bathroom and took it. I know it sounds nuts, but when I need a lift, I sometimes pull out that bottle and take a whiff. They say scents can trigger powerful memories.

  • Your wrap is awesome! And I’m so happy to hear that your mom is doing okay!

  • glad MMM is on the mend, and that your healing presence was there to help her out.
    it turns out that *i’m* the last one in the world to hear that cheatin’ song and to see the video. shania suffers no shortage of self-confidence, does she?

  • So glad mom is doing better. And really glad I am not the only person whose mother/grandmother wears Royal Secret. That totally was a blast from the past. I am going to be making one of those Argosy wraps in some form or other, just wonderful.

  • Best of luck with your Mom, sounds like she is on the mend. I certainly agree with her about the lipstick , and I add mascara too! Argosy wrap looks fabulous, I might have to make one.
    Best wishes,

  • Gotta share. Loved the shots of the Argosy Wrap. It inspired me to do something a little crazy. When I first learned to knit, I knit a basket weave wrap out of Noro Kureon, eight, nine, ten skeins of it. Way, Way more than I should have spent on a wrap when I was a novice. Well, I don’t really love it, especially since I have learned to knit lace, and had started contemplating doing something with it……..so yesterday, I pulled out the whole thing! I have a couple of projects to finish, but that Noro will be recycled into an Argosy Wrap!

  • But the REAL trick, in my Midwest-roots family, is to drink your coffee only a half-cup at a time. “Just half a cup.” “Oh, just a little for me.” “Ooooh, OK, just a warmup.” Meanwhile the half cups have added up to gallons by the end of the meal.
    Blessings to your mama.

  • Glad yer ma is feeling better! You’re both so fortunate that you can zip over to be with her during something so stressful. Lovely work with the wrap. I have had less success with my first Argosy but wanted to thank you for helping me realize it was the perfect pattern for a special skein that had been in my stash a looooooong time.

  • The wrap is beautiful!
    I’m very glad MMM is on the mend and I hope things continue to go well for her.

  • Glad to hear that MMM’s tune-up went well. the wrap is gorgeous. I think I have a few skeins of that color (not enough for a wrap, but perhaps a scarf…). Happy knitting on the trip home.

  • Glad to hear that your Mom is feeling better. When my dad had his heart tuned up it was the recovery that drove all of us nuts … he’d never been seriously ill before, and had completely unrealistic expectations for recovery, and the rest of us were driven to distraction trying to keep him sitting down enough to rest and recover.
    Shania Twain must have the Biggest Hair in the World (Dolly Parton doesn’t count, because, well … it’s not her real hair).

  • “Whose Bed” is one awesome song! My Shania fandom has waned since her first CD, which contained that song, but you’re right, that one rocks.
    Depending on your age, you might recall “Morning, Girl,” a gorgeous song from, yes, 1969, whose creator, Tupper Saussy, died yesterday. Read more about him at nfocusmagazine.com/blog/ntheknow

  • That’s really beautiful, I love the look of the stockinette center with the Argosy border. Wow, wow, wow.