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  • My girl goes by Miss Sparkles. She has no pets, but wishes she had cats.

  • Chelsea, age 5 1/2 – sadly has no pets.

  • Hi- so I would love to make this for my wee niece Margaret Ann- she is too little to have live pets of her own but she lives in a cat-centric household. Would an Ugli doll named Chuck count as a pet for a small girl? Her paents would love this dress- except the pink/pink combo. Love the blog and the books.

  • Julia hopes Santa will be bringing a cat, to be named PomPon.

  • My beautiful, intelligent, crime-fighting (ok, she doesn’t fight crime, but she doesn’t take crap from ANYONE) niece is Tori. She has a fish and a hermit crab and two little brothers, Owen and Brody. Her mom hates pets so her nice Aunty Meg has her over to play with the kitties, Peach and Fuzz.

  • My niece is named Emma (just like the pattern) and she used to have a pet named Jordan but he got sick and went to heaven.

  • Just last night I was looking at your book over dinner thinking, hmm, I should make that dress for my daughter Katrina. She has an elderly blind pet pug who is named Onyx (she’s a black pug).

  • My grand-daughter is Roxy Jezebel (don’t ask) a very sturdy nearly four-year old. No pets – her aim in life at the moment seems to be to irritate her older brother (6 yr. old Rudi)by messing up his Lego spaceship….her favourite outfit right now is a Luke Skywalker outfit from Star Wars, discarded by Rudi who has Moved On to other Bigger abd Better Things, like Spiderman.

  • I would make it for Olivia (age 18 months… probably 3 when it’s done!) who has a dog named Soup and a Cat named Noodle. Her first phrase? Noodle Soup! When did she say it? a few months back ,the day they adopted the cat and dog (who needed to be adopted together).

  • My niece’s name is Olivia and she is 5. She will be having her first day of school NEXT fall.
    She had a kitty named Moe, but Moe just had to be put to sleep because he was very, very old and very, very sick.
    All that being said, she would absolutely ROCK an Emma Peel dress!

  • My lovely niece lives in Austria and is coming to visit me this Christmas – woo hoo! Her name is Pia. She has no pets but she does have a lovely mother and my most special and witty brother is her dad.

  • Katherine has a yellow lab named Charlie.

  • I would make it for my grandaughter, age 5. She has a kitty named Sparkily Princess. That might give you some idea of just how girly girly this child is.

  • I would make the dress for my niece Ana, age 3, who shares her home with Molly, a labrador retriever.

  • I’d make it for my honourary neice Caileigh – who has an excellent mid-sized dog called Ensign, I’m trying to convince her parents that they want me to give her a Chinchilla named Torquil for Christmas, but thus far with little success.
    cheers πŸ™‚

  • My daughter Kathleen would LOVE this dress. Her pets are the aforementioned smart cats who bought me your book for Christmas — “Cam”(short for Cameahwait, a bulimic Siamese so named because we had a chocolate lab named Sacajawea when we got him) and a long haired tabby named “Boy Kitty”. Sadly his twin sister “Girl Kitty” died from a massive infection in May.
    Will try very hard to only post this once. Sorry about the multiple postings last week in reference to “found time” for knitting.

  • My daughter Elizabeth has two pets–A cat named Bermuda, and a dog named Arwen (yes, after the Queen of the Elves). She would love to put together an outfit a la Rosy.
    Thanks, I get a lot of laughs out of your blog!

  • her name is abra, and she has a snake named curly, and a cat named snorkle

  • One kit might have enought to make a dress for my daughters Amelia (age almost 6) and Eleanor (age almost 1)?
    They have a big dog named Tiger. He’s probably a boxer-pit mix, but the lady from the rescue agency optimistically labeled him only a “boxer mix” but the vet and anyone else who is familiair with pits sees a lot of resemblance.

  • My girl is Maggie and her pet is Cat Minnie.

  • I would love to make one for my dear little friend Sierra. She has a kitty-boy named Teej (TJ) and her dear kitty-girl, Powder just passed on. She is a wee thing even at age 3 1/2, definitely size 2. I’d only need a bit of the yarn! πŸ™‚ Thank you for having contests and recipes and wonderful books! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Ladybug would love a new dress! She has 3 felinious domesticusii, named Callie, Wimpy, and Annie.
    Bonus: When Ladybug outgrows it, her little sister Pigeon would get it as a hand me down!

  • My girly-girl great-niece, Katelyn, whose parents up and moved her and her brother to another state far, far away from me. πŸ™ They had a Maltese named Gussie, but he stayed behind with Aunt Lisa.

  • My little BB can really work a knitted dress. She has a two pet cows, still calves really, named Pixie and Oliver.

  • I would love to make this for almost-2-year-old Ava, daughter of good friends and all-around knitting muse. (who is pet-less.)

  • Miranda. (My Niece) Just triplet little brothers. (they count right?) Imaginary pets only, for moms sanity.

  • My niece, Logan, would totally rock! this dress. She has a dacshund named “Purple Like Barney” who is actually not purple.
    Thanks for the fun contest!

  • Natalie is my 14 month old daughter. We will be adopting a new puppy tentatively named Lily this coming friday. Can’t wait.

  • my niece miranda has no pets, but she has a little brother…does that count?

  • I would love to make this dress for Ava Barbara Jane who is 7 and loves her little turtle, Chomper.

  • Genesis Elizabeth Mary (known by GEM). Her parents are missionaries in Zambia, taking in street kids (they care for 70 boys, currently). She has two German Shepherd puppies named Buster and Brown, respectively. She loves all things girlie, and would love a very girlie dress.

  • my youngest cousin: Samantha. Age 7. Lots and lots of pets (dog, turtles, fish, rabbits, 4 brothers and sisters)

  • I would love to knit an Emma Peel dress for my friends daughter Emma! She is a real sweetie pie. She used to have a dog but he passed on recently at the age of 14.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • I would love to make this for Amelia aka Babycakes. By the time I finish it, she would be the right size to wear it. Her cats are Kizzie and Perrin.
    Wow, I rarely comment on blogs and I’ve hit yours twice in one week.

  • I would love to make the dress for my neice Annabelle. She is almost 4 and has a cat named Persephone (Percy) and a new baby sister Claire.

  • My friend’s daughter Naomi doesn’t have a pet, unless you count her younger brother. Younger brothers are pets, right?

  • Xitlali has a beta fish named Blueberry, what she really wants is a dog, but first we have to get in the habit of remembering to feed the fish!!

  • I would love to make it for my niece Marcy, 6. She has a yellow lab named Snuggles.

  • Justice(the little girl)would look so lovely in this dress (very especially in the pink and green combo)with Rosie (the little pug) at her side.

  • I know endless numbers of little girls for whom I would love to make the Emma Peel dress–my soon-to-be two-years-old twin stepnieces (yes, I would have to make two dresses but I’d be willing to buy enough yarn to make a second in complementary colors)Piper and Romy (dog: Bosco) and my insanely adorable three-year-old next-door-neighbor Madeleine, whose mother is a very enthusiastic recipient of my handknit gifts (no dog but a new baby brother whom she surely wishes were a dog). I myself have a dog named Emma but she’s not big on dresses.

  • For the granddaughter I’ve never met, Ruby Skye. DEon’t know if she has any pets……sigh.

  • Ella has two sheepdogs, one a 4 mth old puppy.

  • For the granddaughter I’ve never met, Ruby Skye. Don’t know if she has any pets……sigh.

  • My daughter Eliza has already chosen this as a dress for me to make for her. Her pets (well, they let us live with them) are two cats – calvin & hobbes and a dog – Libby.

  • Greta – 3 years old – used to be co-owner of a guinea pig named Oreo, who sadly recently passed in the hereafter after an unfortunate incident involving “fresh air”

  • My niece’s name is Claudia. She has a dog named Basil. Claudia knitted a toy for Basil. She is awesome.

  • Her name is Maya, and she has a brand new baby brother (Owen) which is even better than a pet!

  • For my darling friend Robin’s darling daughter Mackenzie!! They are country girls, and country people don’t think of animals as pets, so … no to the pet thing.

  • I want to knit this for my four year old niece, who is very appropriately named Emma. I love knitting for my nieces, as my two boys don’t appreciate the girly stuff. πŸ˜‰ and Emma is a girl’s girl, in an action oriented, “I am the boss” Emma Peel sort of way…
    My Emma has a fluffy grey cat named Friskel.

  • Anne Marie and her pets are 3 dogs and 1 cat.
    Shadow- mix malamute
    Cole- Black lab
    Bruzer- little doggy
    Princess- long haired mix

  • Two-and-a-half-year-old Maci Jean would look adorable in the Emma Peel dress. Her basset hound, Clyde, would probably approve.

  • My daughter’s name is Chloe and I would love to make her one of these πŸ™‚ No pets for her yet, but her Dad really wants a dog LOL! I’m holding out for a cat!

  • My goddaughter/cousin Jaime who has been sorely neglected in the knitwear dept. I would make the worst fairy godmother ever.

  • For my daughter Emma who has a dog named Eddie Vedder a cat named Merlin and a revolving door on her heart for the foster kittens.

  • I’d make it for my 3 year old niece, Liana. She has a pet Beta fish named Fancy Tail(there have actually been 3 Fancy Tails so far, but don’t tell her)!

  • My girly girl Marielle has no pets (unless you count an older brother). I can see her in this dress!

  • Grace Marion, who is allergic to pets, but her favorite books are: Clifford the Big Red Dog.

  • My friends’ wee daughter is named Ellen. She has a Cairn terrier mix named Scruffy!

  • Where is ANNE? Your posts are fun, but I’m missing the bouncing back and forth between the two voices.
    I will knit for Hannah, who has 2 dogs, Frida and Mo, and 2 cats, Rosie and ET.

  • My niece Joy would look great. I have 3 kittens and their names are Shawn, Rena and Ollie.

  • my niece, Nola! she has two pets: a huge ~100 pound cane corso mastiff named Scylla and a wee tiny black cat, Electra (though she mostly goes by ‘kitty’). πŸ™‚ I love this pattern!

  • I would make this dress for Alicia, would would fit by the time I was done. She has no pets, but she lives on a farm. Cows are like pets, yes?

  • I’d make this for Vienna, a sweetie with two older siblings and hopefully soon a new adopted baby sister. No pets, but grandparents have a great farm with tons of animals.

  • Hi! I would love to make one for my daughter, Rebecca. She is 8 and has a hamster, her name is Molly!

  • I would knit this for my friend’s darling daughter Annelise, who has a huge “puppy” named Woodward after the place where they found him.

  • I’ll knit that dress for six year old Lou Lou even if I don’t win. She has no pets, but she used to have an imaginary friend who lived under the dining room table called How Ya Doing.

  • My gal is Jessa, age 3 and a half who has a dog named Jay and two turtles named Jaque and Joe. (her pet parents are Jeanne and Jeff!)

  • Oops, make that ANN w/o the “E”. Where is she? What kind of crazed over-the-top knitting is she doing? Is she researching book #3 already?

  • Samantha has 3 cats named Chloe, Lyla and Lola and a dog named Jack. She would totally rock this dress, probably with her pink cowgirl boots.

  • Sweet girl – Grace, 7 yrs – just learned to knit this week! No pets, but 3 little brothers might count!

  • My daughters name is Lily. She has no pets but longs for a puppy!

  • i might have to make two-one for a 7 y/o named rory and one for a 4 y/o named alix. they are both mine, so it wouldn’t be fair to make just one…
    with what little knitting time i get these days, i could start out making one for rory and probably nave it done in enough time to fit alix!

  • I would make this for Georgia, age 4, who helps take care of the family dog Charlie, the family cat, Fenway, and the family redfoot tortoise, Speedo.

  • Kaitlyn has many dogs, and alas I haven’t seen her in about a year, so I don’t know all the dogs’ names…but they’re shih tzu’s, I can tell you that much!
    She’s my cousin’s daughter, and cute as a button πŸ™‚

  • My niece Jordyn is 6. She has a cat named Fred and a hamster named Daisy.

  • My four year old, Abby, is getting a fish for Christmas. She’s a real animal lover and would adore a house full of pets. We’re starting small.

  • oops! rory and alix’s pet is a border collie mix named pearl…found on my honeymoon in hawaii as a wee puppy.

  • My niece’s name is Kansas, she’s 4 and sassy! She lives in Florida so this would be a good outfit for her. Her parents used to have a cat named Shadrack (probably spelled wrong-it’s a biblical name) but I think he ran away about a year ago.

  • Oh, this is on my to-do list already!
    I want to make it for my daughter Kathryn. She (we) have a Siberian Husky puppy (she’s 4mths old). Our Huskies name is Gypsy Rose.

  • I would knit one for Alivia. She has no pets, but she’s loves my rabbit named Shoyu.

  • I would like to knit the dress for my niece Kenya – almost 2. Kenya doesn’t have any pets (yet), but I have a wonderful Australian Shepherd named Murphy.

  • I would love to make this for Eve, who is 5 and starting school next year – and Eve could, somewhat reluctantly I’m sure, hand it down to her little sister Ruby. Eve and Ruby have a cat, Toby Ali Jinx.

  • I have two darling girls, a strawberry blonde 2 year-old who would squeeze any living pet, if she had one; the other is a dark-haired 4 year-old who is allergic to pets (alas!). Both would look darling in Emma Peel.

  • I’d be knitting the dress for another Rosie! She’s approaching 3, and an Emma Peel would be a fun birthday present. No pets for Rosie, though.

  • Alex needs this dress! Her long-suffering pet is Mr. Kitty, and he is much older than she is.

  • I’d make a dress for Ella. She has no pets, but has 2 younger brothers.

  • I’d make this hot little number for my soon to be (Feb 19-ish) great niece,Emily, because as the second girl in the family, will always get left-overs, and if I started soon, it would be done by the time she wears a size 2, and then she could have the shrug, too! Love the way you girls think!

  • I would make it for my neighbor Fiona, who is 5 and hysterical and demanding I make her this dress.
    She has me as a pet, and that’s pretty much it. She wants a tarantula. Her mom is not so keen on that idea. πŸ™‚

  • Kayleigh, and she has no pets, but hopes for a dog after the new baby is born. (she’s 5)

  • I know the perfect girl. Her name is Emily and she has a pet mealworm and its name is Jessica. Now, as I you may or may not know mealworms have a very short lifespan. So when Jessica must leave us, Emily will need a beautiful handknit dress to get her through.

  • I would make this dress for my Emily – she has 2 cats, Kindred and Porkrind.

  • My niece is named Raquel and she has a little dog named Phoenix.

  • Haley is 1 1/2 and she has a dog named Amber.

  • I have a Rosie as well, so it must be fate! She’s 3 and would love a more interesting pet, but right now only has fish, a beta fish named Shiny and assorted guppies and goldfish without names.

  • Megan (7) has a 13-year old black lab named Dakota (Koty for short).

  • I have a six year old daughter, Catherine, who has already spied this dress in your book and keeps asking when I’m going to start it for her. Sadly, she has no pets. That’s because she has three sisters. There’s only so much poop a person can take.

  • I know two little ladies who’d look excellent in an Emma Peel dress: Lia and Shanti. And since they’re both wee, I might manage a dress for each. Neither has a pet, though one will acquire a younger sibling soon. They’re kind of like pets. πŸ™‚

  • For my Step-Granddaughter Ruby (she already has two grandmas, so she calls me GrandMary), age 5. There’s a cat whose name escapes me (we live on opposite ends of the east coast) & too many beanie babies to name.

  • Megan (5.5) has a fish and a little brother. (Yes, the little brother, at 8 months old, is considered a pet!)

  • Her name is Wendy. She has a cat named Cypress (named by her parents) and a snail named “Marble-land” (named by herself)

  • Maya – cat – Spike
    But she’d really like a fish as well. And probably a puppy.

  • Ashlynn, age 3, has 1 dog, Jack. The neighbor’s dog also thinks he lives at her house but I don’t know what his name is.

  • I would love to make this dress for my daughter Carina. We share our home with two cats, Nicholas and Gracie.

  • Aisling, who doesn’t have any pets.

  • Meg, with a cute kitten named Sunshine.

  • Betsy (Elizabeth Jane) is 6, and has no pets because her mother is allergic to them, and therefore must make up for the lack of pets by knitting and sewing cozy and colorful clothing for her and her big sis. Her “favorite slimy animal with no legs” is a worm, but she also loves snails, bunnies, and guinea pigs.

  • Shelby, aged two, has a cat named Harley, a passive Persian with puffy tail.

  • I would make this dress for one of my grandchildren, Holly, who has a large black dog (breed unknown – from the rescue centre) called Archie.

  • Lilly-kins, aka rock star in the making.
    Pet cat – Feisty
    Species unknown
    dream job – to have lots of cats and have a rock band

  • My 6 year old niece Bernadette has two dogs: a golden named Dixie and a poodle named Millie. Though she has none, she is very interested in cats and once very thoughtfully asked my husband about our cat: “Uncle David, what does Marble do when she has fleas?”. This girl looks great in handknits πŸ™‚

  • I’d love to make the Emma Peel dress for my daughter Emma, who is 9 but small for her age. She has joint ownership in 2 cats, Bilbo and Smudge (both male) and an occasional interest in her big brother’s hamster Sirius and her mother’s fish, who all have Shakespearean names like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. She has a six-year-old sister, Chloe, who would be more than happy to wear the dress in her turn, or if her mom messes up and knits it too small for Emma!

  • Her name is Lilah and she is 4, soon to be 5 yo. Her “pet” is her still baking brother Parker Roy.

  • If I made this dress it would go to my youngest niece Lilli (a perfect size 3T.) She has a dog named Sasha and they’re both adorable.

  • Nora is 4, and her cat’s name is Omaha.

  • My lovely daughter Hannah =)
    She has many pets –
    three cats: Princess Oreo, Cosmo and Pyewacket
    one ball python: Osceola
    one fish tank full of unnamed fish

  • I would like to make this dress for my friend’s incredibly cute daughter Laura, who has no pets yet.

  • Julia, my niece. She doesn’t have any pets, but she really, really wishes she does!

  • Twinkle would very much like a dress. She has a pet kitty called Tissue, but she hasn’t been able to pet Tissue yet as Twinkle is still in utero and won’t be with us until 19th April 2009 (no, she’s not mine, she belongs to a friend, who says she’s kicking up a storm in there!) ~x~

  • My niece is named Sarah Elizabeth and will be starting school in September. She has 2 cats she loves but one is a real frady cat and no one who visits has ever seen him!

  • I would love to make this for my darling 3T princess Sophia. She happens to have a cat named Gypsy to pal around with while her siblings are at school.

  • My partner in crime is 4 year old Claudia (who also knits!). Her father doesn’t allow pets, but she’s in love with Mr. Matt’s hamster who goes by Touchdown.

  • Trinity and/or her sister Haley, 5 yrs & 3 yrs.
    They have a pony, Cookie, and a couple of Australian Shepherd dogs one of which is named Chubby.

  • My favorite girl Ediah, and her cat Einstain.

  • My little girl is Brooke Lynn and she has one little fluffy dog named JoLynn!

  • is it horrible to admit that I wouldn’t make it for any girl in particular, but that I’d hope to have a little girl one day who can wear it? I feel like i’d be lying to say I’d make it for my friend’s daughter Nola, because this is a major knit and I’d rather make it for someone I’m closer to. And I have no neices. Am I selfish?

  • Hello, I would love to make this for my daughter Estella. She has 4 cats: Millie, Meowfonse, Milo, and Clyde. Thank you

  • My cousin’s daughter, Emma, would be adorable in an Emma Peel dress. (And wouldn’t it be SO appropriate?!) No pets, but she does have two little brothers whom she fondly refers to as “stupid” and “fathead.”

  • My sweet six-year-old goes by many names. The one on her birth certificate is Isabel Sharlott (ok, that’s two names). She answers to “Booley”, (can’t explain that one), “Monk” (short for Monkey), and “Pooper D.” from back in the diaper days. She’s young enough to still have no problem with that one. She feels responsible for the moral training of our cat, Stanley (aka, Fat Boy Stan), whom she alternately coddles and lectures on proper household behavior. She sure loves herself some hand knit clothes (for herself, for Bear, Kitty, and her doll, Dixon, too).

  • Lauren (or her identical twin Jaclyn). She has a cat named Jewels and a cat named Monty.

  • Her name’s Elaine, and she is pet-free. Do big brothers count?

  • I’d like to make one for my goddaughter, Mikayla. She’s got a neighborhood cat she likes to pal around with named Meeky. And she has a little brother. That’s like a pet, right?

  • Nora is nearly 6 and would rock this dress! She has no pets, but has decided she wants fish. I’m trying to talk her into chickens. I may have sealed the deal with the promise of a silky bantam.

  • For my niece Jenna, who lives with Bleu, a cat.

  • Sophia 1 year or her sister Carly 9 and they have a German Shepard named Faust.

  • My daughter Katrina would be a spectacular crime-fighting spy gal in an Emma Peel dress. She has two real kitties: Braxton the Chubby and Sally the Naked Wonder (a hairless breed) who refuses to wear the sweater I knit for her. Katrina, like every other girl, has about a million stuffed animal pets who are all special in their own way.

  • Ok, so I never enter contests, but I’m *dying* to make this dress for my little girl, only I’m on a yarn diet. So, this is me entering. My daughter Viki has been watching through the 1960s Avengers discs with me and her kitty, Pixie. πŸ™‚

  • Emma, even, who has a bird named Roland.

  • Amelia, a couple of fish, but sadly, her parents are allergic to everything else!

  • I would knit a dress for my great-neice Olivia who has a dog, a labrador named Jenny. Olivia has been in the hospital and I think of her often during her recovery.
    Thanks, I love your books and blog.

  • I’d make it for Zoe, who has two cats (Arlo and Ginseng)

  • My eight-year niece, Mikayla. She’s just added a new yellow lab to her family.

  • I would make it for Scarlett, my friend’s soon-to-be-born daughter.
    When she appears (less than 2 weeks now!) she will have 2 dog brothers, named Frodo and Peanut.

  • Sydney, she is 5 1/2, and she has 3 goldfish – Sarah, Annaliese and Jimmy. πŸ™‚

  • My daughter, Allison, aka Allie, Alsibelle, Als, is five and would love to have me make this dress. She has no pets, unless her older AND younger brother count. She still uses “little guy”, her silk blanket. And her passion for stuffed animals is threatening to overrun our house. Her 2.5 foot long pink unicorn, named, Eunny of course, makes the five your trip to the Adirondacks to see the grandparents. every. single. time.

  • Her name is Ellyson Rose, and her only pet is her twin brother…she has completely convinced him he is a cat.

  • I would make this for my niece Madeleine. She has two cats, Oscar and Felix.

  • One of my best friend’s daughter would look great it this dress. Her name is Logan and she has an elderly black lab mix named Kelty, who is the sweetest dog ever. Great contest. Thanks!

  • Rosie reminds me of my niece Katy (age 7). She has Peanut, a roly poly Corgi, and Homer, who has to be the laziest, most laid back cat I’ve ever come across.

  • Eliza Pearl. Soon to be 7 (OMG nooooo!). No pets at the moment, but she would love another kitty someday.

  • I would love to make one for my Grandaughter Ella Dawn who is 2 years old and loves my pets when she comes to stay. I have 1 dog, 2 rabbits, 4 cats and 7 hens.

  • My niece Hannah (aka Hannah Banana) would LOVE an Emma Peel dress. She has chickens but I’m not sure they’re named. She also has a cat named Tuffy.

  • Allison, age 4. Has no pets (well, at least not that anyone else can see), but I have linked to a picture of her playing superhero for halloween….those are her in the Batgirl outfit at our local Halloween festival.

  • I would make the dress for my niece Rylee, age 6. She has a kitten that she named Midnight Blossom, but her dad and brother call it Dirtball. (The cat really does look more like a Dirtball than a Midnight Blossom, but I wouldn’t tell her that.)

  • My daughters Dakota Jade and Olivia Julian would look MAH VA LUS in this dress!!! They would like me tell you that they will keep their cats Princess Sylvia and Prince Uno off the yarn whilst it be worked.

  • My goddaughter Ainsley would love this (and pass it on to her baby sister Taylor when she was done!), they are 5 1/2 and almost 3 now, and they have a black lab named Shadow!

  • So far, our Olivia Ruth has an Australian Shepard, named Merlin and two fish, one named Autumn and one named Fall. Guess when we got the fish??
    And she does wear the knits as well as the dresses made by her mother.
    Liza the Blogless

  • Adorable! I would make this for my little girl, Phoebe. She has two dogs named Vincent and Molly. She loves her puppies!

  • I’d make it for Sunny Blue and her sister Jetty Gale, who have a cat named Hannah, a dog named Rudy (well, he’s my dog, but I share), and an aquarium containing Jabba (a bass), 1of4, 2of4, 3of4, and 4of4 (the pumpkin-seed sunfish Borg), and a shrimp named Pierre.

  • I would love to make this dress for my sweet 8-year-old daughter Stella. She has no pets, but every year at Christmas she writes “Puppy” right at the top of her list. She tells me that she’ll wait as long as it takes. She absolutely loves animals, and wants either to be a vet or to run a pet daycare when she grows up.

  • I would love to make Emma Peel for my niece Claire who is still a bit young for the first day of school, but I know she will grow into it nicely. She lives with 3 kitty cats.

  • My granddaughter Erin would love this dress and I would love to knit it for her. She has a pet rabbit named Henry!

  • Well, the little girl for whom I would knit this is still in utero, and I’m not allowed to reveal her name (I am allowed, however, to stockpile knits for her!). Her mom has a cat named Bean πŸ˜‰

  • Ooh! Francesca and her two guinea pigs, April and Princess Fluffy, would love this dress!
    I hope I win, I hope I win!

  • Phoebe. She’s currently 4 months old, but wouldn’t she love a fab toddler size 2 dress in a little while. She does not currently have a pet but when we move out of our rental and into a real house, then she will! Certainly a cat (named “Zilia”) and possibly a dog (named “Zozo”) — names generated by Phoebe’s 7 year old brother on the couch here. He’s rooting for cat. πŸ™‚

  • The maybe-lucky little one is named Kennedy (2 yrs old), and her family has the funniest old Bassett hound named Izzy.

  • I’ve been thinking about this dress for my daughter, a.k.a. Kidlet. We have no furry pets, but a baker’s dozen tropical fish. Names are transitory.

  • My little girl Rachel is 4 and could rock that Emma Peel dress. (My almost 7 year old daughter Hannah is more of a Jane Austen dress kind of gal). Our cat is May (short for Mayhem). We also have 15 chickens, which Hannah used to win the most pets contest at school. Don’t ask me all their names, they’re not mine.

  • My cousin’s name is Andrea, she has a Shi Tzu named Louie, and I’d love to knit her one.

  • If I were to make an Emma Peel dress, I’d make one for my daughter, Sarah. She has a hamster named Hera, and two turtles (red-eared sliders, actually!) named, Leafy and Sheanna.

  • My little cousin Ana who has two dogs, Maggie and Astra, and a Guinea Pig named Juice.

  • Maggie (3) loves dresses and has a dog named Miller who weighs 3 times as much a she does.

  • My nearly 4 yo Michaela would love an Emma Peel dress. It would be especially appropriate, as she is one of those children who fixates on things for a while, and for the longest time, every last one of her (imaginary) pets and friends was named Emma! Sadly, her real friends had already acquired names other than Emma due to a sad lack of foresight on the part of their respective parents πŸ™‚

  • I would like to make the dress for my niece Emma. She has no pets, but has a little sister (Nadia) and she likes to pet said sister’s hair…

  • I would love to make this for my daughter Manon. She has a fish named Dharma and whole stable of imaginary horse pets…..her favorites being Lightning Steed and Bonnie. She desperately wants a dog and if we can convince the landlord she plans on naming it “Pickles” or “Banana”. Such a creative girl could really use a snazzy dress for galloping around in.

  • I would make this for my youngest niece, Isabel. She has a dog named Frisbee and several chickens with names like Momma and Pecky. Thanks!

  • My lovely little niece Alex is a stylin’ little girl so I know she would enjoy marching around San Fran in the Emma Peel dress. She lives with two Jack Russels – both rescue boys.
    Thanks for offering the contest!!

  • Rita has Windy (Quarter Horse mare), Sabre (miniature donkey), Ruby (house cat), Scout (Australian Shepherd/Cattle Dog), Willy (barn cat).

  • My wee girl is Avery and we have way too many pets. πŸ™‚

  • I would size that baby up to make a tunic for me to wear over jeans! Is that allowed? I have two cats named Sasha Sue and Kitty Caz…

  • My niece Sara has a twin brother named Lucien. That’s pets enough.

  • My neighbor’s little girl, Laura, tragically has no pets. I have been lobbying for several years — ever since she was adopted at age two — for them to get a pet. No luck yet, but I keep trying πŸ™‚

  • I’m surrounded by girls. They need dresses.

  • I would like to win a Emma Peel set of yarn for my niece Isabella, she is 9 months old.
    Oh, and she has no pets, but her Daddy is wrapped around her finger.
    Thank you,

  • my daughter elise, and her dog, olive! ps- happy thanksgiving!

  • My darling daughter Ruby, who is petless.

  • My neice Lorelei, almost 3, would look smashing in Emma Peel! She and her older sisters – for whom I have already knit, no need to feel sorry for them – have about 5 genuine mutts, the only names of which I can remember are Harpo and Merlin. Thanks, Catharine!

  • Elizabeth, age 3, no pets – but two brothers…

  • Girl: Erin. Pet: Gauss (woof).

  • I would love to make this for a miss lila who is sister to three jack russell terriers. i’m embarrassed to admit I don’t know their names. miss lila? she’s super smart and lovely.

  • Abigail, aged 3, and Penelope, aged 8.5 months.
    They have cats named Tux and Muggins, and Abigail currently would like to have a fish. Or possibly a dinosaur.

  • My girlie is my niece Emma Lynn, she’s 8 and has no pets, but does have 2 (almost three!) little sisters. She’d look absolutely adorable in an Emma dress.

  • I would love to knit one for my niece Kira, who lives in a NYC apartment with, alas, no pets!

  • My grandaughter Aries who has an American Eskimo puppy named Sheba

  • Beth has a basset hound named Lucy and two cats — Abby and Whiskers.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  • My granddaughter Maggie (and cat Aggie) would grow up in this dress, she is only 18 months old but will grow a lot by the time I have it finished!

  • Gracie, my niece’s almost 3 y/o daughter. Her kitty’s name is Katy, just like me.
    Wish my own full grown 13 y/o daughter wasn’t too big for this dress!

  • I would make a dress and shrug for my cousin’s daughter Heather. Heather has a pet tractor. πŸ™‚

  • I’d make a pink one for Olivia. Her only pet now is a my little pony named Sparkle Princess. Well, that’s the current name. ; )

  • My granddaughter Scout…she is 8 and makes me glow with happiness. She has a dog named Mac and a cat named Celli…and she is a darn fine little knitter herself!

  • Girl: Josie, a delightful kiddo! She has a fish and a parakeet. The bird is named Chirp; don’t know the fish’s name! She is one of my students.

  • I would make this for Alexa. She doesn’t have any pets, but she loves everyone else’s pets. Alexa’s three years old and wears all of her clothing with a careless panache that waif Parisian models practice in vain to convey on the runway.

  • My niece, Anna, 3 1/2 and her bulldog Max and her unnamed pet rock.

  • Hali-Kathryn – she’s my great-niece who’s 3 and lives far away. I know she has an outside dog and a goat, but I’m not sure of their names!

  • I’d knit the dress for my niece Anna, 3 1/2. She has a bulldog named Max and an unnamed pet rock.

  • So to be 100% honest she’s just a fingers-crossed-it’s-a-girl dream for the end of 2009… An Ella (we’re in agreement) though I’m sure I’m destined for two boys. It will take me that long to knit though, I’m just sayin’. No pets yet.
    (If our Ella dream doesn’t work out our good friends have sisters Holly & Leah, and I can give it away!)

  • I’d make it for one of my grand-nieces, Amelia, almost 4, or her little sister Vienna, 2. No pets, since they travel with their parents quite a bit.

  • I would make this for Elora. She has a dog named Duchess.

  • Hi, Kay, I’d love to make this dress for my niece Ireland Rock. she’s only a year old so no pets yet. She’s a cutie, though. Mary in Cincinnati

  • My daughter, Mia, is ten, and shares ownership (with her parents) of two aging Cocker Spaniels, Jake and Newton, 14 1/2, and three kitties, Wabi the calico, Ella the tortie and Honey the tiger. She also rides a horse (not ours, fortunately), a white Connemara named Apache.

  • I’d knit this for my girl Avery. She’s my best friend’s daughter and is part fairy. She’s got a cat, Clapton. : )

  • I would love to make this for my daughter Manon. She has a fish named Dharma and a whole stable to imaginary horses, her faves being Lightning Steed and Bonnie. She desperately wants a dog and if we can convince the landlord, she wants to name it either Pickles of Banana. I think she would look gorgeous galloping around in this dress!

  • Amanda. She “borrows” my pets — Atticus and Olive.

  • I would love to knit this for a daughter of my own someday, but in the meantime I would plan to make it for my niece’s daughter, Olivia who has no pets at this point.

  • My 3 1/2 year old daughter…Rachel.
    Her pets are a leopard gecko…Beckie and a Abyssinian…Rex. He’s 10 years old, but we just rescued him a few weeks back. And he’s so gentle when she isn’t. She LOVES to carry him around. And…she thinks the worms in the backyard are pets too. =0)

  • I’d knit this for my best girl, Rylie. She’s got 9 chickens… one of which is a rooster named Amy. She’s got 4 longhorn cattle… Jill and Ellie and their two calves. And she’s got a dog named Abe.
    She needs a dress to remind her that it’s fun to be a girl… when she’s not a farmhand. πŸ™‚

  • Hi, Kay, I’d like to knit this dress for my niece, Ireland Rock. Isn’t that a great name? Sh’e a cutie but too young to have pets. Mary in Cincinnati

  • My cousin, affectionately known as busy Izzy (Isabella) who has no pets, but she does have an older sister.

  • I’d knit this for my best girl, Rylie. She’s got 9 chickens… one of which is a rooster named Amy. She’s got 4 longhorn cattle… Jill and Ellie and their two calves. And she’s got a dog named Abe.
    She needs a dress to remind her that it’s fun to be a girl… when she’s not a farmhand. πŸ™‚

  • I would make the Emma Peel dress for my daughter Maya, because that dress screams her name. She has lots of pets, 3 cats, Marshmallow, Pumpkin, and Magic; 1 guinea pig, Snuggles; a parakeet, Sunny Bird; and a cockatiel, Clyde. πŸ™‚

  • Delaney has 2 rescued dogs, Bruce & Maddie and one rescued cat Wilma at home. She has a horse named Magik at her grandpa’s farm.

  • I would make the Emma Peel dress for my daughter Maya, because that dress screams her name. She has lots of pets, 3 cats, Marshmallow, Pumpkin, and Magic; 1 guinea pig, Snuggles; a parakeet, Sunny Bird; and a cockatiel, Clyde. πŸ™‚

  • 3 yr old Erin would like a new dress along with leg warmers to walk “Puppy” The Seattle area is cold on both their legs…. Silly me I posted this first on yesterday’s blog….. LOL

  • I’d love to make this for my niece Alix-Mae who is 5. Her dog is a black labrador called Dee.
    Alix is fascinated by knitting and insists on holding the needles whilst I knit whenever I visit her in Yorkshire

  • Emma Peel would be perfect on Meg who has a pet that everyone in the family calls The Mutt.

  • My niece Morgan is eagerly expecting the arrival of her first pet; an 8 wk old Akita puppy

  • Well I would love to make this dress for all three of my girls but the first would be for my Juniper, she’s four and loves mommy’s handknits. Her pets are Lydia the basset hound puppy and Boris a mixed long hair kitty

  • My niece, Hannah, would love this! She has a yellow lab names Sassy, and won’t wear anything but dresses! What a girl. I’m sure she’d say her two younger sisters would be counted as pets, Ella and Cara.
    Thanks! Elizabeth, Minneapolis… and yes, I was at your speech this fall with my family… all three generations of addicted knitters!

  • My niece Indie needs a new dress! She has a fluffy white dog named Buster.

  • I would likely make the dress for a friend’s grandaughter, julianna, age 3. She has no pets, but soon she’ll have a baby sister!!

  • For my friends daughter, she goes by little princess. She’s too young for pets, but the parents have a dog, named Bruno.

  • I would love to make this for my cousin, Ani. She doesn’t have any pets, unless her two older brothers count πŸ˜›

  • Lexie Jane – age 6 – one cat named Mysty, two fish Goldie and Blueberry

  • For my niece, Hanna Grace, who’s name really means grace grace. She’s a Thanksgiving baby, who wasn’t expected to survive being born. She’ll be 5 tomorrow.
    Wow, I really want to go hug her now.
    She has no pets, but she used to have a cat. Named Jeb. Every time she sees a cat now, she says “Jebbie!”

  • Abby. No pets, but she adores her baby brother.

  • Emily has a dog named Hemingway. This week, she also has two guinea pigs named Oreo and Cookie, who are spending their Thanksgiving vacation from the classroom with her. She would love an Emma Peel dress!

  • Abilina Hope–Bina for short–my almost-3 year old niece. She has no pets currently except for her older brother Josiah, who’s 4. πŸ™‚

  • Ruth. No pets πŸ™

  • Rachel. And she loves Beckie the leopard gecko and Rex the abyssinian.

  • Juliette, my niece. Her favorite pets are Merlin, her black lab and her 2 cousins (my boys)!

  • Emily – 1 year old as of right now. She has 3 cats, one named “Kitty”, and a dog named Heidi who likes to lick her face. She’s my BFF’s daughter πŸ™‚

  • My son’s 4 year old friend, Shekynah, has a dog named Buffy, a parakeet named Skylar, and an odd assortment of cats, fish, and guinea pigs. Unfortunately, the dog ate the Madagascar hissing cockroaches that we gave her.

  • Ok. Here is the thing. I don’t know how to knit. But that dress is so cute. My sister does knit so maybe if I win a kit she can make the dress for my daughter. Or maybe I’ll get my friend Juleit to teach me to knit and I can make it for Quinn. She is 3.5. She has 2 white kitties with no tails, 2 fish and a snail. She would dearly love a dog, but she has to stop trying to pick up the cats, laying on the cats and otherwise loving them a little too much before we let her have a puppy. We sometimes refer to her as Elmira, from Tiny Tunes.

  • Grand-niece Kendell would love the dress. She sadly has no pets.

  • Oh, that dress would be so cute for my Dutch cousin’s little girl Kaitlin!! Knitting is a big deal over there and I’m sure this dress would be so appreciated and so lovingly worn…Kaitlin is growing like a weed!! Last time I saw a picture of her was when she was 2 years old, but a very recent one of her watching St Nicholas arrive in Holland has her as a giggly 5 year old…she so believes in Sinterklaas and her eyes sparkle with glee. Oh, this dress would look so special on this little blonde girl…

  • My Granddaughter Zoe would love this dress…she has a reverse brindle boxer named Spencer. She is a strawberry blone with huge blue eyes…Thanks for the chance to win…

  • The little girl’s name is Devina. She is my niece and the family lives in London. As far as I know there is no pet. By the way it is been cold in the Nashville area and the women’s turtlenecks are going fast.

  • Can a Canadian enter the contest? My niece is Miranda and her cat is Oscar (as in Wilde).

  • My little “Emma Peel” is actually named Emma. She has a cat named Boy and a dog named Tinkerbell.

  • my sweet niece, violet, would love this dress! Her cat, camille, will still avoid her, but handknits do have boundaries to their powers, you know.

  • The dress would be for my daughter Hannah. She has a gecko named Emma and a crayfish named Pip. We’ll be here keeping our fingers and claws crossed!

  • For Quincy, my best friends little girl, who has three pet kitties that love to nap with her; Perula, Ollie, and Simon.

  • My baby girl Jorie (short for Marjorie) has eight fat laying hens! πŸ™‚

  • Her name is Bean (at least on the intarwebs it is), she’s four, and she has a mini dachsie named Mollie and a fluffy kitty named Chai.

  • For my niece Claire. The family cat Augie probably thinks Claire is his pet and not the other way round.

  • My beautiful girl is Issi and her hamster is called Toby.

  • Julianna, age 9, no pets, but she’s asking Santa for a black lab puppy for Christmas. She would probably require a larger size or maybe an Emma Peel top!

  • SB, aka Bean, is six and has “a medium-sized black dog named Molly who has mostly longish hair”. She has requested an imaginary cat for Christmas since I am violently allergic to the non-imaginary kind.
    Bean would totally rock an Emma Peel dress. She’s already insisting I knit her a new pair of socks for Christmas (“or before if you would stop knitting that scarf, Mom!”).

  • Are you kidding??? Yay! My beautiful daughter Annika (age 3) will love that dress. Her dog is Gage, a chocolate lab. Her new kitten is Jax and her grown up cat is Hunter.

  • My daughter’s name is Piper and she is six years old. She has a pet fiddler crab named Normal and a Dalmation Moor fish named Fancy Fish.
    She’s sassy, beautiful and fearless!

  • My little Sylvie would look adorable in that dress. She doesn’t have any pets, but she does have a baby brother.

  • Sadly my own Isabella is too big for this dress but luckily my neice Marlina Clementine is a size 2. She is 2 going on 20, has a huge personality and while she doesn’t have a pet of her own she is madly in love with my Burmese cat Milo. The best thing about her – she is one styling babe.

  • Her name is Emma and she has a baby cat named fluffy (the dangers of letting a 4-year-old name the pets)

  • Frances could rock her Emma Peel dress from her Auntie Em with her dog Mr. G.

  • My cousin’s youngest daughter (though I call her my niece – it’s easier!) is called Rachael – she’s 6 and has a cocker spaniel called Daisy.

  • My daughter Meredith would look beautiful in the pink combo. She is a “pink” girl. Everything pink. She has a cat named Winnie annd three dogs named Suzy, Bodie and Smudge.

  • My friend is named Lulu, and she has a puppy, as yet unnamed!

  • My girlfriend’s daughter, Madison. She has no pets, but sometimes calls her little sister, “the turtle”.

  • My newest little niece is Elaina, and she has a lab named Lexie. (la la la …)

  • My niece, Theadora (aka Thea), age 5, one border collie named Chumley and all the critters in the State Park where her father works and the family lives.

  • For my niece Gracie, who had a kitty named Miss Teddy (short for Miss Theodora, thankyouverymuch!)

  • I’d knit for my niece Julie, who has a rabbit named Hoppy but really wants a mermaid. As a pet. Really.

  • Carrmin Maria; age 6; one dog Scarlett Leigh a chocolate cocker spaniel; one goldfish, Moe. She looked at the pattern in your new book and stated “I would wear it with tights!”

  • I’d knit for my niece Noemie who has a cat whose name I can’t remember just now!

  • I would make Emma Peel (btw, one of my husband’s favorite TV characters) for my granddaughter, Samantha (Sami). Sami has a rescue dog of unknown parentage named Winnie. Winnie is a wonderful 65-pound lap dog.

  • Summer, an adorable 6 year old. Do brothers count as pets?

  • For my sweet niece Sarah Joy. She has no pets, just twin brother and sister babies:)

  • My daughter’s name is Rowan and her doggie is Annie, a red haired mini dachsund. She loves her to pieces. Annie is a senior citizen – 13 years – but doesn’t know she is a senior.

  • My daughter, Qili, already requested this dress which i consider quite a coup since she hasn’t worn dresses in a while. Her dog, Nixie is a mix daushound terrier mix and a sweetie.

  • My 4 year old great niece, Emma (really!) Catherine
    Not Peele. She has no pets, but does have a 4 month old baby brother!

  • Since I have all boys, I would make this dress for my friend’s daughter, Rokaiya, who was just diagnosed with Autism. I think it would cheer my friend Katherine up very much!
    Hope I win!

  • oh My Daughter would love this! Her name is Tallulah Jane (isn’t that just too cute to resist?) and she has a cat named Romulus and another named Alexander.

  • My daughter, McKennah Leigh, who has a Birman Kitty named Angel, would be gorgeous in this little dress.

  • Rosie has an excellent sense of style and I am sure she’d have gone with something blue in hosiery if you’d let her keep her Mini from the photo shoot. Instead she had to coordinate with her backpack. I mean …duh?
    (not entering any contest here,just commenting)

  • The dress would either be knit for Kamilla, age 5 or Asa Soley age 3. They have two cats named Cookie and Niala.

  • My Olivia has no pets, but she does have a little brother who likes to pretend he is a dog. A Basset Hound, to be specific. A Basset named Matilda if you want all the troubling details….

  • My daughters are Maria and Anna, and they share (not willingly) a cat named Pippin

  • A sweet dress for Rocket, who has a cat called Monkey, and a mother who knits very slowly (so the dress might end up being for her little twin sisters, Ada and Bea).

  • My daughter Riley would love this! She doesn’t have any pets, but her big brother has two fish, Bubbles and Sinkers!

  • Oh I want a pink one! But frankly, any colour would be great for my favourite little girl, Madison (Madi for short) She’s my 3 1/2 year old neice and the love of my life. She currently has 2 cats (Niko and Chilaka) but since her mother has developed severe allergies and asthma to cats they will probably have to go to new homes soon. πŸ™ Madi is a very girly girl and I love sewing her the frilliest dresses imaginable, but I’ve been eyeing the Emma Peel dress as a great change of pace. FYI, I’m making some of the felted christmas trees from your new book and they are addictive! They’ll be on Ravelry soon! Thanks!

  • My niece Cecelia just turned 5 last week. She has a brother named Isacc, but no pets. Cecelia is interested in gardening, declares–emphatically–that her favorite color is pink, and prefers to wear dresses.

  • I’d love to make the Emma for my cousin Frankie. She is the most adult little girl I’ve ever met, and has several pets. Her dog is a year older than she is and her name is Keisha, she has two cats named Sabrina and Sebastien and a fish named Stella. Frankie loves to dance and she would look beautiful spinning around in her hand knit dress.

  • I’d like to make this for my niece, Azara, who turned four last week. She has no pets, but she lives in Ghana, where there are goats and lots of other animals around that my own kids rarely see.

  • I’m so sorry; didn’t mean to post that three times.

  • Lily, age 6, and sadly she has no pets. She does have a couple imaginary friends though. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the contest!

  • My recipient’s name is Hunny (Huntley) and she has a goldfish!

  • I would love to knit the dress for my step grand-daughter, Sayaka. She is a beautiful Japanese-Canadian girl who is a ballerina, kendo participant, keyboard player, trumpet player, and cross country runner.
    I know she would love the dress, as she is a “dressy” gal.

  • ZoΓ©, AKA Emma Peel, child of big fans of ‘chapeau melon et bottes de cuir’, the series not the movie, which even the presence of Ralph Fiennes could not salvage, i’m sorry, favourite colour mauve, and fairly-new guinea pig named Alex.

  • Her name is Claire, her doggies are Bosco ( aussie mix) Max and Jasper (both cairn terriers) and she has a twin brother, Owen.

  • I’d love to make this for my daughter Maria. She’s 3 1/2 and totally in the Princess stage…meaning she will only wear dresses. She’s got one pet, a rabbit named Silver, but she’s got ideas for a whole line-up of animals.

  • My girl’s name is Michelle.She is awesomely intelligent and amazingly beautiful. She has these curls that never quit.
    And she has two kitties and one dog in her life.

  • My granddaughter, Sophia, who’s dog is ginormous and his name is Cain.

  • My mini Emma Peel is named Aoife. The smallest size might be a bit big for her now, but will totally fit by spring! I love this dress, and Mrs. Peel has always been a hero of mine. Cheers!

  • I would make this for my niece, EsmΓ©. She has three cats: Seymore, Madeline, & Isabella.
    She is the only niece of a family full of knitters. I’m thinking this dress would ensure her future as a knitter. πŸ™‚

  • I would love to make this for my niece Ashley (especially since I have two boys who would definitely resist wearing the Emma Peal) and Ashley has a lovely elderly pound hound named Haley.

  • I would knit for Amanda who has red hair and just started Kingergarten. She has a pet hermit crab named freckles!

  • My daughter, Tilly Rose, will have her third birthday next month and would love the Emma Peel dress. We have a female Border Collie called Bob who will be celbrating her 11th birthday the day before Tilly’s!

  • I babysit a lovely little girl namd Olivia (no-one in my family will produce any daughters, so I have to contract out). She doesn’t have any pets of her own but she borrows mine, a goober-dog named Zada.
    But secretly, I want to try to get my nephew Dunccan to wear one (pet: Lovely the turtle).

  • Caroline would love to have her own cat. Unfortunately her daddy is allergic!

  • Yes, Stella, she just turned 5 and has a cat named Fletcher.

  • Hi gals. Gosh I would love love to make that dress for my daughter who is my star knit-wearer. She is called Hannah, and she is lucky enough to have a beautiful black lab called Dudley, and next weekend she (and we) will also have a beautiful 8 week old yellow Labrador called Stanley (lets hope he has enough brains to stay AWAY FROM THE WOOL!!!)

  • For a wee one named Madison who has 3 dogs – Lester, Sophie and George…all mutts

  • I have 13 grand daughters but I would have to make it for Emma. There are 5 kids in that family so no pets yet.

  • Granddaughter Kaya – she has no pets but shares our cat (Daisy) and dog (Bailey)
    Enjoy your blog! Have the book!

  • My daughter, Brigit. 2.5 years old, and wants to wear only dresses. She has outgrown her Anouk, which I made her a year and a bit ago. And I was looking for another dress pattern to make for her. This one is super cute! She has one pet, our cat, named Baby. Who is 20 years old, and cranky, but still wants petting from the kiddo.

  • I would love to make the Emma Peel for Chessie, who only has imaginary pets. But she has a lovely sister =)
    thanks! natalie

  • I would love to make the dress for my daughter, Naomi. She is the recipient of most of my knitted objects – because I love her, she doesn’t complain (being only 7 mos.), and because she is small. πŸ™‚ She adores our two cats, Lucy and Madelyn, although they try very hard to stay just out of reach.

  • My daughter’s name is Abigail – she (we) has(have) a dog called Becca

  • Well, I’d like to make two wee ones for Sophie and Pescha, my 18-month old identical (no, we don’t wear the same thing ever) twin nieces. They’re mini-mod squad girls for sure. No pets yet! (…and their mom is allergic, no maybe not while they live with her)

  • For Brooke and her Siamese, Kismet.

  • Her name is Angeline and she has no pets, but dotes on her brother Evan as if he were one.

  • My girl’s name is Gracie Beth… she is a China doll, just like the lovely in the picture. She’d rather eat rocks than wear a dress, but
    if Momma makes it, she’ll WEAR IT! She shares a cat named Rose and a dog named Roxanne (yes… with the red light) with her brother, Ian.

  • My granddaughter’s name is Sophia, she goes by Twinkles. Her pet dog is Proxy.

  • My Emma Peel (certainly has the ‘tude and the coolness factor) is named Madrigal.
    She has three pets:
    Trinity, an orange corn snake
    Citrus, an orange cat
    Beya, a new kitten breaking the mold by being black
    (Trinity is named after the Matrix character. Granted, her older sister named her. But Maddie approved as well. Emma Peel genes! Kicking butt and taking names, and looking great doing it!)

  • My girl’s name is Emily. She shares a cat named Blick with her mom and her dad (my brother). She’d look adorable in an Emma Peel dress.**

  • Hannah Banana, age 6, has a beta fish named Bruce.

  • I would definitely make this for my granddaughter Kinsey. At the present time, she has no pets, but is very partial to kitties.

  • I would love to make this for my little grand-niece, Amelia Jane. She has 2 kittys whose names I don’t know, and a big ol’ setter named Dude. She’s a fashion bug already and only one year old!

  • Kathryn Emma (what an intriguing coincidence, no?)
    is our 6-year-old granddaughter. She pals around with a cat named Pepper. And I think she’d look stunning in an Emma Peel dress. Her favorite colors are (in order) yellow, pink and purple.

  • My granddaughter’s name is Bridget and she has a dog named Ginger and a kitten named Max.

  • I would make it for my niece Katie… she has no pets… but a loving younger sister who would eye the dress and then happily wear it the minute her sister grew out of it.

  • My god-daughter Amelie would look fabulous in this dress. She’s five, about to start school, loves dinosaurs and has a siamese cat called Jasper.

  • My niece’s online name is the Adrenaline Junkie. She will be four on December 9th. I love her to pieces. She gives the best butterfly kisses, but has no pets of her own.

  • My baby girl’s name is Jessie, she has lots of dogs, all named after the Peanuts characters: Sally, Lucy, Linus, Charlie, Franklin, and Marcie.
    You know they are all PBGV’s. Google pbgv if you would love to know these rustic French hound dogs.

  • I would love to make it for my daughter, Vivian. She doesn’t have any pets but her brothers do. A python named Predator, two parakeets named Snowball and Apollo, and two anoles named Rosalina and Noodle.

  • Caroline (Carrie) has a cat named Macavity (from the musical Cats)– the cat is nice (not a villain like his fictional counter-part) but likes to disappear quickly….

  • My middle daughter Olivia would be a fab Emma Peel with our faithful black lab Lucie, by her side.

  • Jessica would love the dress. She has lots of pets, her favorite her cow named Hershey

  • My daughter’s name is Megan. Megan has a Border Collie by the name of Amos.

  • Lola. Alas, Lola has no pets, yet (if wishing could make it so, there would be a horse to deal with).

  • My daughter Mackenzie has oohed and ahhed over this dress since I brought home the book. She has a fish bowl full of snails (that are reproducing faster than we can find real estate for) each with its own name. There are too many for me to remember. Two kittys, Echo and Cinder, and a dog Sansa. I am working hard to diplomatically veto the new kitten from Santa.

  • Katie, almost seven, would love a handknit dress designed on purpose, rather than “designed” by the ever changing whims of her mother. She has Joey an old Australian Cattle Dog, Mochie, a spry snowshoe siamese, Sweetie-Pie and Lovey, a couple of parakeets, and currently 12 chickens… Red Willow, PeeWee, Grey Sky, Blackie, Blondie, the grey one, the orange one, (and unfortunately, the soon to be dinner ones).

  • This will be knit for Violet, and she does not have any pets right now. She likes to admire, from afar, Honey Bear the Chihuahua/Pappion mix dog that we have but is very afraid of the large Chocolate Lab/German Shephard mix named Ella (short for Cinderella) who is the biggest goofball dog that has a very loud bark when Violet walks past our front yard.

  • This would be for my four year old friend, Emily. Rex was her very handsome orange tabby. We miss him

  • Katherine. We call her Katie-bug. She is a precocious almost double digit 9 yr old who can work most handknits. Everytime I knit something she assumes it is for her. She has one dog named Max- a Lhasa Apso and 5 Guinea pigs- Miss Skunky (hers), Roxi (Sister’s) and their babies- Spike, Squeaker, and Chico.

  • My little angel is Samantha B. who lives 6 hours away in Atlanta. I “visited” her a week before she arrived in the world. She is most adorable in spirit and will make a beautiful woman inside and out.
    Her best companion is Howard the boxer. When I “visited” Samantha the “first” time, I met Howard. He’s the best dog, friendly, playful, loyal, all the things a great boxer is.
    Samantha is a girly girl, and loves to wear dresses…

  • I’d make the Emma Peel dress for my little niece (first one!) Addison. No pet (yet), though I’m sure she’d like a puppy for Christmas, like many little ones out there!

  • My daughter Anne-Sophie has an (imaginary) Border Collie named Max. She also has an “I Dressed Myself Today” button which will get plenty of use once I work up an Emma Peel for her.

  • Oh, dear! My Katie would love this dress… it’s on my list, but the yarn is not yet in my stash. She has 3 cats: Otis, ZanZan, and Reku. Katie is a tall 5 year old with pink glasses. Her Most Favorite color is pink!

  • I would make this for my niece Abby, since I have no little girls of my own. Her pets are all fuzzy and furry, sleep on her bed, travel with her to Poppy’s to visit … and are real just like The Velveteen Rabbit!

  • I would love to knit this dress for my friend’s daughter Lily. She would love this dress. She doesn’t have any pets.

  • There are two young ladies in my house, going my the monikers of “Dells” and “Nomes” and I think either of them could pull off a dress like that! No pets — but they do have a big brother.

  • Eden would love this dress. She has no pets now but she is getting a python for Christmas; kind of fits her name a bit.
    Beautiful stuff

  • My daughter Emma would love to wear this dress. She has no pets, but at various times through the day she believes that she is a kitty, a pony and a lioness.

  • I would make it for my cousin’s step daughter Annie – who mostly ignores Oakley the black lab and the two cats in the house.

  • For my friend Ava, who talks all of the time about splendid ideas that come into her mind. She does not have any real pets, but has quite a few imaginary ones.

  • Our daughter’s name is Hana (“flower” in Japanese), we don’t have any pets, but she and her big brother, Koji, call each other their pets! Thank for the chance to win!! Happy Turkey Day!

  • This dress would be knit for Meghan. She has no pets but has a little sister named Kate.

  • Jane is the little girl. Her new baby brother has been in the hospital most of the time since his birth (9/8/08) and is getting most of the attention. She is 2 1/2 years old…size? She had a Portuguese water dog (Andi), but sadly lost her last spring. I made Will (new baby) a hooded sweater, and then felt badly I didn’t make something for Jane instead. This isn’t meant to be a sad story – just the facts! This would be fun to do for her!

  • I would LOVE to make this dress for my daughter Katie. She is four and a half years old and has a dog – a beagle/basset cross – named Bogey who is 11! Kimberley

  • I would make it for Maggie, who is 2. She had a blue beta fish named “bluey” but sadly he passed away.

  • My 6 yr-old granddaughter, Miranda, who has a puppy named Blitzen. Thanks

  • I have a few Emma Peel’s in mind, but first is my niece, Sadie, who has a new dog, Georgia. I just learned that Georgia is the best dog in the world–even though my dog is really better!!!
    Great contest idea.

  • Olivia, size 4…a HUGE dog named Beaner

  • This would be perfect for my cousin Amanda, 4 years old. Everytime I talk to her on the phone, she says “I have a cat. Her name is Mimi. She is black and white.”

  • My girlie is my Granddaughter, Lilee Mae, she will be 6 on Dec 28th and she is coming to spend thanks giving with me!!!!
    She has 2 goldfish… goldie and biggie!
    And she claims that all 7 of our cats are her’s too, they just get to live with me…. Cleopatra, Cocoa, Xena, Merlin, Gabby, Mushy, & Callie

  • Hannah needs an Emma dress. She has a dog named Annie, and 3 chickens..Lucy, Lucy, and Blondie.(How many names can I fit in one small comment??)

  • Rose is three years old and my niece, whose dog Flower is technically her big brother’s. She does, however, have three brothers (two older and one younger), so those are all the wild animals she needs. πŸ˜‰

  • My girlie is my Granddaughter, Lilee Mae, she will be 6 on Dec 28th and she is coming to spend thanks giving with me!!!!
    She has 2 goldfish… goldie and biggie!
    And she claims that all 7 of our cats are her’s too, they just get to live with me…. Cleopatra, Cocoa, Xena, Merlin, Gabby, Mushy, & Callie

  • I have three lovely daughters. Magdalena, Marilyn, and Mae. Our only pet now is a female beta named Betty.

  • Hannah needs an Emma dress. She has a dog named Annie, and 3 chickens..Lucy, Lucy, and Blondie.(How many names can I fit in one small comment??)

  • I would make this for my niece, Violet Rayne. She has three pet rabbits: Bert & Ernie, and Mr. B.

  • I want to make a little dress for my little cousin, Mia! Her family moved to Okinawa months ago and were finally reunited with their dog last month. So cute! I wonder if I could get the measurements right all the way over here in the eastern hemisphere!

  • I’d be knitting for my granddaughter, Maggie Rose. And yes, I have a grandcat, too. He’s Siamese, and his name escapes me at the moment. (How awful – this cat will come to me when I visit them in Texas, and he hides from lots of people. I know I’ll sit up in bed at midnight and remember!)

  • My niece Ava who is 5 has a black lab named Chole.

  • Evie she is two and actually afraid of animals! she loves her dollies though and has a lot

  • I’d dearly love to make this for my amazing niece/goddaughter, Madeline. Such a lovely girl! No pets, unless you count her little brother.

  • Mine would go to Princess Abby, who is 7 going on 16 and doing so WAY to fast. She has one cat named, by her, Merlin the Magical Cat.

  • Gianna, who is 3 years old, no pets but a big brother (does he count?). very fashionable and would love any of those colors!

  • My adorable little girl is my daughter Arynne Elizabeth, who LOVES dresses. (She does not get that from ME!) Her faithful pet is a very large black German Shepherd named Samantha. πŸ™‚

  • I would make this adorable deck for my husband’s Goddaughter Victoria. She is so adorable and would look beautiful in this dress.

  • I’d make one for my daughter, Nia. She doesn’t have a pet, unless you count her baby sister, which, really, is the next best thing to having a pet.

  • Mine would be for Grace, who is, conveniently, in size two clothes right now – although, with my track record, I’ll have to make her the largest size by the time I get around to knitting it.

  • my girly girl is Miss Erica aka Miss-Am-erica. Ruff ruff named Ricky (all black english cocker spaniel that used to be part of a team – his partner in crime, a red cocker named, you guessed it, Lucy). 3 south american cichlids who shall remain nameless. She could soooooo deck this out with a pair of crocs. Just sayin’.

  • I would make this for Elizabeth…..who has no pet.

  • That’s a lot of comments! I would make it for Natalie, who has a dog named Gavin, a cat named Squeaker, and a dollbaby she carries everywhere named Dollbaby. Original, I know.

  • I would make this for Elizabeth…..who has no pet.

  • Anna. She has a brother. I think he counts as a pet.

  • Four year old Viola would love this. (I’d promise to knit super-quick)
    She has two doggie friends; an eight year old boxer dog “Doodles” and a nine year old boxer, “Billy”.

  • My daughter Giselle, aka Gigi, who has a yellow Lab named Thor.

  • Amara is her name (or as we call her Amazing Amara). She just turned two but by the time I got the dress done she’d be the right age. Oh, she’d look so cute in this dress. She looks a lot like Rosie only no glasses and she’s littler!

  • My grandgirl’s name is Bahozhoni (her Dad is Native American, her Mom is my stepdaughter) and she is two-and-a-half. She has a dog named Shushi, cats named Peace and Love, horses whose names I don’t know, as well as ducks and chickens and some indoor birds. She and her older sister Camille, who is 13, are, of course, the MOST fabulous. (And she can pull off any color combo.)

  • The dress would be for Erin, who has a two cats–Stripes and Murphy.
    Thank you!

  • This dress will be knitted for my daughter, Charlotte. She has a Chihuahua names Linus and a kitty named Cooper.

  • I would make it for sweet little Eleanor… she is a little small, and I think she has a cat.

  • My little girl is a mighty mighty girl who saw the Emma Peel dress in my new Mason Dixon book and said authoritatively “YOU ARE MAKING THIS FOR ME TO WEAR WITH MY PINK GO-GO BOOTS.” Mae Alice is 7 years old. She has no pets, but instead a younger brother with asthma (this is her own explaination for why she has no pets.)

  • My Charlotte, age 6, would love a dress like this. Our cat, Murray, age 1, would love to sit in my lap while I make it.

  • Esme. No pets (except a big brother) because her dad’s allergic. She’s just learning to walk, and she will ROCK an Emma Peel.

  • I would make it for my niece, Clarissa, who has two cats, Mischief and Trouble.

  • emily my 5 year old niece, who has one wild dog named abby.

  • Well, if I won, I would be able to make the dress for both my daughters, Tatem and Delaney. Since Tatem is a small 4 year old, and Delaney is not quite 1 yet, I think there should be enough.
    Anyway, while the family has a few pets, Tatem has just recently gotten her first pet of her very own. It is a Beta fish named Flippey. She named him all by herself. (it’s actually Flippey the Second as Flippey the First met his untimely demise a few short days after we got him)

  • I don’t have a daughter, but I have a friend with a little girl named Lily who is 4 and would look darling in this dress!

  • I would make a dress for Mary, whose pet fish is named Sparkle Happy-Fins.

  • Savannah, my grand-daughter, is only two and has no pets.

  • I would be making the dress for my darling niece Caroline. Sadly my own daughters are too big for even the largest size. Caroline doesn’t have any pets, but she is just days away from having a baby brother or sister!

  • I’d dearly love to make this for my amazing niece/goddaughter, Madeline. Such a lovely girl! No pets, unless you count her little brother.

  • I would love to make that adorable dress for my niece Nora. She has a dog named Joy.
    Thank you,

  • Catherine, 6 1/2 – two dogs – Cleo and Abby, two cats – Emmylou and Noah.

  • My little friend is Eva – no pets, but an older brother named Noah – does that count?

  • Hetty would absolutely love for her auntie to make her this dress…her dolly, Baby Serious might even get a dress to match.

  • My girl Adrienne would love that dress… she really goes for the classics! She also wants a dog, but we’re waiting for a little more maturity!

  • My daughter Ellie would be a perfect size 8. She is currently pet-less…much to her dismay. She had a pet Llasa Apso named Brandy (that went to sleep after a long life of almost 17 years).

  • Alrighty! My daughter’s name is Gracie (also known as “Bossy Flossie” at times) and she has a cat who lets her love her to bits named Mabel.

  • My niece Charlotte often takes care of a teacher friend’s class guinea pig during vacations – the guinea pig’s name is Dash.
    Charlotte is just turning 7 on the upcoming weekend, so she will still fit in the dress …

  • I would make one for my gorgeous niece Greta and her sister Nora would hate her for having such a wonderful dress, so I’d have to make one for Nora too… and then Jules (baby sister #3) would cry for her own and thus the third dress would be upon the knitting needles before they cooled from the second!

  • Haley has had the dog of her dreams, Daisy, for 7 months now. Both are super…

  • *sigh* no one to make this lovely dress for – my nieces are all grown up … but no offspring planned anytime soon … SO sorry to have to miss out on the contest!

  • I would love knitting this dress for my niece Ava! Two dogs and a cat. Gus, Mocha & Angel-cake.

  • Daisy and Gizmo – Daisy is my 4 year old grand-niece and Gizmo is her cat. Gizmo was lost during Hurrican Rita, surviving for weeks in their apartment that collapsed because of heavy rains. Daisy’s mom searched for him every day. He finally answered her through the rubble and as the family drove back to their temporary home, Gizmo climbed from mom’s lap to curl up with Daisy in her car seat. Gizmo continues to watch over Daisy, sleeping in her room every night.

  • Orianna, who is 13 months old, and has a real live parrot named Kaia!
    (I’m her nanny, and she is my angel!)

  • Olivia. She has kitties named Betty and Dobbs. She would get the lovely dress because at 3 years old, she’s the only girl I know who couldn’t be talked out of wearing her pink tutu to school.

  • I would make the dress for my niece Sienna, which would be fantastic since she’s grown out of the first dress I made her when she was just a baby (Anouk), and she’s nearly out of her cabled sweater…ugg..I’d better start knitting something for her soon. Sienna has a yellow lab named Kiera.

  • I would make this for Mary who has a golden retriever named Sunshine.

  • It would be for Chantal! She would wear it to school and carry her Dora backpack and wear the hot pink boots with the purple fake fur. (Chantal is 6).

  • Emily has a Weimeraner named Fay!

  • Sarah has a sweet kitty named Cookie who would just love a new knit dress to nap on. Cats being what they are and all. Sarah also has a green stuffed ‘gator named Greenie which was the last present from the Auntie who would be knitting for her (c’est moi).

  • My Niece Maddie who has two cats Moonlight and Carrie and a golden retriever Hunter.

  • I would knit this beauty for Audrey who is nearly 4 and is the spunkiest thing around.

  • What lovely colours and a delightful dress!
    I think I’d knit it for my grandniece, Eden, who has no pets, although sometimes her little brother Kyler might be considered a pet.
    I, on the other hand, have two papillons, Bobby and Molly. Bobby just won Pet Idol 2009 in our local Humane Society calendar, and I’m very proud of them both.
    Marlyce, in Windsor, Ontario

  • Mine is Clara, 4, 2 pets: Elsa the dog and Charlie the cat (named after Charlie of Charlie and Lola). She loves dresses. Just sayin….

  • Lily, age 8. Two cats: Monkey and Daisy. Two dogs, Izzy and Zoe. 5 chickens: Windy, Smudge, Iris, Robert (a girl, named after the quail in “That Quail Robert)and Fiona. One turtle, Sam. Three African Clawed Frogs…sadly, not named….

  • I’d make it for Kayla, age six. She has no pets, unless you count her baby sister…

  • I would make it for my daughter Fiona, who turned two yesterday! She doesn’t have any pets, yet, but she frequently pretends to be a kitten or a tiger. At dinner tonight she was a snake.

  • Her name is Ada. She doesn’t have any pets, but she’s going to have siblings (plural) soon.
    She does a MEAN rendition of “Lime in the Coconut.” I find that charming.

  • Becky is five and a half and is in charge of a fantail goldfish with the imaginative name of “Red and White.” She would very much like to have (or to be) a puppy.

  • Alira- no pets but she has a brother Milo whom she calls a rat!

  • For my daughter, Emi. She is aunt to her older sister’s cat, Timmy, and sister to our family bunny, Bunny (this is what happens when you wait for just the perfect name)…

  • Grace. She’s my niece, 6 years old. One Russian Blue named Olga and one black cat named Pablo. She has her own particular ideas about style. Regarding spy skills: when one has older brothers, one must adapt and infiltrate. Grace has one such brother and the requisite survival skills.

  • My niece Noelani.
    She has plenty of fish, as my brother is a fish nerd (my term for him). However, I don’t know if they have any names.

  • Abby my great granddaugther. She is a wee one yet but since I have never knitted a dress it will probably fit her by the time I get it done. She doesn’t have any pets at home but her grandma has 3 dogs, a kitty and a cockateel. I love to read your blog and the bread recipe you had on yesterday I have made for years and it is sooooo goooood. Never any leftover for toast.

  • I’d like to make this for Claire, who adores pink, who has two cats, Phinius and Remington, and who loves to dress up!

  • My Vicky Rose would look adorable in this. She has hermit crabs her favorite is Herbie.As a Kindergartener fashion is very important.

  • i would make it for my daughter lily. we have two cats – pants and pippin. but if you’re talking “pets” as in toys – she has regular baby (so not to be confused with new-new baby).

  • I’d love to knit this for Claire – who loves anything pink, has two cats (Phinius and Remmington), and a younger sister (Jillian – who could wear it too – later) and who is going to have a new baby brother too!

  • Wow! I’d love to make this cute dress for my little Julia (Jools for short). She has a cat, named Sierra, whom she loves to chase around the house. Love the blog and the books! My mom has gone crazy with the bathmats from the first one!

  • I would like to make one for my future daughter, Maya Erin. We have two Yorkshire Terriers named Pebbles and Daisy. Thank you for the giveaway!
    Heather R.

  • Erin has a lovely cavey named Cocoa and a dog, Eowyn. Cocoa’s circus name is The Amazing Cocolini. If you put her on the floor she will run like blazes down the hall, hang a left at Erin’s bedroom and stop at the bin that holds up her cage. Her owner takes full credit for Cocoa’s brilliance and training.

  • I would knit this for my youngest daughter, whose nom de blog is “WB” (a.k.a. the WoolyBabe). WB’s arrival last year upended the world of our dog (Duke), guinea pigs (Sugar and Moe) and bird (Bluebell). Oreo the hamster could care less about the baby, since they’re never awake at the same time.

  • Zoe Eleanor has a full complement of pets. Tabasco the cat (who thinks he’s a dog), Thomas the cat (who thinks he’s a cat), Mattie the super-friendly golden retriever, and Mico the grumpy but o-so-lovable beagle.

  • My sweety Delilah has two cats, Hedwig and Penny and I would love to make her the dress.

  • My daughter Erica has a new pet, Frankie, he’s a sandy colored cat with striped tail. He’s sharing the house with two other cats, Princess Fiona Fluffy and Antonio (Tony) Banderas. Ok, we got them right around the time we saw Shrek 2.
    We love cats and knitting at our house!!

  • My niece Louise, who has two cats named Coco(after Chanel) and Edgar(after Poe).

  • Thanks for the fun contest. My granddaughter is 6 years old and her name is EMMA. You were so gracious to autograph “Outside the Lines” on page 87 for Emma during your visit to St. Paul. Emma’s golden retriever is named BOLT (not really, his name Bailey.) Her favorite step-pet is a basset hound named Oswald. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Opal would love an Emma Peel. She could wear it while she annoys canines Daisy and Jolene and bad mother scratcher Herman the cat. Then she can pass it down to her baby sister Evelyn!

  • Samantha, 2 months, who has three dogs – Miles, Cassidy and Rocky, and two cats – Cocoa and Otis.

  • My daughter, Charlotte has two dogs, Molly D. Beagle and Otto the Labrador puppy. She wishes mom and dad would let her have a duck as well but makes do with her rubber ducky from the bath.

  • I’d make it for my adorable niece Nora.

  • Adele has two cats Mia and Tiger. Mia occasionally lets Adele pet her. Tiger won’t be in the same room as her.

  • I’d make the dress for Sophie, who has a dog named Pilot and who wishes she had a pony.

  • My niece Michaela, who has dogs (Lessa, and TJ), and cats (Keiko and Booboo).

  • I would for sure make this for Emma my niece! She hangs out with her buddy Sienna – a 9 nine year old chocolate lab.

  • Her name is Thuriya (which means light), she’s going to be 3 on December 13, and she has no pets that I know of. She’s a friend’s daughter.

  • I’d LOVE to make the dress for my little cousin, Emily. She has a black Lab, Doyle.

  • Natalie, my former step-daughter, is 10 and has Stanley, a Dutch flop rabbit (who is actually a girl). She loves my knitted gifts and even though formally our relationship has changed, we still chat and I am making her bluebell socks that will work with her school uniform (and yet look so cool). Thanks for the chance!

  • Isabel. And sadly, her mother’s feline, Yoda, recently had to be sent along to the magical land of never-ending mice, patches of sun, and scratch-worthy furniture.

  • My 5yo daughter, Sylvia, has already requested the dress! I know she could work it. Her only pet, poor child, is a remote controlled T-Rex named Tee-tee who likes to eat Barbies for lunch and have tea parties with Sylvia.

  • I would love to knit this for my 8yr old daughter,
    Martha. She has two Bernese Mountain Dogs, Polar and Oscar.

  • Olivia, age 2; alas, no pets (but a baby brother on the way)

  • My niece Ashley. I’m sure she’d love it!
    Or my pseudo-niece Melody. πŸ™‚

  • Divying up your special yarn? Fantastic.
    The dress would be made for a special little girl Charlotte, nicknamed Charlie.

  • Omigosh, I love this dress! I would love to make it for my daughter, Kate, who has two new kittens named Rufus and Rosie.

  • Girl: Reagan
    Cats: Chessie and Peake
    Dog: Mylie
    She’d love the dress.

  • Kayla keeps her brother’s Beta (fish) in her room because she has the aquarium. It was so sickly looking when he got it that we didn’t name it. Instead we ask her everyday if it is still alive…

  • Definitely something for my niece, AbbyGail. No pets as she’s asthmatic, and my brother got a wee bit tired of rushing to the emergency room at 3 AM when she was very wee. But she’d love a unicorn.

  • I would knit it for my sweet, sweet niece Morgan. My best pal. The closest I will ever get to my own child. Her pet: Peekay (spelling?) Golden Lab named Sadie to replace the well loved and recently lost Belle. Her pets: Two cats of mixed origins Chomper and Furry. Furry basically lives under the bed in her room. Chomper guards the dolls and periodically kills the feather duster. Her pet: One beta fish named Rick. All lovingly and thoughtfully named by Morgan. Love that girl!!!

  • Claire would be adorable and smart in this dress. Her German Shepherd dog, Zeus, would agree. And her older sister, Lauren, would be jealous.

  • My sweetie Cady Gray is chock full of girl power. She has no pets, thank goodness, except for a flower-shaped sponge she calls George.

  • I would make the Emma Peal dress for my 15- month old, grand daughter, Samantha Rose. Her devoted dog is a daschund named Sophie. Together they raid the pantry, sing songs, play fetch, “sing” together and raid grandma stash so they can knit. Knitting to Samantha is throwing the ball of yarn for Sophie to fetch. When Samantha takes the ball of yarn back from Sophie she gently loos the yarn all over her dog.

  • Sadly I am Mom of Two Boys, so I would knit this for my lucky niece Kourtney. She is fortunate enough to be loved by the nicest yellow labs, Gypsy and Angela.

  • I’d knit this cute dress for one of my nieces (whose names start with A and Z, incidentally). One has a cat, Mix, and the other a dog, Scout. But I’d probably need to buy enough yarn to make two. πŸ™‚

  • I would make it for my daughter Ava. She has no pets, but a stinky older brother!

  • When I saw this pattern, I knew it would be perfect for my niece, whose name is Lara. She looks egg-zactly like your model in the book, only younger. The Emma Peel dress would be perfect for her 1st day of kindergarten next year!
    Lara doesn’t personally own a pet (she’s only 4 and a half) but her sister has a black cat named Libby, and the family has an old, sweet dog named Ripley.

  • My favorite girl, Holly, needs more knitwear. Her mother and I have decided she has an Emma Peel dress in her future.
    Holly has a kitty sister named Amelie.

  • Carmen is 4 1/2 and has no pets, but she does have a charming little brother.

  • Anna. No pets but two identical stuffed camels.

  • Kate, a cat named Shadow (and her sister Ashes owned by little brother) and two crabs.

  • Megan is 6, and she has a dog named Kelly, a cat named Polly, a 4-year-old goldfish named Bloat and a beta fish named Blues. She would like a pony for Christmas. She also has a 3-year-old brother named Noah, but often prefers the pets.
    Thank you for sharing!

  • I’d like to make it for my daughter, Yordanos. She (we) have 3 cats: Sibbie, Murray and Rico.

  • Violet is 3, she loves dressing up and playing princesses, and using the name “Marabella”. She has a huge fat white 3-legged cat named Percy. (Well, technically he’s my cat … but she loves him … the feeling is not mutual.)

  • I would love to knit this for my friend’s newly adopted daughter, Anna. Her new Mom has a poodle named Genie!

  • My girl Madeline has no pets, but loves her stuffed elephant, Elphie.

  • My pick? My darling daughter, Busy Izzy, who’s 7 and has two kitties (Lily and Chloe). Yep, that’s one, two, three, four yarn-loving females in this household.

  • I’d make the dress for my niece Amara Rose, she’s 7 months old, so by the time the dress is done, she’ll be big enough to wear it. She has a parrotkeet-type bird, a female by the name of Max. Thank you very much for this opportunity. πŸ™‚

  • My little girl is named Sydney, but tells me she wants to change it to Julianna, or perhaps Sophia. She is 6. She has a dog…make that a LARGE dog…named Willie BoBo, as well as several imaginary brothers and sisters. She also wants to get a fish and would love a cat but I am deeply allergic.

  • I would knit this for my niece, Bella, who just turned five and owns a Beta fish named “Swimmy”.

  • I would like to make the dress for my daughter Lyndy. She has a Blue Russian cat named Misty. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • I would knit it for my daughter, Lorelei (Miss Priss), age 5. She has a cat, Indiana (also called Indy or Neener). She loves to get knitted things!

  • I never win but I gotta try πŸ™‚ Love the dress! I would make this for my daughter Christina. She used to have a fish named fish. He died and we plan to get her another one with a spiffy new tank for xmas, LOL

  • My daughter’s name is Isabel, she is 4, has red hair (she calls “gold”), has no pets but would like a “non-licky dog” and a baby of her own.

  • My niece Kabrie is 3 and has a German Shepherd named Fella.

  • I would make it for my granddaughter Ashtyn, whose cat is named Hollywood (Ashtyn’s dad adopted the cat long before the girl was born, when the then-tiny-tiny-kitten wandered onto a Hollywood sound stage where Dad was working and would not leave his side).

  • My little girl’s name is Maisy. She would love one the dresses. Thanks for sharing.

  • My niece, Ally (the youngest of three siblings), whose parents FINALLY relented on the pet issue and she is the proud owner of Oreo, the guinea pig. My SIL never had a pet when she was a kid (insert all your “aaawwwwwws” here) and is nervous around any animals. But don’t worry – we’ll work Ally’s folks up to a cat. Or a dog. Or a pony. Which, I keep reminding them, would be easier and cheaper than the baby brother she keeps asking for.

  • My 6-y.o. neice “Hurricane Ali” (Marian Alexandra Bliss Ress Sigurdson Cordoba-Alonso) would really look great in the Emma Peel dress. Her pet family consists of Rusty, the longhaired chihuahua (I’m challenged by spelling…) and two cats whose names I can’t remember – a ragdoll and a black longhair. Plus, although she’s gotten hand-me-down handknits from her older cousin, I haven’t yet made anything for her (other than mittens and a scarf last Christmas).

  • Ooh! I know a lovely little girl named Stella who would rock that dress!

  • My grand-dtr. Erin would look so grown up in this dress. Pets? welllll, 2 cats (Turbo and Nightshade) and 3 dogs (Libby, Zack and Hercules) all of whom are shared with her big brother.

  • I knit (and sew) for the little girl who is my “almost” daughter, Rachel. Her little pup is a Westie, named Laddie. Luckily they are both pals with my sons and poodle-dog

  • I would love to make this for my dear friend’s daughter, Lily. She has two cats, Pants and Pippen.

  • I would make this dress for Amie and she has two cats names Chloe and Mia.

  • My granddaughter Esti; no pets, just siblings! In fact, she is expecting a new sibling any day now…
    Thanks for making the yarn available. Luv your contests!
    Carol Perecman

  • My daughter’s name is Cassie and she would love this dress. Her pet’s are black lab named Jackson, a boxer named Harley, a grey kitty Sampson, an orange kitty Beauregard, and 6 fish, the only two names that I remember are Spot Leaka Whoon and Glitter Shimmer Rose-oh and Baby, a brand new tiny red fish that just appeared, it is about the size of a grain of rice.

  • I just learned how to knit so you might think a beautiful yarn will be wasted on me…
    but, i’d like to try to make this dress for my lovely sister Alex. she has a rabbit named Bubba who I want to kidnap and keep in my purse so I can pet him all day (he’s soooooo soft…). πŸ™‚

  • My girl’s name is Katie.
    Technically, she’s two, so I think all the pets are mine, but she adores them and takes it upon herself to feed them every day.
    She has: a horse named Charlie, a dog named Bailey, 2 cats named Mooch & Remy, and 5 assorted fish.

  • My granddaughter is Rowan and she loves hand knits! She’s nearly old enough to learn to knit herself. She has one beloved pet, a black and white cat named Oscar. Thanks for this opportunity and your two fantastic books!

  • Danielle is my girl. She looks best in the “richer”colors (a ‘winter’ in coloring).
    She has four pets — Gellen, the Pembroke Wlesh Corgi dog, and three cats; the Huntress, who looks a bit like a Maine Coon cat, but is very dainty in size; Kuro, a medium-long-haired cat, black of course (kuro is black in Japanese); and Goldie, who was thought to be a girl cat, but turned out to be a boy long after the name stuck — he not only has a mostly rich, golden coat, but he has curls on his tummy.
    Thank you for the interesting blog and the contest.

  • I would make it for a little girl named Phoebe. She has a dog but sadly no cats.

  • My niece Kendal would look completely adorable in this dress – and out in Arizona, this is the right time of year for it! She is 5 1/2, and has two dogs: Buddy and Coco. (We call her Coco Chanel, but it’s really just Coco.)

  • For my daughter Mira ’cause she’s a 21st century Emma Peel. Her pet is Sparkle the fish, who has very plain markings, and has already had a few unobtrusive reincarnations. Mira would love any of the color combos but if it was blue, she would be over the moon.

  • I’d like to make the dress for Lucy (short for Lucinda), who is 9 years old. She doesn’t have any pets, but she has a newborn sister Ellie.

  • My Daughter Abbygayle would LOVE to have me make this dress for her. She is constantly pilfering through my stash asking “is this for me?” wondering if I will knit her something. Not bad for a 4 year old, at least she knows the value of a good hand knit.

  • Alyssa would look adorable in this dress. She has two dogs of unknown pedigree, one likely a golden retriever/black lab mix, one possible french bulldog mixed with daschund (the poor little thing is adorable ugly). She also has a guinea pig and several aquarium fish, including five mystery snails that appeared over a month after the last purchased snails had died.

  • My Emma Peel is Taylor Ann, she is 3 and she has 2 schnauzers named Tomba (male) and Tosha (female).

  • My daughter Carolina (2) has no pets but does have various canine and feline friends.
    Where has Ann gone? I hope she’s enjoying some wild adventure. I miss her.

  • Oh, my Taylor would LOVE that dress! She is just going into a size 5! She has two lab mixes – Princess & Buttercup (but only Buttercup lets Taylor touch her!) Oh, and don’t forget her little brother, who she often walks like a puppy on a leash!

  • Ohhhh, Classic Elite. Lovely stuff.
    For Cindy and her two cats. Minus and Moe.

  • My little girl Hadassah. She has no pets as she is only 2 weeks old. I realize she won’t be able to wear the dress right away but you know how knitting goes it won’t get done right away either. πŸ™‚

  • Oh lovely! I *just* bought Mason Dixie Knitting Outside the Lines and the Emma Peel dress is something that’s top of the list (Blu is up there too)! Thanks for the contest.
    Girl’s first name: Kiara (she’s my darling little monkey)
    Pets: A dog & an assortment of stuffed animals
    Names: Muskie (dog), GrandpaBear, Chaucer, Rabbit, Piggie & CowaMonkey

  • I would make this dress for Bailey. She’s 6 (and 1/2 !) and oh my goodness, would she ever think she is the Cat’s meow. The cat’s name is Princess and belongs to her sister Laynee. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  • Beatriz just asked her mother, “When is Jam gonna knit somefing for ME?” Hmmm. I did knit for her sister just last winter…
    Happy Bird-day.

  • I would love to make an Emma Peel dress for my 7 month old great niece Freya whom we also call Glow Ball because of her lovely bright eyes and smile. Freya lives with a dog Cayleigh, three cats named Tommie, Pax and Zoey and a parrot named Mango.

  • I would LOVE to make this dress for my beautiful daughter, Olivia (seems to be a popular name in the comments!). She never wants to wear things with sleeves, so this would be perfect!
    She has a cat named Cupcake, and 2 dogs–Lucy and Buddy. She’s also HAD a few hermit crabs and some goldfish (we have BAD luck with goldfish!).

  • My daughter Raley needs a little growing to fit into a 2T (at 8.5 months, she’s still in 3-6 month clothes cause she’s a skinny minny!), but it will probably take me that long to knit it anyway. Raley is proud co-owner (they’re still parly my babies) to 2 cats, Linus and Cleo.

  • I’ll make it for my grand-niece Jaiden, and when she outgrows it, her sister Arie will wear it. No pets, but they love to visit their Grandpa’s cats and his son’s lizards.

  • I can knit it for Maddy now, and it’ll get handed down to Sarah. Going to pet-free homes.

  • I would love to make the dress for my niece, Michaela. She has had a tough little life and my father and step-mother now have permanent custody of her. She has no pets, but does have more stuffed animals than Toys R Us.

  • My friend’s twin daughters Kaja and Liv, they don’t have pets (yet) πŸ˜‰
    I’ll probably have to knit another if I get this prize (so that they both have a dress), but I sure wouldn’t mind, because it’s lovely!

  • Miranda is 3, blonde and beautiful. She would love to have a pet one day – today she has asked for a pink pony!

  • My Little sister Claire, she has a new kitten called Dixie.

  • My niece, who would be adorable in an Emma Peel dress, will celebrate her first birthday really soon. That means I could knit a dress for her and she would not have outgrown it by the time I finished! Her name is Selah, and she has lots of animals, but not any that are her specific pets. She lives a long way away and I have never met her in person or any of the fine furry creatures.
    P.S. The pattern was already marked in my book, so maybe the yarn is meant to be?

  • My niece, Abby Kate, turns two in January. She has a cat named Boomer.

  • My daughter Essi, who is 2,5 months, will be getting this dress when she gets bigger. She enjoys the company of borderterrier Milla.

  • My little girl is Sophie, she is 4 1/2, and thinks she can turn into a reindeer. She refuses however to demonstrate this remarkable talent. Her dog’s name is Penny, and she has 2 parakeets named lucky and sparkle.

  • Hi Ladies,
    My granddaughter is Clare. I would love to knit this for her! No pets, but she loves her stuffed froggy. Thanks!! I love your website and your books

  • My gd Ella and has a dog named Boots.

  • ooh!
    My girl is Ivy, she’s 3 and has two pet brothers whose names are Finn and Archer πŸ™‚

  • My niece is Samantha (Sam) who’s in kindergarten and LOVES dresses. She has a dog and a cat but I can’t remember their names (forgive me but I have an unexpected house guest who arrived last night for Thanksgiving and it’s not the mice who invaded my kitchen when it got could this week…I’ve killed them…hmmmm…

  • chandra has two cats, blitzen and zidane, and a dog named buzz.

  • I’d love to make this dress for Dakota….a girl with too many animals to list them all…except for her favorite, a miniature donkey named….”donkey”, of course!

  • My daughter, Mary Emerson, is the girl. Our animals are Bailey the dog, Charlie the cat, Nellie the cat, and Finn, the beta fish.

  • Mackenzie, my 4-year-old granddaughter, would look stunning in an Emma Peel dress! Her pet is Ivy, a black & white Shih Tzu who’s also 4 yrs. old.

  • Her name is Aislynn and she has a best friend named Button, a Maltese, who is her partner-in-whatever. See here for photo of last time they matched.
    http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

  • I would make this for my neice Kendall. She has no pets, unless you count the stuffed kind. We have a dog that she talks to on the phone!

  • I would love, love, love to make this little number for me niece Laura. Laura’s got several pets as she is a suburban-country girl: the cats are Snowball (aka, Snowy), Friend, and Smudge; the dogs are Willie Butts and Abby; the horses are Crackers and Ellie; the tetra fish is Princess.
    Have a wonderfully butter-filled Thanksgiving! (And PICK ME!!!)
    ps: Great idea for a give-away.

  • Miss Colleen America Harwood. She is the only little girl at our tiny church and she is a stunning little 7 year old red headed living doll. She has a big huge Chow mix dog with super short daschund legs. Strangest dog I have EVER seen.
    Mason-Dixon ROCKS!!

  • Ooh, my six-year old Beah would love an Emma Peel dress to wear over her skinny jeans to look just like her older sister. She says it’s cool! She has a chubby cat named Tig Tig who ‘loafs’ around all day.

  • Miss Olivia (aged 6) would love this for her first day of school next fall. She has a dog named Max and a cat named Belle.

  • Mz. Katie, who adopted a 22-lb cat named Tiger from a shelter in a neighboring state, just because his EYES are so beautiful.

  • My granddaughter Sarah. She has two Beagles Izzy and Copper.
    Happy Thanksgiving,

  • I would make it for my friend Summer, who sadly, lives in an apartment where not pets are allowed. However, my cat, Seamus, is her ‘twin’ and used to be her family cat when she was first born.

  • I would make the dress straightaway for my cousin, Karina. She has two cats, Tommy and Jasper. And she would love the super pink combo. Thanks for the contest!

  • Haley Anne is three and has a cat, Chaos and a new puppy that is yet to be named:)

  • All the kids in my family are boys, bt this would be so cute on Mara, my friend Hannah’s daughter. And she’s small enough to get the shrug, as well. She has a cat, but would like a bunny, and a goldfish, and a pony, and a dog. And a hamster. Maybe I could make the dress, and amigurumi a menagerie from the leftovers ….

  • I would make this for my daughter Grace who has two cats: Midnight and Furball, a dog named River, a fish named Tiny Tim and two hermit crabs one named Markie and the other unnamed.

  • Sophia has no pets of her own yet, but her big brother has fish, whose names seem to change regularly.

  • My grand-daughter Allie would look lovely in an Emma dress with her cats Katie and Max trailing after her.
    Hope you are using the gray and orange dishrag from Rhinebeck.

  • My niece, Abby Kate, will be two in January. She has a kitty-cat named Boomer.

  • I’m an aunt to a set of triplets (2 girls, 1 boy)who are just about to turn 2. I’d make the dress for Emma and Madison – no pets (unless you count their brother)

  • My daughter Alexandra (Alie for short) will be two at Christmas and has wonderful taste, she loves the dresses mommy knits for her. She shares the house with three cats, Lady Jane, Domino, and Solitaire, although Solitaire doesn’t acknowledge her presence in the house yet.

  • Auden, age 6, has a dog named Lucy and a cat named Meryl. What a fun dress!

  • Meredith, age 3.5 and we do not have any pets.

  • I would make the dress for my adorable granddaughter, Lily. They have one dog. Dress looks like it would be really cute.

  • I would like to make this awesome, avenging dress for my niece, Claire. Her pet dog (species: CCanis lupus familiaris, sub-sub-species: mutticus) is named Buddy, and he loves to wear Claire’s jewelry and hair ornaments. She is quite the fashionista and I know she would love to wear this extremely beguiling dress!

  • The dress would be for my grand-daughter Samara who is hoping for a new puppy on Christmas Day.

  • This would be perfect for my niece Trinity. She used to collect lizards and such but I don’t think she ever named them.

  • i’d be knitting for my daughter, dorothy, she’s 3 and has a fish-nemo.
    if i start this dress now, it might MIGHT be done for next september!

  • I have twin nieces, so they’ll need to fight over the dress…but their names are Ava Francis and Fiona Grace.

  • It’s a tough choice, but I’d have to say Fiona & Katie (they’re fraternal twins). Their sharing skills are highly advanced, and they’d look fabulous in the dress. Oh, and they have three cats (Lilu, Scamper and Graygee), Cocoa the bunny and Sasha the dog. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  • I’d make a dress for my 4 y.o. niece Victoria. She adores her dog Sydney. Not sure if I could identify just one breed for Sydney but what does that matter. She’s a great family dog and that’s what counts.

  • My granddaughter is Mia Catherine; she has 2 dogs, Ali and Frazier. She claims ownership of our dog, Shooby. She also has a fish named Fishy and speaks fondly of the dearly beloved, late fish, Watery. Earlier this year, she had a bunch of crickets (purchased from the pet shop), but per the instructions of the pet shop owner, set them free after a few weeks IN HER ROOM in a special cricketarium. Her heart’s desire is a bunny rabbit; alas Mom and Dad are severely allergic (truly).
    Happy Turkeying!

  • I’d be knitting it for my daughter Hannah, who has a fluffy cat named Fergus and a slightly neurotic dog named Finnegan, not to mention lots of stuffed animal friends.

  • Alysa, a quite tall, skinny 2 year old who has a black cat named Trouble. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • I would make one for my 3 1/2 year-old Chinese niece whose name is Yingying and who always carries around a stuffed polar bear named Xiao Bai (Little White, or Whitey).

  • Leila, who will tell you that she’ll be 3 in February, would be the recipient of the Emma Peel. She babies her stuffed animals, Monkey and Kitty, also known as Eddie and Caroline.

  • I would love to knit this for my daughter Lillian. She has a big sweetheart of a dog named Bella and a stuffed dragon named Biscut.

  • I would love to knit this dress for my daughter Penny Rose (Penelope Rosebud). She is such a girly girl and would love to dress up in such a beautiful dress! Her new bunny Bundy would look adorable taking a nap beside her!

  • I would make the Emma dress for my sweet 4-year-old niece, Mia! She would look like an absolute doll. She has a fox terrier mix named Brady (after THE Tom Brady… I wonder where we’re from) and a rat terrier named Olive.

  • I would make this dress for my daughter Emma..She has a greyhound who we rescued named Riley, and two cats..one old man named Lokei, and Montana (yes named after Hannnah Montanta), a cat who we rescued as a kitten and bottle fed her.

  • Margaret, no pets
    Does an older brother count? =-]

  • My Niece Sonia would love this! Please pick me, pick me!!!

  • Erica, diva in training, age 4, one pup named Chesapeake.

  • My 5 yr old Kate, who has 4 cats and a baby brother.

  • Bayley — pet mutt name Chipotle! Bayley is my step-granddaughter and is adorable.

  • Her name is Naomi, but she prefers to be called Nomie. In her mind, she has many pets. Most notably she has “Webster the amazing and fabulous dog.” Those of us in the audience for the shows that she and Webster put on after dinner have come to notice that Webster appears rather wooden in his movements. Turns out he is made of wood. No wonder we haven’t had to buy any dog kibble.
    There are other pets in Nomie’s world as well but none get so much action as good old faithful Webster. I will mention, however, that she has named her “hamsters” “Hefe” and “Pamphlet”. (The more conventionally-minded among us might mistake the hamsters for a pair of stuffed sheep given to Nomie’s younger sibs, M & B.)

  • Granddaughter Cassidy would love to wear that dress on her first day of school. She has a pet who’s name is Uno and she’s a beautiful Persian cat. Please enter me in the giveaway.

  • I have two nieces, Noella and Jayla, who would probably fight over who would get the dress. They do not have any pets but grandma has a cat they sometimes to get to pet. Noella is older so she would probably get the dress and then Jayla would get it as a hand me down. Poor Jayla, I think this is the story of her short life so far.

  • Would love to make this for my daughter, 3 yrs old, Lia. We got a puppy as an early Christmas present, whom we’ve named “Bonzai ‘the Bodacious Boston’ Bee” and with any leftovers I’d just have to make him something too!

  • Grace. Just a goldfish named Nemo.

  • My niece’s name is Isabelle, she’s a diddy five years old.

  • My niece Talise, who is 6, had a pet lizard that died and she still is mourning it. She’s begged for a cat. She’s begged for a dog. She brings in bugs from outdoors as pets, she’s do deprived. My sister, her mother, is mean, don’t you think? She’s considering a hermit crab.
    I think my niece deserves a cuddly dress, at least!

  • My Claire is 7 going on 17 with a hamster named Wacky and a cat named Rocky. She also loves to ride “her” lesson horse Secretaria. This would be another on the list of what “you must make for me now….!”

  • Harper Grace is my niece, she has a Dog named Max who is a yarn thief.. He stole a skein of yarn right out of my purse. Harper Grace is in her own world most of the time. She dances to the beat of her own drum.. And you may or may not be graced with a kiss from this three year old, depending on her mood.

  • What a great idea!
    I would love to make this for my favorite niece, Vera, who loves, loves, loves her little Yorkie, named Oscar. She would love to have a horse, but has to make do with visits to my sister’s to play with horses, goats, chickens and 7 dogs. We are definitely a dog family πŸ™‚

  • Arden, 17 months, has a cat to whom she says “no, no, no!” Complete with wagging finger.

  • My best friend’s daughter Alexandria has a kitten named Jack (short for Jack-O-Lantern, as he is an orange tabby). Her mom, my friend, is a full time student at a local university and doesn’t have much extra to buy dresses for Alexandria who absolutely loves dresses. She is the girliest girl i know and would love this little dress, especially if she knew it was handmade by her “Aunt” Mollie.

  • Emely would be the talk of her small German village if her American oma made her this dress. No pets, but she is the big sister to 15-month-old twin siblings (one of whom could “inherit” the dress.)

  • My 18 month old granddaughter’s name is Emma. She would look adorable in the dress. She doesn’t have pets of her own – yet – but has four cats to visit at Grandma’s house. Their names are Oscar, Charlie, Cece and Tessa.

  • My niece Olivia would wear this proudly… she unfortunately lost her pet dog, Chester, just last Christmas… and hopefully Santa will bring a new one this year! With her birthday right around Christmas time, this is sure to stand out as a specific birthday dress… not a passed off Christmas present! Great contest… and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  • Ivy. She has no pets as of yet.

  • Oh Kay! I’d love to make this dress for my new niece Abigail! By the time I’m finished making it she would be a size 2! She has a dog named Daisy, 2 big sisters (who are getting puff daddies for Christmas!) and a brother as well. Full house.

  • Little girl: Niece, Katie Ann
    With pets: kitty cat named minnie!
    Its so fun to have a girly one to dote on!

  • Oh- good luck!
    My little girl is named Samantha. She has two brothers, two cats and a dog. She loves pink.
    Even the dog has a pet- a little dog from next door climbs under the fence, and snuggles up with our big dog. They share food and water.
    I just found your book. I’ve been knitting dishcloths obsessively for the past week.

  • My little girl Erin and our pet is a little black terrier named mumbles.

  • My daughter Emily, 6, loves her pug Gadget. Thanks…

  • I would love to make this dress for my favorite little girl – my great-niece Havana. She is the proud owner of 2 cats – Pepper and Paul – and will happily go on and on about how mean Pepper is to Paul. Thanks for the great contest.

  • The little girl I would make the dress for is Madison Marta, 19 months old. Her two kitties’ names are twins, Tigger and Sassy!

  • I would make it for a friend’s little girl named Rowan, aged 3 1/2. She has a black cat named Sweep (as in chimney sweep). Thanks for your generosity!

  • My little girl’s name is Emalyn and since she’s three months old, I’d say the cat has her rather than the other way around. She would totally rock the dress once she’s big enough!

  • My daughter’s name is Piper, 9 months. She doesn’t have any pets herself, but our family has two dogs, Birdie and Max and two cats, Moby and Lucy. All the animals are very exciting to the baby. I suspect if I won and started this now, I might actually finish a size 2 by the time she could wear it.

  • Newborn Gemma Maureen (Gemma sounds like Emma) needs grandma to knit this for her. I have had it in mind since the book came out.

  • Claire has “no cat, no dog, no brother, no sister”.

  • Hello,
    I would love to make this cute dress for my beautiful little niece, Jasmine. Jasmine has a “big brother” named Sam, who is a Golden Doodle.

  • Our Julia, age 8, has no traditional pets, but she has a monkey puppet named Pete who arrived before she did (she named him and it was her first word). I realized early on that Pete was The Chosen One and that we needed a back-up Pete. So I bought one and he lived in the closet and his name was Back-up Pete. However, he never was able to fill in for Pete and so has remained pristine and forlorn, living in the closet.
    Like many loved animals, Pete has traveled everywhere with Julia, and is now showing his years rather severely, spurred on by a few dis-recommended (but altogether necessary) trips thru the washer. He’s developed “monkey-pattern baldness” on his tummy and could really use a sweater, or at least a vest. These days we refer to him as “good ole Pete” and still can’t sleep without him. Today he’ll join us as we travel up I-95 to see family for the holiday. He still doesn’t go in a suitcase, but sits up front to look out the window with Julia.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • My niece is Karlie, age 6almost7, and she is the loving keeper of an Australian shepherd named Ozzie and a creepy white bunny with red eyes named Thumper. She would wear her emma dress with pink cowboy boots.

  • I would love to make this for my little neighbor girlies, Savanna and Liliana (they’re twins!). Their dog passed away last year, but they have their younger sisters, Eloise and Georgie. They have a busy Mom!

  • I would make it for my sister Tuuli. We have two guinea-pigs, called Nyyti and Neppari. (I swear all of these names are relatively normal in this part of the world. πŸ˜› )

  • Mariel–two dogs and an almost baby sister/brother!

  • I no longer have little ones to knit for, I just want to wish you both a very Happy Thanksgiving and wonder where the heck Ann is!!!!!!!!!

  • Emma, 6 months, has a stuffed octopus.

  • 10-year-old Madison has a dachsund named Oliver whose name I can’t help but pronounce as if I were Eva Gabor’s “Lisa” character in Green Acres.

  • Haley would love the blue dress πŸ™‚ She lives with a dog, Rollie and a cat, Smokie. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • It would be for Josselyn, then hopefully passed on to her friend Rory. Josselyn has 4 of her own cats: Serendipity (short haired calico), Uschi (Maine Coon), Kermit (short haired orange tabby), Oscar (long haired silver tabby), 2 fosters: Mr. Lonely (short haired orange tabby) & King (Russian Blue), some Convicts (cichlid fish) and an orange Tabby named Bobby who lives with her daddy.

  • The sweet girl is Brittany, and she has 8 alpacas and 4 cats.

  • Chloe has two cats named Sherlock and Watson. Loves them!

  • I would knit it for my dearest goddaughter, Sarah. She has 2 cats–Rainey and Tigger–and a dog named Barkley. Lucky girl!


  • Sandy age 3, cat named Fritz

  • My daughter is Iris. She has 2 awesome turtles!

  • My girl is Damaris! She has a cat, Mauries, and two rabbits, Stampertje and Tiedewiet.

  • I would make the dress for Ella and she has a golden retreiver named Abby. (And a really nice mom named Lisa!)

  • Annie, age 5, has two dogs, Sam and Bennie. She would adore this dress.

  • Her name is Davis June, and she has no pets except her parents and grandparents.

  • I would make it for my 3yo daughter Iris. She has 2 awesome turtles!

  • My daughter Brynn loves dresses of all kinds, but especially ones made by Mommy, so this would be perfect. Her two fishy’s are Zig-Zag and Flag (they’re red/white/and blue striped tetras).
    Love everything about your blog. Thanks for the humor on tough days.

  • Zoe has one cat, Moppet.

  • Oh, I’d love to make this for my favorite (and only!) niece Amanda Dylan. She has a pet dog that goes by Sophie and a plethora of freshwater fish that are unfortunately nameless (well, for the time being – perhaps she’ll start naming them as she gets older!).

  • My charge as a nanny is named Elaine, looks adorable in little dresses over pants and leggings (because otherwise she pulls her diaper off) and she has two cats, Phoebe and Beatrice, a twin brother named James that she likes to push around and a stuffed teddy bear called “the James Bear” because she stole it from him. She would be adorable in this dress.

  • I have a 2 year old niece named Emma, and she has 3 cats…Bagel, Gumpy, and Monkey, and a boxer named Mambo.

  • Meggie – and friend of son’s from daycare – the sweetest 4 year old you’ve ever met with the most amazing blue eyes. One dog, a Westie named Abbie.

  • I’d love to make this for my friend’s daughter, Shaun. She has two goldfish, Nemo and I forget the other one (starts with an a). I keep in contact by knitting, since they moved to NC and we live in PA.

  • My 6 yo Iris is the fashion-plate of the house. We have no pets, but her constant companion is a stuffy named Puppy.

  • Granddaughter Grace Marie would love to have an Emma Peel dress, as she wears a school uniform every day and simply LIVES for weekend dress-up time! She’s 5 1/2, has a fighting fish (of unknown name) and two brothers.

  • My little one is named Lyndee Jo (after her great-grandpa Lynn D.and she would look so cute in this little dress, with a matching shawl.

  • I would make this dress for my neice, McKenzie. She does not have any pets, but she desperately wants a cat. (Christmas is coming…)

  • I would love to make it for Julia, a dear friend’s daughter. She has a golden retriever named Oliver but she calls him Oli. I have knit for her before and she is precious!

  • Mine would be made for Skyler Lane whose dogs are Wiley and Murphy.

  • For my granddaughter Gabriela Beatriz who is almost 2. The family dog is Stormy. Her constant companions are her “gato” and her “bebe”, as well as her two hand-knit blankies, known as “nanas”.

  • Neta (3 y/o), whose cat goes by the name of Rambo.

  • Mine wwould be for a little girl at our church. She would love a nice dress for Christmas.

  • Her name is Maile and she has a black cat named Kitty Hawk. She is a dancer and has a wild imagination.

  • My daughter Audrey would look so cute in this! She has a dog Maggie, who she likes to chase around the house.

  • I would love to knit that up for my Gabrielle and she has a cat named Coco, whom she loves very much!

  • Lila (age 4 1/2) would LOVE this dress.
    And our cat Simon, a retired gentleman of 15 years, loves when I sit still and knit for hours on end.

  • I would LOVE to make this for my little friend Hyla. She has a dog named Gryfe, 2 cats named Hudson & Oyster. Not to mention countless stuffies…

  • Ella, who has FOUR pets: dogs Andy and Denis, and cats Joecat and Sylva.

  • I would knit the dress for my granddaughter, Maggie, who will be 5 years old in December. Her pets are two cats, Jasmine and Meadow, and she would really like to have my dog, Belle.

  • Oh, my! Ms. Emma Peel?!?! (see my profile picture for blogger… and my blog’s name is an Avengers reference!). My best friend’s daughter, Josephine, would LOVE this! Because, she ONLY wears dresses and skirts. She doesn’t have any pets, but does have an American Girl doll that is a member of the family!

  • Abigail, age 5, would look sharp dressed to the nines while she fills the bird feeder on the window and keeps her cat, Gata (short for Hola Gatita,) from scaring the birds away.

  • For my as yet unamed future great niece. She doesn’t know it yet, but she has a dog named Percy.

  • My 4-year-old, Annika, LOVES dresses. She helps take care of the family dog, Roxy.

  • My niece Chelsea, and since her paternal grandfather is a veterinarian, she has three dogs….a Australian Shepherd named Rex, a Boston Terrier named Roxy and a Shih Tzu named Sid.

  • I actually have 2 little girls to make dresses for. My nieces are just 6 months old (Katie and Molly) but would fit the smallest size by the time I could finish 2 dresses! Their cat’s name is Bernadetta.
    My little girl is too big (14) for the dress, but she could certainly work it with the best of them!

  • Princess Curly-Wurly
    10years and four days
    Puppy promised last weekend for a birthday and to be chosen in the New Year.

  • Aly who has a Standard Poodle named Olive.

  • Since my own girls are too old for this dress (at ages 10 and 14, they both wear women’s sizes 2-4), I’d make this for Elizabeth or Madeleine, my two-year-old twin nieces. They live in North Carolina, so the sleeveless factor isn’t a problem.
    Though I’d *have* to buy yarn for a second dress, because who could choose? Win-win for Classic Elite, eh?
    E and M have no pets, but they’re expecting a baby sister in January. Would she count? My own girls are expecting their three cats from Indonesia before Christmas–their father in returning from an overseas work assignment, and we repatriated early for school. . .

  • I would love to make the dress for Wren who arrived in the US last week from China. She’s the new daughter of our neighbors and good friends (and the only girl on a block of 7 boys). She is only one but by next summer she would look smashing in an Emma Peel dress. She has a black rabbit named Charlotte (Wilbur, her biting friend died last year much to my relief). She also has 4 chickens but they live in the back yard. Neither of her parents, alas, knit.

  • My little grandaughter is 3 and her name is Caelan. Her dog, a (large)golden Retriever, is named River. They are both precious!! Happy Thanksgiving to all you celebrating.

  • I would knit if for my 15-month old daughter, named Rheanna who is obsessed with cats, especially her own cat, Meeko. She is so obsessed with cats, anything with 4 legs and a tail is a cat (obsessed or logical, take your pick!)

  • I’d be making mine for my niece Manhatttan (yep, that’s really her name but she goes by Mattie). She’s a cutie with a dog named Kim Chee.

  • Pheobe, who lives next door, is 5 1/2, and, thanks to Waldorf, a knitter herself. She has a golden retriever named Bear and will be thrilled to watch her dress take shape πŸ™‚

  • Free yarn and little girl dresses. What’s not to love?

  • Miss Abigail RubyAnn is my adopted niece. She is 18 months old, and has a Chocolate Lab named Rufus.

  • my sweet g-baby is Sophi and she has the sass to pull off the outfit. No pets as yet – she thinks they are a bit scary.

  • aw, that dress is ADORABLE, and so is the kid (the socks remind me of my daughter’s sock choices, hee).
    Rabbit is five (going on sixteen) and we have a black kitty, two dogs, and two ferrets. πŸ™‚

  • My daughter Annelise would love this dress! She is 6 years old and very fashion conscious. She has an black lab/German Shepherd mix named Hayley-doggers and a Maine Coone kitty named Nikki.

  • I would whip this up for an adorable little girl named Gracie.. she is 2.5 yrs old and has a doggy named Mojo. πŸ™‚

  • My little Sylvia is 19 months old but she’ll probably be 2-1/2 by the time I finish a dress for her. She has a greyhound named Birdy, who knocks her down at least 3 times a day.

  • My god daughter Violet would love this little dress. She has two little puddles Cleo and Ellie, but she calls them both Cleo. πŸ™‚

  • I would really like to knit this dress for Emilie, my youngest niece. She is a wiry blonde, a sunny girl who seems to be able to meet the harder facts of life with strenght and courage. Emilie is fond of all animals (and my dogs love her), but cats in particular. She has three spoiled cat ladies: Majsan, Maja and Snippan.
    Actually, Emilie is a pretty good knitter herself. I taught her to knit when she was five years old, and by now she can knit scarves for herself. Like all knitters, she understands the true value of knitted items so I knit a lot for her.

  • I’d make it for my niece Emma. Seriously. And no pets for her yet…

  • Two little girls, nearly 4 year old Maisy (my niece)and 9 month old Amelia (friend’s daughter – once done with the Maisy dress, I think I’d have enough of a handle on the pattern to make a tiny version of one). Neither has any pets. The pink/green combo is my favorite – since it’s so floral like, and both little girls’ middle name is Rose.

  • My niece Willow, who doesn’t have any pets but loves to terrorize Grandma’s cat Tigger.

  • I would make this for Caitlyn, who has a golden lab named Mo.

  • The Emma dress would be perfect now for Olivia, who will be 6 in January, and then it could be handed down to my newest niece, baby Katie who only 6 months old.

  • My great grandaughter, Dawn Marie, would look so cute in this. Matter of fact she looks cute in anything but I would really love to make it for her. She has no pets but wants a puppy for Christmas. Maybe….

  • I know the odds are not in my favor…really….but you never know.
    I would make it for my granddaughter, Jasmine. She has a dog-a mutt-named Dog. Not very imaginative I know, but she named Dog when she was very little!!!
    Joanie R.

  • Gigi! Two pet labradors. A hyperact