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  • Must get me some of those delurking buttons! Love the vintage velvet, too.

  • That purple scarf is great!!! De-lurking here, HI!!!

  • OK I will de-lurk! Hello! Great, gorgeous scarves — well done!

  • OK, you’ve shamed me into the light! I made the Vintage Velvet scarf in a color I call Peridot (it sounds better than lime green or chartreuse) and it is my favorite and most frequently used knit project. I was REALLY scared when I took it out of the washer and it looked like a wet dog. I forged ahead and it turned out spectacularly!

  • FABulous hair and scarves, dahling!If it’s any consolation, I didn’t find out about delurking week until yesterday. Doh!

  • Oh, bother. I had looked at the Vintage Velvet scarf in the book, priced the yarn, and steeled myself to walk away, like a relationship you know is just going to leave you snarfing down the Ben and Jerry’s.
    Now you’ve made me lust for it all over again.

  • A friend, Bonnie, is working on the vintage scarf in a mulberry color and worries over the wash/dry every time I see her. I’m going to show her your pictures. Absolutely beautiful. I just might have to buy the yarn for myself!

  • Great highlights … hair and yarn 🙂

  • De-lightful, de-lovely, de-lurking!

  • oooh, that velvet yarn looks lovely! But the prize goes to the Button of Your President – why did it make me laugh more than the others? Trying to be serious (but I am clutching a glass of wine) x x x

  • ps – the hair looks fantastic! Hope you kept that scarf, as you gave the cashmere away…

  • De-lurking week? I must be under a rock. I’m impressed with how that Touch Me stuff worked out. I am one of those who took it for fluff. No more!

  • MC Cashmere. Oh dear. I touched it once. I think I fainted.

  • Pretty, pretty scarves and pretty, pretty hair! I LOVE how you wrapped the blue one up, I’ll have to do that next time. That last button gave me the giggles. I resolve not to lurk this year!

  • Not de-lurking, just saying hello again. Love that vintage velvet scarf.

  • Love both of those scarves. If you love the washed Touch Me, you should try Steph’s eyemask knitty pattern. I got 2, nearly 3, out of 1 ball.

  • Gorgeous projects!! I’m love… But since the cost of all the darn described in your post today probably equals a mortgage payment, I’m able to contain myself. 🙂

  • Hi, I’m de-lurking. I read you guys most of the time but I don’t often have anything to say comment-wise. Plus when there are lots of commenters there seems to be less of a point. But I enjoy the blog very much and appreciate all the effort y’all put into it.

  • I’ve seen the Vintage Velvet in person and it’s fabulous! I had to wash my hands 39 times before I was allowed to lightly run my finger over the fantastic fabric, but it was worth every nanosecond before Kay gave me the look that said maybe you should wash your hands again. Thanks Kay!

  • Hi! I’m delurking. I love reading this blog, it gives me such good ideas. Thanks! And I can’t wait to read the book!

  • in the spirit of de-lurking, love the highlights girl! and the scarves are just as lovely.

  • Love the scarf–I’ve been loving it for ages in the book but cannot make myself sacrifice the dosh for it. $60 for the scarf……plus would I wear it? I love my clap and wear it every day.
    But you do make a VERY CONVINCING case for it….mmmmmmm……Touch Me……

  • delurking to say that both scarfs and great……love the buttons, too.

  • Thanks for the scarf updates – I too had doubted the wonders of vintage velvet. I have knit scarves with chenille before with dubious results and was afraid that a hot wash and dry would result in vintage of the worm holed variety. Good to know otherwise.
    Have a happy weekend!

  • Not only have you convinced me to de-lurk (I enjoy your blog daily and never have commented), but you’ve convinced me to drag my Vintage Velvet scarf out of the UFO pile and finish it! Thanks for all your wonderful words about knitting and life! Carmela

  • Not only have you convinced me to de-lurk (I enjoy your blog daily and never have commented), but you’ve convinced me to drag my Vintage Velvet scarf out of the UFO pile and finish it! Thanks for all your wonderful words about knitting and life! Carmela

  • I knitted a vintage velvet scarf for my sister-in-law in that exact same color! Unfortunately, I forget to take pictures for my blog, mind if I steal yours? (Just kidding).

  • Uh oh, I have been considering TM for a very small, very posh baby blanket, and your post may have put me over the edge. I love ya’lls blog, and I am my own Mason-Dixon knitter, having moved from Georgia (with a 10 year pitstop in the PNW) to Wisconsin.
    I think you two are hands down doing some of the best and funniest writing on the net. Thank you!

  • What? Ya inna competition? Ya gotta getta count of how many ways we can all say “Oh my goodness, that’s great”?
    Cause it is, and it always is. It’s always rockin’ over here, that’s why your site meter is prolly through the roof.
    Just a reminder to have a little faith in your lurkers, they love you, that’s why we’re here, and they hate scrolling through 48 comments that say “Ooooo, ahhhh” to see the two interesting tips that come up. I’m just trying to keep the proportions up.
    Yeah, that’s it…
    Also, I think it’s lovely that you’re knitting cashmere that’s like denim. Everything is better if it’s indigo dyed, right?
    And it is lovely. I do oooooo.

  • I could never justify the price of Touch Me. But maybe I had better rethink that….

  • Gah! Delurking here. Quite lovely scarves!

  • de-lurking again here —
    love the scarves — esp the touch me — i have 10 balls of that at home just waiting to be knitted up into a scarf for me and one for a really good friend.

  • OK Amber, here’s your prize for commenting:
    Two interesting tips!
    1. You can keep an opened jar of mayonnaise in your refrigerator for 2 months.
    2. Pop-Tarts will last 6 months unopened in the pantry.
    Going back to lurking. Kay does such a nice job with the blog, I’m going to leave it all to her.
    PS I like the way Kay conflates indigo, felting, and chenille into one tasty projeck!

  • Bee-youtiful scarves. I have some Touch Me in the stash (oh, how I love you, eBay!!) … methinks I shall be casting on soon ….

  • You’ve shamed me into delurking! I love your blog, keep it up! I’m glad to know that the Touch Me yarn is worth the price. I want to make that scarf but woo wee — what a pricey one!

  • Wait…that scarf uses FIVE skeins of Touch Me? Jesus Mary and Joesph! If I knew how to multiply in my head I’d faint!

  • Daily stalker, finally delurking. Love your blog best of all…

  • I read you daily.. I wish you lived next door so we could laugh and laugh and knit…. nancy

  • How long is your Mt Colors cashmere scarf? I needed four (count’em, four) for a ribbed scarf for my DH. Came in at about 50 inches, but is relatively dense. Be still my heart. I told him I was going to bury him in it.
    Knitting with cashmere is addictive.

  • Delurking to say “Hello!” and “Love your blog!” 🙂

  • The velvet number is scarferiffic!

  • Oh my gosh! I’m de-lurking to say: WE TOTALLY NEED A HANDKNIT ROBOT OLYMPIC MASCOT! Duh. Can’t believe nobody thought of it sooner. :o)

  • I am de-lurking all the way from Beijing, China. I love reading your blog.

  • I only found out about Delurking week a couple days ago (from Jessalu), so don’t feel too badly!!

  • I LOVE that vintage velvet scarf. I have the yarn for it as well. I almost fainted when I saw the price per ball – and that the yardage per ball was so small. BUT, everyone I know who has made it thinks it is really incredible. I can’t wait to get through some of these lingering UFOs. (I promised, promised, promised not to cast on anything new. I have, however, been known to break a UFO promise now and then). I think mine is the same color as yours. I can’t wait!!!
    PS – I am delurking.

  • wondering if we can find some touch me on ebay, it does look beautiful.

  • Well, you’re not the last to know about de-lurking week. That’d be me… Thanks for posting about it!
    I have a confession to make. I have never heard of- let alone *seen*- Meunsch Touch Me yarn. Want. 🙂

  • Kay, love the scarves and, for that matter, the baby blanket squares. Ann, thanks for the tips. Should I be worried about that jar of mayo that’s been languishing in my refrigerator since, um, September?

  • Delurking to say: I love the look on people’s faces when they find out that they have to throw their $60 scarf in the washing machine… That might require a stiff trip to the lounge!

  • Delurking tho I have posted once before. Love the scarf, love the perfect sweater, andn most of all Blu which went to a quite pregnant friend of mine who could not believe how cute they were and how talented I am..but I am only following a pattern…..

  • But Kay, (and I quote) “Neve she is a gentle, kind and elegant snowball; Gliz he is a lively, playful ice cube.” What’s not to love?

  • I have to admit that I have been regressing into lurkerdom lately. Thanks for the reminder to comment more often! Very nice scarves!!

  • Ah – two scarves I truly appreciate and love. Two of my very favorite handknits just so happen to be my Mountain Colors cashmere scarf and my Vintage Velvet! Wouldn’t a bathrobe out of Touch Me be nice?

  • Joining the delurkers–really like your blog and the set up you two have going on here…
    I was just browsing through Scarf Style today and really liked the vintage velvet, though the wash/dry thing did sound scary! Yours looks great.

  • delurking from Michigan to say I sure love those two scarves!!! Makes me want to go right out and buy scarf style!

  • that hair does have a certain Cheryl Tiegs je-ne-sais-quoi about it.

  • A gal from Texas here, de-lurking. Love the site!

  • Um…*de-lurk*
    the scarves look great. b^^d

  • OK, De-Lurking commences! Thanks for writing one of my favorite blogs! I am green with envy over the vintage velvet scarf. If only I could find some way to aquire the yarn without having to pay for it myself…I need a sugar mama/daddy/yarn store owner!

  • Okay, since you insist. I read everyday, but have never left a comment until now.

  • Delurking to say that I bought my 220 Quatro 5011 at Mary Neal’s urging. “You can do this” she told me, even thought I’ve never knitted a sweater. My panic has yet to set in because the yarn is lovely.

  • I love the cashmere scarf; I love Mountain Colors’ colors. How many pennies a day would I have to save to have such a scarf next winter? 😉

  • In the spirit of De-Lurking, I will leave a comment to say that your scarves are bee-you-ti-ful! Hopefully someday my knitting skills will be such that I can accomplish something like you have. ~Sarah

  • What do you call de-lurking if you’re a 97% versus 100% lurker? Anyway, that’s what I’m doing…

  • I love my Touch Me scarf, it’s the first one I reach for when it’s yucky outside.

  • Delurking to say hello and that this is one of my favorite knitting blogs. Thanks!

  • Another de-lurker here. Lovely scarves!

  • Can one re-de-lurk? If one has de-lurked then re-lurked….well, hi.

  • In the spirit of the National De-Lurking Week, I’ve to re-de-lurk here :D).

  • Ah, I’ve been wanting to make that vintage velvet scarf!

  • Okay, so I’m not completely de-lurking, since I’ve commented here and there, but it’s rare, so I’ll say hello again – and how fabulous is that cashmere scarf! I love it!

  • Well crap! I was admiring the photo of your hair thinking it was some awesome colored lace yarn and had to go back and read carefully.

  • oh and some people claim its delurking month btw. I think thats kewl~ it used to be a day[yrs ago] then a week and is now morphing into a month ;^>

  • You make me so jealous of living in Australia. I’ve been reading this blog for ages now (and not commented until now), and while I adore looking at your work, it’s scary how close I have come to ordering huge amounts of wool from the northern hemisphere. My parents swear I shall never own a credit card (I am only 16).

  • hehe, ok I am delurking. Just wanted to say hi and that I love the site.

  • De-lurking here. Have the book. Need the yarn for the scarves. the vintage velvet would make an awesome gift for my mom’s chemo nurse- she’s an absolute angel. Pray tell what color of the “Touch Me” is that? Mauve or Purple?

  • Oh wow. That purple velvet. Wow. ~x~

  • In the name of preventing terrorism, I am delurking to say hello. You ladies keep me laughing and inspired. Thanks!

  • De-lurking is still occurring! Your button bag made me want to felt! I plan on de-stashing this year, and that’s one of the first ten projects! I swear, no really…ok, first twenty…ok, it’s on the list…=0)

  • I just made an ever-so-soft Touch Me hat for a dear friend undergoing chemo. She wasn’t allowed to put it on until everyone in the room had fondled it. I can’t imagine the hedonistic joy of having a scarf made out of Touch Me. What a treat!!

  • Love the scarves, esp the vintage velvet!

  • I’m delurking (or is what I’m doing unlurking?); I love your site.
    Have you seen Victorian Velvet in the book Wrap Style? Twenty balls of Touch Me. I’m dying.

  • Where is the appropriate place on this blog to make disparaging comments about Ben Swift? Let’s FOCUS, people!

  • The Vintage Scarf is the most beautiful thing you have ever made. Next to Carrie and Joseph, of course.
    Be warned. I want it.

  • Those are two great scarves. First time to your blog. I made the same “feather and fan” pattern that you made in cashmere. Mine “curled in” and would not lay flat even with steaming. Did you have the same problem?
    Will try to email picture later.
    Keep on knitting that good knitting. Wendy