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  • Am I truly the first one to comment? Wow. Even though I didn’t see my squares in the picture, I feel famous now that my name is included in the list! Even if it is linkless…who knows, maybe someday I will have a blog…if anyone’s really dying to “meet” me, I’m Huron on Ravelry. :-)Looking forward to seeing the finished blankets!

  • I have that grey. And nearly that citron/limey/yummy/not-quite-solid green, too. But no, I did not make that KILLER GORGEOUS square, as you point out, that honor belongs to Ann. Wow.
    I’m excited about the sew-up (I will email, no need to take the info from this comment), but also excited to know about the Phila*Craft HQ activities. I know there is NOTHING BORING about that.

  • “I am getting so hot I’m gonna take my handknit merino wool sweater off…and a little bit ah aha…and a little bit a Uh huh…”

  • you know how to warm my heart, kay.
    look at all those squares!! are there rubbermaid (TM) containers big enough?

  • I see my squares are among friends….

  • I love the little square tip. It’s like the square is waving hi!
    (I’m afraid to ask how many squares you have, because it looks like a riotous pile.)

  • I KNEW they’d keep coming in. And given the delays of holiday rush at the post office, I believe you will be “snowed in” next week as well. WOW!

    I’m so like busted.
    Those Partials (that’s what I called them) really got me thinking about doing a whole blanket of Partials, all partial in different ways. I’m telling you, you and yer blankets and squares and stuff, they mess with a person.
    That is a totally SICK (sick the way 8 year olds who skateboard say it) pile of squares. Good sick.

  • I will be there my dear! full of flax seeds.

  • I’m just totally enjoying this, Kay. Wish I could be there for the great sew up.

  • Ann (from previous post) – I hear ya’ – Sick (we would have maybe said cool or even “rad” – I have a 14 yr. old teenage boy – I guess I’m still learning).
    Question for all: I, too, am addicted (to the squares.) I’m still going strong, but for personal gratification. I won’t send in anymore squares unless I hear a need. I am considering a baby blanket or something. My question is, when I get to the last three stitches to bind off, my corner is rather “holely”. Does anybody have a trick?

  • Have a great sew up party! Wish I lived close enough to come. I’m glad you enjoyed the fun fact about the Hefty Bag yarn 🙂 Truly a pleasure to use it for such a good project …

  • Kay, you rule. Thanks for the “linkerator” laugh. And good luck with the sewing. Phew.

  • I’m feeling less guilty about only having time to get a few squares done. Thank you! 🙂 How many blankets-worth do you think you have? That’s one big load of squares!

  • i am in such good company
    so many fine knitters
    kay will have quite a square
    dance on the 17th
    the little squares could make
    a pillow top and a small sachet—
    and make some to hang on the tree

  • I am so rarely truly lost for words…

  • Kay? One four-hour session? I.don’t.THINK.so. Amazing. I can imagine your brain exploding on us about the possible layouts. Fun!!! XOXO

  • Look at that explosion of squares! My squares look happy to finally be amongst their peers. And my little girl was so excited to see her name on the list… thanks for that!
    I eagerly await the final layout. I can only imagine just how spectacular it will be… I only wish I could help with the sewing up, but alas, a cross-country flight would be impossible right now. I’m sure you’ll have many eager hands, though, sewing lots of love into that blanket.

  • I’m a slacker and didn’t catch up on my blog reading until today, so I have no squares. 🙁
    However, I do live in NYC, so I’ll come to the sew-up with my bits of sock yarn to help in the finishing phase. I love sock yarn, but I hate making socks. This project has inspired me to glance at sock yarn again. Enablers!

  • Could you post, rather prominently, where we can invest in winning the resulting (probably several) afghans?
    Or is that too premature?
    Anyhow, can’t wait to see what others have wrought. This is one of the best uses of the Internet that I can imagine – the needs of the one inspiring the work and fun of the many.

  • I cannot wait to see the final fabulous results.
    I didn’t contribute any squares although I would love to help with the sewing up…. are you still in need of volunteers?

  • ann, are you going to NY for the gittin ‘er done?

  • I so wish I could come help sew up squares! I’d love to see them in person, the colours, the feel of them, the love knitted into each one! But I live too far away. I’ll be there in spirit, ‘k? samm

  • I am so amazed. And yet not. When we first asked for cloths for Cloths for Katrina (and now when we ask for Cloths for Crisis) this is the sort of response we got (get) from knitters far and wide.
    We all deserve a standing ovation for being the most caring wonderful folks in the world. With terrific leaders! Like you gals!

  • I don’t see mine in there yet. I know there’s a big pile arriving along with my squares, and there’s a mighty pile there already. Hmmm, d’you think the total will reach 1000 squares?

  • I think I might be a little bit in love with the grey square and it’s tantalising bit of citrus. And to Ann – please do make an entire piece out of squares like that, please, yes, please do.

  • Invasion of the Sock Squares…
    I’m beginning to feel reminded of that old StarTrek episode ‘Trouble with Tribbles’…

  • “trouble with tribbles”—oh yes indeedy, that’s it in a nutshell!
    Kudos to everyone involved. All of y’all are absolutely awesome. I didn’t get a clue until much too late to participate but am inspired for other worthy projects.

  • but…but… I sent squares a while back (before Thanksgiving), and don’t seem to have ‘made the roster’ anywhere… sadsadsad.