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  • What a great adventure! I wish I could figure out how to use my drop spindle so I could drop spin in public like Ann.

  • My favourite scrabble “word” is “firmhugly,” as in, “He clasped her firmhugly to his chest.” The other option was “chugly.” It’s a way to drink beer, as if I had to tell you guys that….

  • it’s not enough you make fun of my astronomical vocabulary, you have the audacity to post un-photoshopped pictures!

  • And there we are. Ann and I, in our natural habitat, screaming at each other on the street.
    My poor baby. Do you think you can be embarrassed by your mother when you’re only six months old?
    Thank you for your fabulous hospitality.
    Oh and it was OREL. And it so to a word.

  • umm, is that a real live friendship bracelet in the first picture?

  • That baby just tugs at your heart!
    Six months? It seems like almost yesterday when Kay was making that sweater…Baby and sweater are looking good.
    Not knowing the rule about multiple handknits, I just really like the cozy look of it all. What happy baby!

  • Wicked cute, that baby (and lovely sweater, too)!
    If you’re on Facebook, there’s Word Challenge as well, but some of their “words” leave a bit to be desired.

  • Could you please explain the rule about multiple hand knits?
    Thanks! Kate

  • Could you please explain the rule about multiple hand knits?
    Thanks! Kate

  • Could you please explain the rule about multiple hand knits?
    Thanks! Kate

  • I don’t know for sure if Kate meant to post in triplicate when asking about multiples, but I am assuming she did and being very amused by her cleverness.
    Also – if I dig back in the blog will I find the pattern name for that sweet sweater? The baby probably makes it even sweeter, but it looks like a wonderful knit.

  • What a brillig baby! She’s … SO … CUTE!!!
    And the sweater is cute, too, of course.

  • Oops, I should have said “What a *FRABJOUS* baby”. I thought brillig had something to do with brilliant and sunny, but it means four o’clock in the afternoon — tea time. Frabjous is ‘probably a blend of fair, fabulous and joyous’. That’s the word I was looking for.

  • Oh, Kay, anytime you’re looking for a punctilious Scrabulous partner, I’ll happily play you an email game! So fun! Emails you can really look forward to.

  • I love it when one blogger visits another blogger in real life. It’s so science fiction, in the very best of ways1

  • I love it when one blogger visits another blogger. It is kind of science fictiony and fun at the same time.

  • my husband’s favourite scrabble word was “moneyjugs” with a triple word score, but I wouldn’t let him keep it. Great looking baby and sweater.

  • I laughed so hard at the “…still had Saran Wrap on it” that the cat jumped off my lap in a huff. Your take on food is so like mine. Bite first, think later. I’m still smiling.

  • happy holiday
    adorable baby and knitting

  • What a sweet child! Love the sweater and was wondering where I could find the pattern for the blanket.

  • is it bad that i recognised the baby in the picture as Meli before i even read the post? but then, she’s such a photogenic child!

  • Such a sweet set of pictures! I’d also love to know where that sweater pattern could be found, ’cause I’m all about that baby knitting (or at least the baby-knitting-pattern collecting).

  • I stopped playing Scrabble after a while, because I just felt guilty playing with my husband (who is a 2 cent worder), who I was consistently crushing in the worst way.
    Now we play Quiddler, which is a lot of fun and makes it quite possible for a 2 cent worder to beat the pants off the 10 cent worder with a bit of thought and luck.

  • Ah, good stuff! Amstel holder!
    I love it here!