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  • I’ve been crying since I read the news this morning. So unbelievably heartbreaking. I really felt like I knew her, and was so excited for their family and their road trip adventure. So very sad.

  • I just can’t believe it! Words fail.

  • this is so tragic. Just last month a friend of my passed away leaving her three children motherless (her youngest is only a few months old). I ache for these children.

  • This is very sad news. I am not familiar with her blog, but will spend some time there now. Ann and Kay, I want you to know that Ann’s description of Kathreen expresses how I feel about both of you and MDK. And I hope to meet you for coffee someday!

  • God, those poor kids! Unbelievable.

  • I appreciate you bringing this news to us. I’ve been reading her blog for so long, and it’s probably because you shared her great creativity with us.

  • And her husband too? What on earth could have happened? Those poor children. What a tragedy.

  • I saw this via Twitter this morning and I was just beside myself with shock. She was so vibrant that even to think of her being gone is somehow even more horrifying.

  • This is so, so sad. I’ve read WhipUp for the longest time and so enjoyed Kathreen’s voice on all sorts of things, from crafting to parenting. I’ve been following her and her family’s adventures on their road trip and to hear about this is just awful. My heart goes out to her two children and the relatives caring for them.

  • My mouth is dry. My eyes are not. I cannot believe it. Thank you for alerting me to the news.

  • Holy $hit. Sorry. But I swear when it is called for. That is absolutely terrible. It was my worst fear as a daughter, and now my worst fear as a parent. My mom died when I was 28, I can’t imagine how life would change for a 13 year old. My heart aches for their children!
    Now I’m also sad that I had never heard of her or her blog until today.

  • I’m as shocked as you. I saw this on the News last night but no names had been released. Thank goodness the children have family to care for hem. Life is fragile, and this brings it home.

  • Kathreen’s Whipup was one of my happiest Zite discoveries. Like everyone else, I feel terrible for the children.

  • would it be possible to whip up a dishcloth pattern to raise funds? I have pounds of cotton, and not afraid to use it. I know I’d buy a pattern to help those kids, and what a lovely way to remember Kathreen.

  • So very sad, my heart goes out to her children.

  • So very sad, my heart goes out to her children.

  • Heartbreaking loss to whipup followers and especially her children. Thank you for sharing such difficult news.

  • I have been following this blog for years and most recently her latest blog about their trip. What tragic news.

  • My heart is broken. I have followed her blog for many years and was so envious of her wonderful camping adventure with her family. It is just incomprehensible that this could happen.

  • I’m so very sorry to hear of this devastating loss for the children, their other family members, and for the many people she inspired through her blog. Prayers.

  • I am sorry for your loss, Ann, and for the loss of all who knew Kathreen through her work, and of course, so sorry for her children. May her spirit be infused in them so they eventually go forth from this to create beauty in their own time.