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  • Dear Ann and Kay. Thank you for sharing this news, the photos and for celebrating Kathreen’s life. I’m pretty sure that I found your blog through whipup. Certainly, I found the on-line knitting community through whipup. I wrote a post about it here – http://frontporchknits.com/2013/05/24/72/. I hope that once the healing begins, Kathreen’s children can look back on all of this with joy and pride.

  • “Stay creative” posted!

  • I had not heard of Kathreen Ricketson prior to reading your recent posts. I have, however, followed your blogsince friend gave me the first Mason-Dixon book a few years ago. What I’ve learned is that you two fabulous women represent what is good about knitters…you are kind, loving, witty, generous and downright good-hearted. I respect and admire you both and thank you for always bringing us, your followers, opportunities to give back to the world. Thank you!