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  • Happy birthday, Alberto! Happy hats to you, Kay.

  • Most random Kay post ever. Love it! That Julia girl is crazy. She must have been lurking the the halls of the auction ready to kick some lady in the knees and hide her paddle.
    That’s exactly what the uniforms look like! It’s been bugging me all week. Now, if someone would just get those girls to pull up their damn pants. Aren’t they nervous they’ll flash the world?

  • No way. Me Daddy, who was drafted (but sadly never played a day before his untimely demise) by the Red Sox farm team (and I do mean farm — he was a farm boy from the hills o’ Vermont) — had a uniform EXACTLY LIKE THAT. It was WOOL. I kid you not. It was my most cherished possession, and it was lost in a flood. So don’t poke fun at those uniforms. Although I must admit, they look rather uncomfortable on those snowboarders. But hey, they’re our only gold medalists, so we gotta love ’em!!!!

  • Oh Alberto – so sweet! I would’ve grabbed his hand and spun him, just once for LUCK! (Twirling also guarentees a Happy Birthday – I know, I’m still a little dizzy!)
    What I really want to comment on is the COOL(io) Indigo hat – I adore its tufty goodness – and you are right it will be WARM. Well done!

  • Warm, snuggly hats! Knit on, you crazy hat-knitter, you.
    And a big happy birthday to Alberto!

  • Doubting your hatting ability? Who??? Doing great, I think. New Olympic Challenge – can you work a mitred square into one of them????? (falls off chair, laughing manically….) x x x


  • Fantastic auction result,not least because it’s going to live where it will be loved and appreciated.
    Fab hats [and hat modelling] ! Go Kay ! Or something…
    Alberto makes me feel quite ashamed and very lumbering. :-[

  • Good god. I hope I’m still walking when I’m 90, let alone running and chatting.
    The hats look great! Gooooooo Kay!

  • Go Fryin’ Tater! Sizzle while the oil’s hot. Woah, I have a vision of a hashbrown hat now. Better back slowly away from the imagery before anyone gets hurt.
    I was thinking the US Snowboarding team got their new uniforms from a Yankee firesale or something. I still heart Danny Kass, no matter how goofy the uniform.

  • i am enjoying your blogs almost as much as watching the olympics themselves!
    i had more to say from here – way up north in montreal, but the baby just started crying. go olympic knitters go! i am swatching as i watch. ok gotta go (go canada go! and the u.s.too)

  • Kay, your productivity is surprising even to me, who has some understanding of your unearthly ability to produce handknits on the hour, every hour.
    Think of all those heads you are covering! I love this so much!
    And Alberto. A national treasure, that one. He made me get off my butt and take a hike around the ‘hood this morning.

  • Is there enough room in Central Park for all those hats? They’re spreadin’ like waldfar!

  • Thank you for the Wings of Desire story – I’m going to stop moaning about being 40 now – nice hats.

  • way cool.. I am also on hat #5.. got behind so I threw in a charity sweater I was makin’. It’s amazing how fast they go with big needles and chunky yarn. just like ya said. I feel like I have a friend in you. nancy L

  • way cool.. I am also on hat #5.. got behind so I threw in a charity sweater I was makin’. It’s amazing how fast they go with big needles and chunky yarn. just like ya said. I feel like I have a friend in you. nancy L

  • ah, kay, the glory days of our running are now running through my head in big and bold colours! and, so glad you ran into alberto, so to speak and that you were able to wish him a happy 90th b-day. i LOVE alberto, the man who makes us feel good about our running, no matter how unimpressive and lackluster it is. and the weird thing is i saw him with jamie about a week or so ago while we were in a cab going from here to there! when i saw i shouted, “hey, that’s alberto.” jamie quickie echoed the same.
    love the hats and your committment to team dulaan. your hats are going to make a little one feel v. warm and important.
    and, one more thing, as to you thinking you do not look so terrific, au contraire…..(a running memory if ever there was one!!) you love mahvelous, darling. the knit lit life really agrees with you.
    (who, is still without a home computer but hopeful that her brother will make all well this weekend!!)

  • Shvitizing? Knitting AND vocabulary-building, all in one blog–could it get any better?
    A very Happy Birthday to you, Alberto! What a great attitude you have, and may you continue to enjoy abundant life and health for many more years!