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  • your kiri is gorgeous! very interested in knitting both kiri and birch now. your description of kiri’s added features intrigues me. i think i could really use them both.

  • Kiri is so gorgeous! I like the colour!


  • Hey, that cast-off edge looks great!
    Your friend is very lucky; it’s beautiful.
    Mary de B

  • Oh my gosh! The nailbiting! The suspense! I couldn’t handle it. I don’t know how you managed to push through. But it’s beautiful! Your friend Martin is so lucky–on all fronts! A new hubby AND a lovely shawl handmade by a great friend.
    I’m getting back to you on Le Reunion. I didn’t want you to think I was giving you the brush-off. Proper RSVP coming soon.

  • Gorgeous.Simply beautiful.

  • I totally fell for your April Fool and was astonished that you would rip the whole thing back! Silly me. 🙂
    It’s gorgeous!

  • *gasp*
    I’m . . . speechless.
    However, I will strut and crow about my confidence that you would have plenty to finish that off. but again,

  • You totally lost me and I refused to read anymore after you said this was your first lace project. In fact, I may never come back and read you again.*
    *April Fool! but seriously. I’m just totally jealous that this was your first lace project and it’s so gorgeous. Chartreuse with envy. But chartreuse is my color, actually, so it’s all good.

  • Loved the april fool joke and also love the finished shawl. Congratulations- I am well and truly inspired to try one myself. The finishing details are great -thanks for showing such fabulous photos.

  • This is sooo beautiful and I’m definately going to be knitting one after seeing yours!

  • oh, I am an April fool! I am so glad you had enough yarn. What a lovely wedding gift.

  • Chartreuse. Love it. When I was a kid we had a couch in that color…in vinyl. You’re probably the only person who could make me pine after a shawl. So lovely. Really great.

  • The shawl is lovely! I have some kidsilk haze stashed and have been pondering whether to make Kiri or Birch…

  • It’s lovely and at least 5 yards left!!! I was quaking as I only had less than a couple of feet.

  • Your liberal use of pins never fails to impress me to no end. And you have that fabulous finished Kiri shawl as a reward. Drape it around your shoulders proudly, my dear!

  • Oh, it’s soooo beautiful. Love it!

  • It’s fantabuousa, Ann. I thought Hubbo’s comment in the last post was particularly funny – I can’t believe you reeled him in as well.

  • It’s awesome! I’ve grounded myself from lace – but this, this may make me jump again!

  • Beauty.
    It’s a lovely thing, and destined to be loved beyond all measure. I am an enormous fan of the full immersion, many pin block technique….does my heart good. Do you think maybe you couldn’t get really good scallops because it’s cotton?

  • oh ann, it’s just lovely. I can’t say how surprised I am each time to visit a blog and to see kiri. done in this cotton, it just looks wonderful. Marlin is a lucky friend.

  • I’ve never knit lace (always blamed it on knitting in class and not being able to pay attention at the same time, but actually it’s partially because I could never see myself doing anything with a lace project) but now I am actively wanting to knit Kiri. In cotton. I don’t even care that I might not wear it because it wouldn’t matter. If it came out looking like that I’d mount it and call it art. Thanks for the inspiration! (once classes are over it’ll be one of the first things I cast on for!)

  • It looks great! That is a really cool looking edge. I’m sure she’ll love it 🙂

  • Kiri is lovely. I’m sure your friend will be delighted. Thanks for the extra details about Kiri too, it’s always nice to see the features.
    Excellent April fool by the way!

  • I fell for you April Fool joke too, but was just too flabergasted to reply at the time. I think I have recovered now. Kiri is gorgeous! You did, indeed, finally find the perfect fit for thing one.

  • Norma–Lest you think I’m bragging about this being my first lace project, go back into the dusty archives of Mason-Dixon to see how I managed on what really was my first lace project, the Birch shawl. It wasn’t pretty. It was the opposite of pretty.
    I have got a big lace jones on right now, and am scheming up some other lace project. But I don’t think I have the brain for complex lace with 72 row repeats. I like how simple this Kiri pattern becomes–just ten rows. Even I can handle that.
    Stephanie–I think you’re right about the cotton making the scallops not want to scallop. It felt very tight when I was blocking the edge–no give at all. Nature of the beast, I reckon.

  • Oooooh, that was just an April Fool?!? Man, you totally had me. I just read your post and was like, wow, how did she knit that whole thing again so fast? Gorgeous shawl!

  • Fabulous! I love the color. And I laughed out loud when I saw the title to the post. There should be more liturgical-latin puns in this world…

  • Wow, that’s just stunning. And I totally fell for your April Fools post too. What kind of cast on is that? It looks great.

  • I’m catching up from the boat (again, that is just too cool that one CAN catch up from a boat) and as I read the last two posts my first thought was “oh my god, did she reknit that entire shawl in just two days?!?”
    So you got double-mileage out of your April Fool’s joke. And the shawl is indeed quite lovely. Your friend will have to like it. If she doesn’t, I’m happy to trade her a placesetting or two for Kiri!

  • Just GORGEOUS! I am so inspired by your shawl I want to run out and get some yarn and make one!
    Ahem, except for that 453 sts per row thingie…
    TEEhee – beautiful elegant work! 🙂

  • WOW.

  • I love the shawl. Couldn’t find what yarn you used, can you advise? Thank you, Jennifer