Knit to This: The Athletic Brassiere

By Ann Shayne
June 16, 2018

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  • Thanks for keeping us all “abreast” of the latest podcasts. Will add to my ever growing podcast list!

    • Ha!

  • You know your getting on in years when your husband says “How long do we have to listen to people talk about boobies?” LOL! I will have to listen when he’s not around.

  • I remember half-court basketball! At my all-girl Catholic high school, I saw our star player make a basket from half court during a game back in the mid-1960s! The crowd went wild. Sorry, I don’t know what type of bra she was wearing

  • I’d you hear the joke on The Moth this weekend?

  • I am a Lactation Consultant. My children were mortified when I started working as a LC and they would only ever admit to me being a nurse. The thought of me coming to career day was terrifying, so of course I would always tell them I was going to volunteer. ; )

  • As a doula, it is part of my job to closely inspect the breasts of my clients when baby first is latching on to be sure that all is well. If not, we call in the first commenter on this thread-the lactation consultant. Consequently, using the words breast and nipple (among many other body parts!) are also second nature for me. I am looking forward to listening to this podcast-thanks for bringing it to our attention!

  • Not only do I remember half court basketball, but I also remember that stupid rule that women could not dribble on the court. You were allowed to bounce the ball only twice, then grab it and slam your feet down on the court and look for someone on your team to receive your pass. So stupid and limiting. This was in the 1960s so I think we just managed to avoid the bullet bra.

  • 99% I is one of my favorite podcasts – I can always entertain youngun’s with the tale of half court basketball and the nun who told us running and exercise would impede our ability to bear children…