Our Chat with Sonia Ruyts

By Ann Shayne
March 25, 2017
Yarns and Projects for the Attractive Knitter

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  • Ah, what a lovely way to spend my first hour of Saturday morning – listening, drinking coffee, and working on my Find your Fade shawl.

  • Listened in the car the other morning. Loved hearing your “voices” and made the drive very enjoyable. Also fun to discover another good podcaster.

  • Well, that was a delicious Saturday afternoon break. Off to explore 2048 even though I probably shouldn’t. Gin would probably be a safer bet.

  • I tried twice to listen via my phone while driving on Saturday afternoon. Each time it cut off after about 20 minutes. I probably was driving through some “dead area”; but, I was able to finish listening this morning. I really enjoyed listening, especially to the story as to how MDK has evolved. It was especially good to hear your perspectives on the subject. A funny thing happened while first listening to the recording. I was passing a church named Saints Peter and Paul. They abbreviated the word Saints to read “STS”. Of course, that first registered in my mind as “stitches”.

    Ann, I’m with you on the Koigu and love its thinness and springy texture. I do especially love the semi solid colors, which have lately become difficult for me to find.

    Kay, I am also liking gray and yellow. After having an aversion to yellow for most if my life (except yellow crayon to draw the sun), my mind’s eye now keeps showing me a sea of gray granny squares all with yellow centers.

    Ladies, I hear you with regard as to how knitting has recently played such a huge role in activism.

    • P.S.– I hope you all will soon have another Field Guide in the works.

  • Yes I fell in love when I visited Stash during a Yarn emergency while traveling from my home in Eugene, 45 miles South of Corvallis. Such a gorgeous shop, with amazing and lovely staff. I couldn’t have stumbled into a finer or funner Yarn store. (Yes I know ‘funner’ is allegedly not a word, but I meant it anyway.)
    I look forward to listening in on your conversation. And I can’t wait for my next excuse to visit Corvallis and Stash.

  • it was such a pleasure to listen to your voices. and so many memories about the Rowan forum, and the Afghans for Afghans squares.and more. Thank you!