Five Came Back

By Ann Shayne
April 8, 2017

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  • Thanks for this – on my list it goes!

  • This sounds fascinating — definitely going on my “to watch” list!

  • I started the book, but got distracted. The documentary sounds perfect!

  • Watched it upon release. Terrific. The book is great, too; I read it when it first came out and followed up by adding many of the directors’ movies to my watch list.

    • Should add that I couldn’t knit during this doc because my attention was riveted to the screen. If you can knit without looking at your work, go for it.

  • We started watching this a few days ago. It’s fantastic!!

  • This is going to be my weekend treat. If I may add one dimension to your impressive multi-media approach, Mark Harris has a pretty good twitter feed too.

  • This sounds intriguing. When I was growing up in the 50’s my friend and i would go into her attic and look at the photographs that her father had taken in the Philippines where he was stationed as a US Army photographer. I was too young to realize the importance of these at the time. I’d love to see them again. All we understood at the time was that our dads had been separated from their girlfriends/wives and families for a lot of years before we were born.

  • I saw an interview with the author on some news channel. I do want to watch it and may do so tonight.

  • Thank you for bringing this to my attention. What a treasure of a film. And radio interview. And I’m sure the book is good too, but I can’t knit to that!

  • Thanks! I like to keep a “no brainer” easy baby blanket going just for films that are long and interesting!

  • As someone who is married to a man who loves any kind of information on WWII, this was a great suggestion for our evening viewing pleasure. He loved it and to think the suggestion came from a knitter!!! See, knitters know stuff.

  • OK- this sounds amazing. I’ll definitely listen to the Terry Gross, and then I need to find more Knit and Watch Docs time in my life!

  • I spent the morning watching this. I’m a fan of movies of the 30s and 40s, but have always seen the difference between the films of those two decades. Movies from the 30s tended to be sort of like fairy tales. Even the ones that showed a glimpse of the Depression still had the purpose of distracting the viewer from real life. Movies from the 40s are much grittier, and I think I understand why that is now. Thanks so much for bringing this amazing series to our attention!