Georgia and Robert

By Kay Gardiner
August 5, 2017

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  • All Creatures used to be on our local PBS station every Sunday in late afternoon, and I watched it every week. Such a fun program for an animal (and people) lover! I happen to have the original book in my TBR pile from the library right now.

  • My dad and I loved All Creatures…..especially Siegfried and his way of changing his mind and ignoring that he once held the opposite view. I also thought he made a great Robert Dudley in Elizabeth R (the original PBS show with Glenda Jackson- still the best show on ER I)

    • Available on Netflix DVD- search Elizabeth R, then select ‘all dvd results’

  • Life goal: be constantly surrounded by a pack o’ dogs who behave better than Oskar and Coco do.

  • God love ya, many Thanks! This was just great.

  • Cornelius Fudge! I had to look up his role in Harry Potter (you are missing out!). That’s a sad loss, but his seemed like a life well lived.