Good Food

By Kay Gardiner
August 4, 2018
Food, glorious food. Folks, fascinating folks.

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  • Thanks to both Suzzanne and Kay for the rec. I just found Good Food on Stitcher and Podbean, for easy listening.

  • I’ve been looking for a new one! My current favorite is Forever35, which started with a skincare focus and has evolved to be more about the things women do to take care of themselves. They interview many really interesting women and it’s like hanging out with old friends.

  • As always, thanks! Can’t wait to listen

  • What a way to start out my weekend! Thanks, Kay! I use Stitcher, which is a free app on my phone and on my Kindle, to listen to podcasts. Instead of using the word ‘subscribe’, you add to your Favorites. The last 6 or 7 episodes of each podcast are available to you on the free app. The magic part is that when you open Stitcher, they automatically download the most recent episode of those in your Favorites so you can listen without WiFi. Ta-da! With the correct wire you can play your podcasts from your phone through the radio speakers in your car whenever you want to listen. Alan Alda just came out with Clear+Vivid. What a pleasure to eavesdrop on his conservations with Renee Fleming and Judge Judy. Another favorite of mine is The Sporkful. Alan and Arlene Alda recorded an episode of the Sporkful, which is a delight. Most of your favorite public radio programs are available as a podcast through Stitcher. Wishing you good food and good knitting this weekend, too!

  • Ooo, I’ll have to seek this out! My favorite podcast of all time is How to Be Amazing with Michael Ian Black but I’m always looking for podcast suggestions!

  • Thanks for the new podcast!