The Habitat

By Ann Shayne
April 21, 2018
Field Guide No. 6: Transparency is here! Yarns and patterns that celebrate spring

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  • This should be fascinating! I love a new podcast, thanks Ann.

  • Thanks for the recommendation. Here’s one from me…Ear Hustle. This podcast is transmitted from San Quentin Prison and hosted by Nigel Poor, a visual artist and Earlonne Woods, an inmate. It is NOT a soapbox for prison or current sentencing reform, but rather an insight into every day life of featured inmates. Ear Hustle was the recepient of Radiotopia’s 2016 Podquest Contest. The hosts are engaging, funny and have a terrific rapport. Give it a listen❣

  • Habitat’s on my list–working my way through all 3 of Gimlet’s new shows. Started with Sandra, the fictional podcast about a Siri-like assistant

  • I love Das Boot. I would never ever want to be in a submarine. Must listen to this one.

  • I know what you felt seeing Das Boot; I’m only 5′ tall but walked out of the theater all hunched over! Evocatve, much?

  • My son and I started listen8ng to this. It’s so good! Thank you!