Hidden Brain

By Kay Gardiner
October 14, 2017

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  • Anything that explains how the brain works gets me in……. after scrolling through episodes, number 56 “embrace the chaos ” got my attention. I was starting to get a little uncomfortable with the mess of so many WIP’s (my inner voice saying I need to be organised) but apparently mess is good for creativity, so who am I to argue with research?? Thanks Hidden Brain!

  • Personally, I have always been absolutely terrible at face recognition, and hope very much I never have to describe a suspicious person in a police report, or participate in a line-up (on either side of the one-way mirror).

  • Here’s hoping there iswill be (a) Rhinebeck pics; and (b) Rhinebeck stories! to share with those of us who won’t (sigh) be there.

    Signed, she who is fair:middling at recognizing faces and is really bad at remembering names.

  • I always introduce myself if there’s the slightest possibility that someone won’t remember my name. Who am I to think I’m so special that they would know me, when there are so many people whose faces I vaguely recognize but whose names I don’t know? I think it’s a courtesy, and not at all annoying.

    • I agree with you. I’m so grateful someone does that. I do see Kay’s point-when I do it, I might get a funny look like “oh, you don’t remember me…” Just another opportunity for compassion to self and others!

  • Hidden Brain is one of my favorite podcasts! Perfect length for my walk to work, and often they leave me understanding my (and “opposing”) politics and world view better.

  • I re-introduce myself to people all the time. After we’ve been chatting for a bit, I almost always venture a ballpark guess with someone’s name. “OK, great. And you’re…Kelly, right?” “Oh, right, not Kelly…Kathy! Well, I’m still Laura.” Polite chuckles usually ensue. Sometimes I do it the other way around. “Oh, by the way, I’m still Laura. And you are…I want to say, ‘Kelly?'” I have to admit that I’m much better at remembering their dogs’ names!

    • Cats’ names, horses’ names, dogs’ names…yep. Or I can describe in detail the conversation and surroundings from the last time we spoke several years before. But the actual name of the human in front of me? Erm.

  • “Snacky” – I like that!

    • Me, too!

  • I meet a lot of people while teaching (knitting), and I’m a terrible face recognizer! But I’ll probably remember the project you were working on. I remember better if I have a picture of you with your name attached! And I love it when people re-introduce themselves; I try to do that, too.