The Life and Death of an Old House in Boomtown

By Ann Shayne
May 6, 2017
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  • Many thanks for the recommendation – I do need a serious palate-cleanser after S-Toen.

    • Agree! S Town is so compelling but ultimately was distressing and disturbing and just flat-out sad to me. Such a well-told story, but What A Story.

  • I discuss keeping tear-down debris out of landfills at work, so this should be interesting but not as much as a Red Grooms Carousel! The wandering eye…

    • The Red Grooms carousel is a wonder. My fella David got to ride on the first day, back when it was at Riverfront Park. I hope it finds a new home soon.

  • Tear-down debris is a big topic here in Portland, OR, which is also booming and where (ALAS!) perfectly good houses are being torn down to put in four-plexes or condos. I’ll be interested to listen to this. What I know is that there’s a way of dismantling houses so that the carbon output of the actual process is minimized and everything salvageable is kept intact to be re-used.