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  • Arrrrgh – That be a mighty fine jacket, it be!

  • I want the hat. Can you pull your trans-Atlantic strands of Denim and get me that hat? I promise to wear it always, may old hags rattle me bones and may I never again eat chocolate cake if I don’t wear it always.

  • Cristina, it’s a proper ‘vintage’ hat from some war or other (I want to write ‘Napolionic’ but it looks wrong). It smells. Nice though it looks, even if we sent it to you I suspect the hags would have to rattle your bones and you would be short of chocolate cake. Kay is dead right with the caption for the photo. Avast, me hearties, yo ho ho and a bottle of gin! (not keen on rum) x x

  • I’m totally stoked about this book – I’m almost counting minutes now!!

  • Arrrrrgh! Ye be a-killin’ me with the crazy list of must-knits! Please tell me the next book won’t be out anytime soon, so I can catch sight o’ land afore I’m swimmin in the next bath o’ WIPs!

  • Oh my god. That’s adorable. Arr.

  • Arrr, now thar be a fine jacket, indeed!

  • Arrr, now thar be a fine jacket, indeed!

  • Arr. I think I want a big one for me! No hat though, please.

  • That jacket is adorable! But the poor girl modeling it! She looks as though she’s trying very hard not to move her head, because the hat is perched just so, and if she moves at all it will fall off!

  • Oh. My. God. I’m going to make one for Bean and then I’m going to figure out how to upsize it so I can have one!!!

  • Shiver me timbers!!! That’s a fine jacket there.

  • aye aye mateys! Go to the Talk like a pirate web site. I’m enjoying a drink from the website called Ancient Mariner. 50/50 Grand Marinier and rum. My version is on the rocks. No knitting tonight, but plenty of Ravelrying!

  • what a Fabulous jacket – and what a picture ! it’s priceless. I hope you print this photo out so this young lady can have it when she’s in her 20’s. And beyond. Oh the tales she’ll tell !

  • Aye! That be a fine patterrrrn ye shering matey! I lift me grog to ye!

  • That be mighty fine! Love that hat!

  • Arrrr! It is too cute! I did not knit like a Pirate today, but thanks to ArchieMcPhee.com I gave out glow-in-the-dark pirate action figures and a Pirate Planner to piano students.

  • Ye scurvy dog!! I’ve been stash diving and makin’ do ’til I saw that bit o’ treasure. Now I’ve got to break out the doubloons and hie on over to Elann for some o’ that Den-m-knit, for what better to knit for Christmas booty for me two young rapscallion nephews than Pirate King Jackets seein’ as how their sire is mine own baby brother- and he was always the Terror of the High Seas (and the Suburban Neighborhood, and the Elementary Playground, and the backseat of Ye Olde ’60’s Rambler Station Wagon). Arrgh- Memories, light the cockles of my heart, misty somewhat bruise-colored memories, of the way we was…. (I’m sure even Barbra loves Talk Like a Pirate Day).

  • Love me the jacket almost as much as I love me a pirate. Do you have a pattern to knit a Captain Jack Sparrow or better yet a Will Turner?
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  • Oh How could I have missed Talk like a Pirate Day? Do you know our favorite joke? Why are pirates afraid to go to china?
    At least the CUBS fans knew. THere was a pirate fan in the crowd last night. and they weren’t playing the pirates NOW I KNOW

  • Arrr! Thank ye for the pattern!
    I didn’t know about talk like a pirate day…

  • Avast! Thanks be for the patarrrrn!

  • Fabulous picture! Very surreal in that serious child way. Obviously there’s something brewing in her noggin’.