A Night at the Ryman

By Ann Shayne
February 18, 2017

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  • Chris Thile and his band the Punch Brothers were/are always magical to see live. From listening to the new Prairie Home Companion, I’d say Chris has brought that magic to the show. He knows so many musical people and brings them onto the show too — which means amazingness. Can you tell I’m a huge Chris Thile fan?

  • I feel like I know the Ryman, just from my vast experience in binge-watching Nashville 🙂

  • We visited the Ryman when visiting our son in Nashville two summer ago, so I now have a complete visual when PHC is broadcast from there. I’ve been listening to PHC since 1983 and am enjoying Chris’ new adaptation. Wish I could have been there in person! I’ll be visiting Nashville again in March and this Mainer, who has had 50″ of snow this year, is looking forward to a lovely blast of spring (and a visit to Craft South)!

    • Don’t forget Haus of Yarn (one of the biggest yarn stores I’ve been in) and Bliss while you’re in Nashville!

  • I was there! It was every bit spectacular!

  • Thanks for reminding me about the show! Can’t wait to start the magic and knit along…

  • Noam’s new solo album “Universal Favorite” will be released March 3. In the interest of full disclosure, i am the publicist at his record label, but though I clearly cannot be completely unbiased, I think it’s a beautiful recording, and I heartily encourage folks to check it out a stream of it when it comes out.

  • That was a bilissful evening! Amazing show. Now I’m going to relive it! Thanks for the link.

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