Serial, Season 2

By Ann Shayne
July 15, 2017
Summertime, and the knitting is easy.

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  • You summed up how I feel when they release a movie based on a book or books I’ve read! I have those pictures so clear in my mind…. and then if I see the movie it just replaces them all.

  • Many thanks for sharing this. Somehow I didn’t know about it. It will now be the next thing I listen to.

  • I loved this season! It gets so interesting at the end. If you like long form narratives, I think “the accused” “up and vanished” (do not google until the end) untold- Daniel Morgan story are really good.

  • Thanks for your comments. This is my favorite of the Serial related (including S-town) stories. Since you are not finished, I will give a spoiler free opinion of the latter episodes: The best is yet to come!

  • I love serial, criminal and s-town. Such great podcasts! I no longer watch t.v.