Someone Else’s Movie

By Kay Gardiner
January 20, 2018
Grab a box of Kleenex and a skein of something absorbent, and settle in

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  • Kay, we must be sisters from another Mother! Before I comment about your current post I must thank you profusely for introducing me to the Moth Radio hour. I listened to my first MRH earlier this week and found myself laughing out loud during my morning walk (knitting came later in the day) such delightful storytelling. Now onto Truly, Madly, Deeply which I’ve not had the pleasure to watch (but will certainly try and figure out how to) though I was smitten with River and am certain that I will find TMD to be of the same quality. Toodles and happy watching!

  • I located a copy of ‘Truly, Madly, Deeply’ at the library … such a great movie. Such a loss as well. And a great, ugly cry.

  • I saw TMD recently as our library had a copy.

  • Time to rewatch TMF. Just spent the week with Michael Maloney in “The Five” on Netflix.

  • I love Truly Madly Deeply. One of the things I remember most about it is that there was ugly crying in the movie, no delicate sniffing and beautiful tears that don’t make the face puffy. Must find this podcast.

  • Love this movie!!!!!! One of my all time favorites.

  • Watched this because of a recommendation way back in the Block Buster days. I remember that afterwards I marked in my diary, “I am in love with Alan Rickman”.

    • I adore that movie. Alan Rickman makes warming up your lips the sexiest thing ever. And speaking of ugly crying, Juliet Stevenson’s breakdown in the therapist’s office is the most authentic grief I’ve ever seen onscreen. Ever.
      Michael Maloney is a Branagh favorite. He plays the lead in A Winter’s Tale, a lovely little black and white movie about an actor directing Hamlet (and playing the lead) with a motley crew of crazies and has-beens. Branagh directed it about a year before he filmed Hamlet, in which he cast Maloney as Laertes. Also in the cast: Nicholas Farrell, playing Laertes. Branagh moved him to Horatio for his film of Hamlet. It makes a great (if long) double feature to watch Branagh’s ideas about the play develop.
      Sorry for the long post–I adore Maloney (and Farrell and Branagh, and my beloved Alan) and I loved your article. Can’t wait to check out the podcast!

  • Oh Kay, that movie (Truly, Madly, Deeply) still breaks my heart. I wouldn’t be able to see my knitting through my tears. I lost my mom at 8 1/2 and it still hurts. I am freaking 64, LOL:)

  • I bought a DVD of Truly Madly Deeply because I couldn’t find it online anywhere. Come for a visit and we can watch it, surrounded by WIPs and tissues!