Spaghetti Carbonara Day

By Kay Gardiner
November 19, 2016

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  • I love corn! Will be giving this recipe a shot.

  • Dilly Bread: after Kay, another bit of greatness from Nebraska.

  • I have a similar recipe that was given to me by a lady at my parents’ church years ago, but it involves a box of Jiffy cornbread mix and some cheddar cheese on top. Food of the gods!

  • Creamed corn seemed “eww” to me as well then I saw these in Real Simple:

  • One of my friend’s Sicilian mother always served lasagna on Thanksgiving (no turkey). She arrived in America as a teenager.

  • Spaghetti Carbonara Day! I remember that essay, and think of it often around Thanksgiving. I love this and all the essays from Trillin’s Tummy Trilogy.

    • whenever I used to watch the news my husband would walk by shouting “Save the chefs! Save the chefs!”

  • I love your asides in your recipe. They make me laugh out loud! I would try that corn soufflé, but not at MIL’s Thanksgiving. It took 25 years of being in the family before I dared offer my Dad’s oyster/Chinese sausage/water chestnut rice stuffing, and even now it is an add on, not instead of the grated potato/onion/carrot stuffing. Oy! But my kids love my stuffing best, and it’s always gone the first night. So there.

    • So there!

  • I will give the corn souffle a try this year. Sounds delish.

  • Scalloped corn was my favorite as a kid at Thanksgiving…..slightly different recipe (no whole corn) and half the eggs…..I used to make this for myself as a treat during my first years living on my own in Chicago…cheap vegetarian comfort food pre farm to table…. (and I could handle the sodium in the crackers back then)

  • I’ve been making Dilly Casserole Bread for years. It’s awesome and easy and yummy and really good with my hearty vegetable beef soup.

  • For the corn recipe I only have one word, Ritz crackers. Ok two words but the buttery Ritz with the butter is so rich!