Knit to This: Summer of FUV

By Kay Gardiner
September 1, 2018
Music has charms to soothe a savage stockinette, to soften string, or bend a knotted cable.

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  • May I suggest Delbert McClinton too

  • I’d recommend streaming Planet Pootwaddle. Eclectic mix – Roy Rogers and Dale Evans could be followed by Doris Day, The Beatles, or Bruno Mars.

  • Love WFUV. Haven’t listened to it since leaving NYC. Time to reintroduce myself to them via online streaming.

  • I was at that Decembrists show! It was incredible, they performed the entire Crane Wife album. The only song you won’t hear is the Lin Manuel-Miranda Ben Franklin song, because of all the swears.

  • I love the Decemberists! I would see them anywhere anytime. Just saw them in Oakland and as usual they were amazing. Only Rock band where you can actually understand the lead singer! LOL

  • Thank you for the heads up on this fabulous station – it ROCKS!!!

  • SO glad to find fans of FUV! I grew up with so many of the DJ’S (WNEW!) and was thrilled to find them on this awesome station. Please donate if you can!