Tell Me I’m Fat

By Kay Gardiner
June 24, 2017
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  • Amen

  • She was also on The Daily Show last week. I knit to TDS every day. I thought I could never get used to the absence of John Stewart, but Trevor Noah has carved his own remarkable niche. Check it out.

    • I saw it! I loved it and meant to include here and now I’ll go get it. Thanks, Deepa.

  • I had already planned on knitting and listening to her latest book this weekend. Then, I will find her other books and listen/read them too. Ms. Gay’s writing is superb.

  • She was also on a live-taping of the podcast Another Round, and the entire episode (#13, I believe) is *hilarious* and great for knitting to.

  • Oh good – I heard part of an interview on the radio when I was driving to an apptmt the other day, and made a mental note to look for online interviews. Now I don’t even have to look! #moreknittingtime

  • I really enjoyed her recent interview with Terry Gross on NPR. Made me want to read something by her.

    I have a sister-in-law (my age) who has suffered with extreme obesity since she was a teenager. She lost over a hundred pounds a few years ago and has managed to keep most of it off, but not without a constant struggle, while also having to deal with the toll it took on her body. And I well remember the trauma she went through with flying, restaurant seating, movie theaters …. some of which Gay illuminates so well.