Knit to This: ALL This

By Ann Shayne
March 21, 2020

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  • Happy Saturday! I have a brief respite from work this morning so it’s time to kick back and indulge in a bit of knitting. Thank you for always being here — the consistency and fun that is MDK is a huge comfort!

  • Good choice, Koffee is great, she has so much energy and catchy tunes!
    Thanks to you both for helping keep the boredom and anxiety at bay xxx

  • Jimmy Cliff is one of my closet favorites ! You Can Get It If You Really Want !

  • I have to thank y’all for letting me know about Where The Heart Is, it is perfect for these discombobulating times! I’ve been watching on Amazon, a few episodes every night as a treat. Little easy dilemmas that get solved to everyone’s satisfaction in 50 minutes, what could be better….

  • Dear Kay and Ann, I appreciate the varied suggestions provided in Knit to This. I look forward to your witty emails and much needed humor. Thank you both!

  • Bless you for this!