Knit to This: Merle Hazard Live and in Person

By Ann Shayne
October 19, 2019

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  • Ann, your men-folk are a delight!

  • That shirt! That belt buckle!!

  • You made my day! This retired economist thinks Merle Hazard is an absolute delight. Kudos to both Messrs. Shayne.

  • The Husbeast told me that Merle once played at the big Economic meetings one year – I usually stay away as the site of 15,000 economists is very very scary.

  • Oh, Saturday morning coffee and Knit to This! Thanks for the weekend smile and laugh. Like The Captain and Tennille’s classic Muskrat Love, I find that I am now singing The Fed is Watching the Market repeatedly. It will be at least 24 hours before this works its way out of my system.

  • Thanks Anne and thinks to the Merles! This made my day.

  • Very enjoyable – thank you!

  • This is just so awesome. Such a fun and talented family!

  • The belt buckle!!!❤️

  • I love Merle Hazard!

  • Love the Hazards! Thought of you when I saw the newest Radiolab -Dolly Parton’s America. “We begin with a simple question: How did the queen of the boob joke become a feminist icon? Helen Morales, author of “Pilgrimage to Dollywood,” gave us a stern directive – look at the lyrics! ” Can’t wait to listen to that one, too!

  • MMT is interesting, basically, from a government standpoint, money is fake.
    If you listen to the first few minutes of the second part of the below episodes of the MMT podcast there is a quick overview of the MMT ideal. Taxes don’t fund spending, government spent it into existence when it needs it, and deletes it from existence by taxing it. Whatever is left after the demand is placed on the people that are taxed is a surplus that then has some value to create more capital, that is all controlled by the issuing government. The value is made by this cycle, other than that it is a useless set of paper.

    MMT Podcast, two part interview with Author and Activist Cory Doctorow, and does a great job of getting you to understand the basics without delving so deep as to loose you.

    Part one:
    Part two: