Ode to Trader Joe’s

By Ann Shayne
March 9, 2019
A brand-new Field Guide? It's true! Hello Isabell Kraemer!

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  • This man is hilarious! It’s 5 AM, I can’t sleep, I open my email and there you are with something for me to listen to. Thank you !

    • Oh Yeahhhh, how we love Trader Joes!!!! Fun start to my Sat.

  • I go to see Gary Gulman every time he comes to the Stress Factory in New Jersey. Great way to start my Saturday!!! Thanks!!!

  • Saw him live two years ago. Absolutely hilarious. I first saw him on Last Comic Standing.

  • Love this…thank you!

  • I stop at Trader Joe’s on the way to work, just as the Clifton store opens….they are even cheerful at 8am. It’s so disorienting.

  • Made my morning! I am working on the AYOT Bramen Cowl (which is the fastest knit ever, if anyone is wondering).

  • I just finishead the Isla Wrap. Trying to decide if I will start another project, or wait for Downtown to arrive with the yarn I ordered for the pullover…. so impatient of me. I need teleporting yarn delivery!

  • This makes me want to drive to Trader Joe’s right now, laughing all the way! However, I want to finish cleaning so I can knit and babysit. Baby wins. Thank you!

  • Thank you so much for making me howl with laughter immediately after walking the dogs this morning. Everybody had to wait for breakfast including me. Is that comedian an ex model? Don’t get me wrong; he sure is good looking but he has the requisite tiny head.

  • Working on a pair of felted mittens (Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport in Cherry Delight) for my 4-year-old granddaughter. They pair (ho ho) nicely with Trader Joe’s bread-and-butter pickles which are the best. Seriously, if you live by a TJ, go treat yourself today to a jar of goodness. I am forever grateful that the Omaha FB community had the tenacity to lie down on the floor and have a tantrum until we got a TJ and then they put it just down the street from my house.

  • I’m so excited about #10, nothing can distract me or keep me away from my mail box ! You chose my favorite,very favorite designer

  • I’ve never seen this guy, and he is hilarious. Forwarded it to two people who will thoroughly appreciate his humor!

  • He’s so hilarious! And really cute, too! Both are appreciated this Saturday morning!!

  • Hilarious!

  • I don’t even shop at TJs and it was funny!! Tx!!!
    Also loved yesterday’s music – yawl always teach me something, even if I think I know whats coming.

  • Funny guy! Thanks for sharing his humor.

  • Funny about LW&W…I never picked up on the xian symbolism when I read the novels at 13. And then when someone told me I was super disappointed and kind of grossed out. I felt like it ruined a wonderful series. I suppose Christians think that’s what makes them great.

  • That gave me a much needed laugh after spending the last 2 weeks in the hospital watching my husband recover from 3 back surgeries. Thank you. I’m afraid my knitting will be put on hold for the next several months.

    • I check your blog every morning – when does March Madness begin? I love checking out the finalists each year.