Sleep with Me

By Ann Shayne
January 12, 2019

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  • I’d also recommend listening to the BBC’s shipping forecast! No kidding.

    • the shipping forecast and BBC programs. I listen to the dramas, series, comedies, and other recordings on BBC 4 and 4 Extra. I almost never make it to the end. Cumberbatch in the latest Rumpole episodes is excellent. I have to listen the next day to hear what happened!

      • Ditto! Also a great French mystery “Maigret’s Chritmas.”

  • I have been falling asleep to Nothing Much Happens – sweet quiet stories by a yoga teacher with a wonderfully soothing voice.

    • Love this! So relaxing and charming

  • I honestly couldn’t tell you what this podcast is about. I just know that it puts me to sleep. It highly recommend it.

  • The Calm app also has Bedtime Stories that really work.

    • On nights when I am lying in bed and my mind won’t stop spinning…I use this nonsense method in simpler form to fall asleep.

      I imagine some non-sensical story in my mind: I imagine that I go for a walk down street…and see my high school teacher, but she’s dressed as a clown, juggling pinapples….I continue walking and see a new store opened … with a pony on the roof…etc!

      It seems to relax your mind when you think about nonsense! You’ll be asleep before you reach the end of the block!

      • This idea reminds me of that Dr Seuss story ‘To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry St’…one bizarre thing after another.

    • Seconded! I don’t know what I’d do without Stephen Lyons’s Welsh accent. He’s helped me get to sleep on my worst nights.

  • Maybe Kermit could create a playlist of purrs. Cats have so much to teach us about relaxation!

  • I listen to this podcast nightly! Love Scooter ❤️

  • I’ve never heard the end of a single one of his podcasts.

    • Me neither. I barely get thru the intro. I go quietly into the deep dark night…Love. It.

  • Am I the only person who finds this podcast anxiety-producing? I’ve always had trouble sleeping and thought this might be the ticket. But despite several attempts,”Sleep With Me” made things worse. I AM glad I checked it out though.

  • I love Nothing Much Happens also, but I’ll definitely try “Sleep with me”, as well!

  • I wasn’t able to find the app Sleep With Me. Any suggestions?

    • It’s not an app–it’s a podcast. I use the app Overcast on my iPhone and then search from within the app! Good luck.

  • I’ve been putting on Welcome to Night Vale. Because it’s super amusing if I can’t fall asleep but so deadpan in presentation that it becomes background noise if I can. Not sure I would recommend this for everyone, but it works great for me, and sometimes I play the same episode on two or three nights before I have to move on to the next one! I tried Sleep With Me and Sleep Whispers, but they really didn’t work for me.

  • As I recuperate from this surgery, I look forward to your daily post.
    Many Thanks

  • Why, o why, a zipper in a knitting bag? Maybe on a side pocket, but NOT on the top or main opening!!!! It will catch the yarn! There are many ways to close a bag and that’s the only one that would disqualify a bag for my use. Janet

    • What is this zipper of which you speak? Neither of our totes in the Shop has a zipper, for the very reason you say. The Brooklyn Haberdashery Notions Pouch has a zipper, but it’s a 7” long little bag for your bits n bobs, not knitting. No worrries—we’d never offer a knitting bag with a zipper! : )

  • Oh, those creaky dulcet tones. Love it.

    • Not quite sure what a creaky dulce tone sounds like but I always feel better when Scooter says it.