The Drop Out

By Kay Gardiner
March 30, 2019
Field Guide No. 10: two forever-chic sweaters and a pair of jaunty nesting cowls, all in glorious Jill Draper yarns.

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  • So, if I spend alot of time listening to podcast, music, audiobooks while knitting, does that make me an artist? This is really just a rhetorical question, haha.

  • You do all that while knitting and your “seat” gets wider and wider

  • If you like academic discussions on a huge range of subjects, history, culture, science, archaeology etc etc, with knowledgeable academics who talk in terms the rest of us can get, check out In Our Time, a multipart series, hundreds to choose from.

    And rachel Maddow’s Bagman series about Spiro Agnew. And TBOOK, To The Best of Our Knowledge.

    Weighing in as an artist who needs the left brain engaged so that the right brain can operate more freely. Before podcasts happened, it was public radio discussions.

    • I knit while st meetings or workshops or other informational rich events to enhance my metaprocessing of data, create connections between ideas, open my deep databank in my brain. Essential

  • The book about Theranos is also excellent, BAD BLOOD. Lots of familiar names from government, politics, venture capital were caught up in this.

  • Loved it!!
    Thank you !!
    Listened to it while on a train from Ottawa to Toronto and knitting !!!

  • Read that book earlier…..Just amazing all the deceive…thank-god…nobody was harm

  • I saw a 20/20 on her. The only 20/20 I’ve ever watched. It was good. It made me unable to watch the documentary on HBO, sadly? It’s an amazing story on so many levels.

    Tho I think it’s interesting how when it’s a woman who pulls a scam there are all kinds of renditions of the story, unlike when most men do the same.