The Edge Effect in Creativity

By Ann Shayne
February 9, 2019
Field Guide No. 9: Revolution is just a joymaker of cable yoke patterns that will delight you.

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  • Ann, I, too, so enjoyed the creative vibe in that was in that spinning room. I wish I had a workspace to go to once a week to get more of that kind of joyful inspiration. Meanwhile, I enjoyed the podcast you posted. Last night, I went to see the Nashville Ballet’s world premier performance of Lucy Negro, Redux. There was a post-performance talkback with the creators who discussed just what the podcast talked about — the creative collaboration that can happen when artists of different backgrounds come together to make a ballet based on a book of poems. It was phenomenal.

  • I have read research showing that big breakthroughs are made, not by experts in the field, but by an expert in a different field crossing over and applying established knowledge in new way.s